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Breweries in Kansas produce a wide range of beers in different styles that are marketed locally and regionally. Brewing companies vary widely in the volume and variety of beer produced, from small nanobreweries to microbreweries to massive multinational conglomerate macrobreweries.

In 2012 Kansas' 21 breweries and brewpubs employed 70 people directly, and more than 10,000 others in related jobs such as wholesaling and retailing.[1][2] Including people directly employed in brewing, as well as those who supply Kansas' breweries with everything from ingredients to machinery, the total business and personal tax revenue generated by Kansas' breweries and related industries was more than $190 million.[3] Consumer purchases of Kansas' brewery products generated more than $90 million in additional tax revenue.[4] In 2012, according to the Brewers Association, Kansas ranked 30th in the number of craft breweries per capita with 19.[5]

For context, at the end of 2013 there were 2,822 breweries in the United States, including 2,768 craft breweries subdivided into 1,237 brewpubs, 1,412 microbreweries and 119 regional craft breweries.[6] In that same year, according to the Beer Institute, the brewing industry employed around 43,000 Americans in brewing and distribution and had a combined economic impact of more than $246 billion.[7]

High Noon Saloon & Brewery was the second, after Tallgrass, of these Kansas microbreweries in the 21st century to distribute through canning. To do this, they applied for and received an award $30,000 in no-interest loans from the Leavenworth Main Street Program and Network Kansas.[8]

Kansas ranks 27th nationally in craft breweries per capita.[9]

Open Breweries[edit]

The following is a list of Kansas-based microbreweries. The largest brewery in Kansas is Tallgrass Brewing Co in Manhattan.[10]

Brewery Location
Crazy Eye Brewing Hiawatha
Defiance Brewing Co. Hays
Free State Brewing Company Lawrence
Tallgrass Brewing Co Manhattan
Walnut River Brewing Company El Dorado
High Noon Saloon & Brewery Leavenworth

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