List of butterflies of India (Riodinidae)

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The family Riodinidae or Metalmarks are a family of small Old and New world butterflies. The common name refers to the bright, metallic spots marking the wings of many of its members.

In India they are better referred to as the family of Punches and Judies. Only 16 of the 1000 species are found in India.

Distinguishing features[edit]

  • Some consider this family as a subfamily of the Lycaenidae. Like the lycaenids, the males of this family have reduced forelegs while the females have full-sized, fully functional forelegs.
  • In addition to the traits listed above, the butterflies are generally characterized by
    • the foreleg of most males, in addition to being reduced, has a uniquely shaped first segment (the coxa) which extends beyond its joint with the second segment, rather than meeting it flush;
    • the hindwing exhibits unique venation; and
    • most species perch on the undersides of leaves with the wings held open and completely flat.


The family Riodinidae has two subfamilies of which only one is found in India. These subfamilies are

List of species[edit]

This list of the Riodinid butterflies of India acts as an index to the species articles and forms part of the full list of butterflies of India.

The Punchinello Zemeros flegyas.

Genus Zemeros, The Punchinello[edit]

Genus Dodona, The Punches[edit]

The Tailed Judy Abisara neophron.

Genus Abisara, The Judies[edit]

Genus Taxila, The Harlequin[edit]

Genus Stiboges, The Columbine[edit]

Life cycle[edit]

  • Eggs - Eggs vary in shape but often appear round and flattened.
  • Larva - The caterpillars are usually hairy, plump, and are the common overwintering stage.
  • Pupa - Pupa are hairy and attached with silk to either the host plant or to ground debris or leaf litter.There is no cocoon.

Food plants[edit]

Species of family Myrsinaceae, grasses and hill bamboos.


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