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This article is about brand name food products. For a list of companies, see List of food companies.

This article is a list of brand name food products, grouped together by the type of product.

Baked goods[edit]

Sunbream, Rainbow, Wonder, Best Choice, Always Save, Growers Pride, and many more


Crackers (and other savoury biscuits)[edit]

  • Jacobs Cream Crackers
  • Ritz
  • Mini Cheaders

Breakfast cereals[edit]

See List of breakfast cereals


Chips/corn snacks/nuts[edit]


See List of brand name confectionery products and Category:Brand name confectionery

Dairy (and other fat spreads)[edit]

Dips and spreads[edit]

Export/wholesale/catering trade[edit]

Frozen foods[edit]

Hot food brands[edit]


Ice cream and chilled desserts[edit]

Jam, honey (and other spreads)[edit]

Pickles, vinegar, sauces[edit]

'Ready meals'[edit]


Soft drinks[edit]

See List of brand name soft drinks products

Soup and noodles[edit]

See also Brand name soups and Category:Instant noodle brands

Tinned pulses, beans, vegetable and fruits[edit]


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