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Minorca is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain, with a population of approximately 88,000. It is located 39°47' to 40°00'N, 3°52' to 4°24'E. There is good data on the butterflies of Minorca[1][2][3][4] although it is not easy to find as most field guides do not give data on the smaller mediterranean islands. A good source in English is which lists 26 species and gives data on flight period and abundance.

Butterflies can be seen in all months of the year but the best months are May to September, the only butterfly not to fly in this period is the Green hairstreak which usually flies from February to April but if the season is late it can be seen into May.


Swallowtail, Minorca



Cleopatra, Algendar gorge, Minorca




Speckled wood aegeria sub-species, Algendar gorge, Minorca




The plain tiger is a migrant that is sometimes seen on Minorca.



Small copper, Binigaus, Minorca


Geranium Bronze sitting on a geranium leaf, Cala Alcaufa, Minorca

The Geranium bronze is not a native to Minorca. In 1990 was introduced, accidentally, to Majorca on imported Pelargonium from South Africa. The butterflies quickly spread to Minorca and other islands as well as to southern Spain and Italy. They are often seen in gardens on geranium plants.

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