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List of bridges in Belgrade, is a list of bridges in the city of Belgrade, Serbia.

View on Gazela, Stari savski most and Brankov most from the right bank of Sava river.
New Railroad Bridge
Old Sava Bridge


There are nine bridges over the Sava and two over the Danube in and around Belgrade, listed generally from east to west:

  • The road truss bridge over Sava at Obrenovac — 30 km southwest of Belgrade, constructed by Mostogradnja between 1993 and 1999. The total length of the bridge is 912 m. Of this, 460 m passes above the river in five spans, the longest of which is 141 m. The bridge was originally designed to carry only two heating water pipelines, but was later redesigned and built as a road bridge with the two pipelines on side cantilevers.[1] This bridge, however, is not used or connected to any major road communication for that matter.
  • The railway truss bridge over Sava at Ostružnica — just outside the urbanized area of Belgrade. The bridge was badly damaged during the 1999 NATO bombing.
  • Motorway girder bridge over Sava at Ostružnica on the motorway to Zagreb — constructed by Mostogradnja between 1990 and 1998. Total length of the bridge is 1,789.6 m, with a 588 m long continuous steel structure crossing the river in five spans. The largest span is 198 m. The bridge was bombed by Nato during Kosovo war in 1999 and fully reconstructed by 2004.
  • Ada Bridge ("Мост преко Аде") — is new cable-stayed bridge over the Sava river, which crosses over the tip of Ada Ciganlija island. The bridge, completed by 2011, is designed to significantly reduce traffic passing through the city centre. This new bridge will be a part of the future inner city ring road. The bridge will also carry the third of Belgrade's light-rail lines, connecting the outer parts of New Belgrade with the central areas.
  • Novi železnički most ("new railroad bridge") over Sava — a cable-stayed bridge built in 1979.
  • Stari železnički most ("old railroad bridge") over Sava — a truss-bridge.
  • Gazela Bridge — a single span motorway bridge over Sava, the main traffic artery into the city.
  • Stari savski most ("old Sava bridge") — a 410 m long road and tram bridge. The main span is a tied arch bridge over 100 m in length. During World War II it was the only bridge to remain intact in Belgrade, and one of the few bridges in Europe which the retreating German forces failed to demolish. In October 1944, the bridge, already laden with explosives and prepared for demolition, was saved by a resistance agent who managed to cut the detonator wires.[2]
  • Brankov most ("Branko's bridge") — a 450 m long road girder bridge over Sava, connecting the center of Belgrade to the densely populated residential suburb of Novi Beograd. Originally built as Most kralja Aleksandra ("King Alexander Bridge") in 1934 it was the chaine-bridge. The bridge was destroyed in 1941 and rebuilt after the end of World War II,1956 as a single span bridge, at the time it was the longest bridge of that kind in the world.
  • Most Zemun-Borča ("Zemun-Borča Bridge") — new Danube road bridge completed in December 2014.
  • Pančevački most ("Pančevo bridge") — a 1,075 m long combined road and railroad truss bridge over the Danube, originally built in 1935. It was destroyed during World War II, and rebuilt after the end of the war 1946.

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