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This is a list of breath mint brands in alphabetical order. A breath mint is a type of candy primarily consumed to freshen the smell of one's breath, by masking offensive odors with the scent of mint or other flavoring, and by stimulating the flow of saliva to help remove food and bacterial debris from the mouth. Like chewing gums and throat lozenges, many breath mints are artificially sweetened and consumed solely for non-nutritive purposes.

Breath mint brands[edit]

Name Company Year introduced Country of origin
Altoids[1] Callard & Bowser 1780s United Kingdom
Breath Savers Hershey
Chlormint Perfetti Van Melle India
C. Howard's Violet Candies ca. 1930s United States
Cinnaburst Cadbury United Kingdom
Dentyne Mints Cadbury 1899 United Kingdom
Eclipse Wrigley 1999 United States
Euromints Eurobrand
Excel Wrigley 1991 United States
Extra Wrigley 1984 United States
Fisherman's Friend United Kingdom
Fox's Glacier Mints United Kingdom
Frisk Frisk International 1986 Belgium
Great Bite Ferrara Pan Candy Company ca. 2008 China
Halls Cadbury 1930s United Kingdom
Ice Breakers Hershey 1996 United States
Ipso Nicholas International Ltd. ca. 1970s United Kingdom
Life Savers United States
Mentos Perfetti Van Melle 1948 Netherlands
Momints United States
Penguin Mints
Peppersmith Peppersmith 2009 United Kingdom
Polo Rowntree's 1948 United Kingdom
Revive Energy Mints
Ricola Ricola AG 1940 Switzerland
Sen-Sen F&F Foods, Inc. ca. late 19th century United States
Sisu Leaf International Finland
Smint Chupa Chups Spain
Tic Tac
Trebors Cadbury United Kingdom
Vigroids United Kingdom

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