List of butterflies of India (Lycaenidae)

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The Common Imperial (Cheritra freja) is a species of Lycaenid butterfly found in India.
The Common Silverline (Spindasis vulcanus)
The Indian Sunbeam (Curetis thetis) male
The Purple Sapphire (Heliophorus epicles) upperside view
The Centaur Oakblue (Nilasera centaurus)
The Fluffy Tit (Zeltus etolus)
The Yamfly (Loxura atymnus)
The Common Tit (Hypolycaena erylus) upperside

This is a list of the butterflies of India belonging to the family Lycaenidae and an index to the species articles. This forms part of the full list of butterflies of India.

This list is based on Evans (1932) and includes 318 species belonging to 76-128 genera depending on taxonomy.



Subfamily Poritiinae[edit]

Genus Poritia Moore, 1866 - The Gems[edit]

Genus Simiskina Distant, 1886 - The Brilliants[edit]

Subfamily Miletinae[edit]

Genus Miletus Hübner, 1819 - The Brownies[edit]

Genus Allotinus C. & R. Felder, 1865 - The Darkies[edit]

Genus Paragerydus - The Common Darkie[edit]

Genus Miletographa - The Darkies[edit]

Genus Logania - The Mottles[edit]

Genus Spalgis - The Apefly[edit]

Genus Taraka - The Forest Pierrot[edit]

Other subfamilies[edit]

Genus Talicada - The Red Pierrot[edit]

Genus Castalius - The Common Pierrot[edit]

Genus Caleta - The Angled Pierrot[edit]

Genus Discolampa - The Banded Blue Pierrot[edit]

Genus Pycnophallium - The Pierrots[edit]

Genus Tarucus - The Blue Pierrots[edit]

Genus Syntarucus - The Zebra Blue[edit]

Genus Azanus - The Babul Blues[edit]

Bright Babul Blue (Azanus ubaldus)

Genus Niphanda - The Pointed Pierrots[edit]

Genus Pithecops - The Forest Quakers[edit]

Genus Neopithecops - The Quaker[edit]

Genus Elkayce - The Tailed Cupids[edit]

Genus Shijimia - Moore's Cupid[edit]

Genus Bothrinia - The Hedge Cupid[edit]

Genus Megisba - The Malayan[edit]

Genus Lycaenopsis - The Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Celastrina - The Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Acytolepis - The Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Oreolyce - Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Akasinula - The White Hedge Blue[edit]

Genus Cyaniris - The Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Notarthinus - Chapman's Hedge Blue[edit]

Genus Polyommatus - The Meadow Blues[edit]

Genus Udara - The Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Phengaris - The Great Spotted Blue[edit]

Genus Pseudophilotes - The Chequered Blue[edit]

Genus Plebejus - The Small Jewel Blue[edit]

Genus Albulina - The Mountain Blues[edit]

Genus Tiora - Dusky Meadow Blue[edit]

Genus Chilades - The Lime Blue[edit]

Genus Zizeeria - The Grass Blues[edit]

Genus Pseudozizeeria - The Pale Grass Blue[edit]

Genus Zizula - The Tiny Grass Blue[edit]

Genus Freyeria - The Grass Jewel[edit]

Genus Euchrysops - The Gram Blues[edit]

Genus Edales - The Plains Cupid[edit]

Edales pandava Plains Cupid

Genus Anthene - The Ciliate Blues[edit]

Genus Catochrysops - The Forget-me-nots[edit]

Genus Lampides - The Ceruleans and the Peablue[edit]

Genus Jamides - The Ceruleans[edit]

Genus Orthomiella - The Straightwing Blue[edit]

Genus Una - The Una[edit]

Genus Nacaduba - The Lineblues[edit]

Genus Catapyrops - Felder's Lineblue[edit]

Genus Prosotas - The Lineblues[edit]

Genus Petrelaea - The Dingy Lineblue[edit]

Genus Lycaena - The Coppers[edit]

Genus Heliophorus - The Sapphires[edit]

The Purple Sapphire (Heliophorus epicles)

Genus Strymon - The White-line Hairstreaks[edit]

Genus Pamela - Lister's Hairstreak[edit]

Genus Euaspa - Water Hairstreak[edit]

Genus Thecla - The Hairstreaks[edit]

Genus Esakiozephyrus - The Hairstreaks[edit]

Genus Chrysozephyrus - The Hairstreaks[edit]

Genus Teratozephyrus - The Suroifui Hairstreak[edit]

Genus Chaetoprocta - The Walnut Blue[edit]

Genus Amblopala - The Chinese Hairstreak[edit]

Genus Curetis - The Sunbeams[edit]

Curetis bulis Bright Sunbeam

Genus Iraota - The Silverstreak Blues[edit]

Genus Horsfieldia - The Leaf Blue[edit]

Genus Thaduka - The Many-tailed Oak-Blue[edit]

Genus Mahathala - The Falcate Oakblue[edit]

Genus Apporasa - The Crenulate Oakblue[edit]

Genus Amblypodia - The Oakblues[edit]

Genus Arhopala - The Oakblues[edit]

Genus Nilasera - The Oakblues[edit]

Genus Panchala - The Oakblues[edit]

Genus Acesina - The Oakblues[edit]

Genus Narathura - The Tamil Oakblue[edit]

Genus Darasana - The Tailless Oakblue[edit]

Genus Surendra - The Acacia Blue[edit]

Genus Zinaspa - The Silver Streaked Acacia Blue[edit]

Genus Mota - The Saffron[edit]

Genus Loxura - The Yamfly[edit]

Genus Yasoda - The Branded Yamfly[edit]

Genus Drina - The Brown Yamfly[edit]

Genus Apharitis - The Tawny Silverline[edit]

Genus Spindasis - The Silverlines[edit]

Genus Aphnaeus - The Silverlines[edit]

Genus Zesius - The Redspot[edit]

Genus Pratapa - The Tufted Royals[edit]

Genus Dacalana - The Double Tufted Royal[edit]

Genus Ancema - The Royals[edit]

Genus Creon - The Broadtail Royal[edit]

Genus Maneca - The Slate Royal[edit]

Genus Tajuria - The Royals[edit]

Genus Remelana - The Chocolate Royal[edit]

Genus Sithon - The Orange and Black Royal[edit]

Genus Ops - The Branded Royal[edit]

Genus Bullis - The Baby Royal[edit]

Genus Creusa - The Black-branded Royal[edit]

Genus Iolaus - The Royals[edit]

Genus Cophanta - The White Royal[edit]

Genus Charana - The Mandarin Blues[edit]

Genus Neocheritra - The Pale Grand Imperial[edit]

Genus Suasa - The Red Imperial[edit]

Genus Cheritrella - The Truncate Imperial[edit]

Genus Cheritra - The Common Imperial[edit]

Genus Ticherra - The Blue Imperial[edit]

Genus Biduanda - The Posies[edit]

Genus Rathinda - The Monkeypuzzle[edit]

Genus Horaga - The Onyxs[edit]

Genus Catapaecilma - The Common Tinsel[edit]

Genus Pentila - The Yellow Tinsel[edit]

Genus Acupicta - The Dark Tinsel[edit]

Genus Chliaria - The Tits[edit]

Genus Hypolycaena - The Tits[edit]

Genus Zeltus - The Fluffy Tit[edit]

Genus Artipe - The Green Flash[edit]

Genus Deudorix - The Cornelians[edit]

Genus Virachola - The Guava Blues[edit]

Genus Rapala - The Flashes[edit]

Genus Vadebra - The Malabar Flash[edit]

Genus Baspa - The Indian Red Flash[edit]

Genus Bidaspa - The Flashes[edit]

Genus Sinthusa - The Sparks[edit]

Genus Bindahara - The Plane[edit]

Genus Araotes - The Witch[edit]

Genus Liphyra - Moth Butterfly[edit]

Cited references[edit]



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