List of castles in Turkey

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Castles in Turkey were built in the Ancient and Medieval Times. The Turkish names for castle are kale and hisar. Thus the names of some castles have -kale or -hisarı suffixes.

Province Name Image Era of construction
Adana Province Ayas Castle Ayas Castle.jpg
Yılankale Yilankale2.jpg Crusaders
Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Anavarza Castle Anavarza Castle.jpg Roman Empire
Afyonkarahisar Province Afyon Castle AfyonBurgberg.jpg Hittites
Ankara Province Ankara Castle Ankarakalesi.JPG Roman Empire
Antalya Province Alara Castle Tuerk41.jpg Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Alanya Castle Alanya Castle.jpeg Seljuks of Rum
Kaleköy Castle Kalekoy20060929.jpg
Çanakkale Province Bozcaada Castle Bozcaada, Çanakkale Province.jpg
Gaziantep Province Birecik Castle Crusader Castle on the banks of the Euprates.jpg Assyria
Gaziantep Castle Gaziantep castle.JPG Byzantine Empire
Hatay Province Bagras Castle Baghras2.jpg Byzantine Empire
Koz Castle Kozkalesi.jpg Creusaders
İstanbul Province Anadoluhisarı Anadoluhisarı.JPG Ottoman Empire
Rumelihisari Rumeli Hisarı viewed from Bosphorus.JPG Ottoman Empire
Yoros Castle Anadolu Kavağı with Yoros Castle in Istanbul, Turkey 002.jpg Phoenicia
Republic of Genoa
İzmir Province Kadifekale Kadifekale IzmirTurkey EUnluBlogspot.jpg Hellenistic period
Kars Province Kars Castle Kars Kale.jpg Ottoman Empire
Kayseri Province Kayseri Castle Kayseri-walls-sardic1.jpg Byzantine Empire
Mersin Province Çandır Castle Çandır castle, Mersin Province, Turkey.jpg Byzantine Empire
Dağlı Castle Dağlı Castle, Mersin Province.jpg Roman Empire
Kızkalesi 073 Kızkalesi.07.2006 resize.JPG Byzantine Empire
Cilician Kingdom of Armenia
Mamure Castle Castle in Mamure, Anamur, Turkey from the Sea.jpg] Seljuks of Rum
Mancınık Castle Mancınık Castle, Mersin province, Turkey.jpg Hellenistic period
Meydancık Castle Meydancık Castle, Mersin Province.jpg Pirandu (Luwians)
Mut Castle Mut Castle, Mersin Province.jpg Byzantine Empire
Namrun Castle View of Çamlıyayla.jpg Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Silifke Castle SilifkeKale4.jpg Byzantine Empire
Sinap Castle Sinap Castle, Mersin Province.JPG Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Tokmar Castle TokmarKalesi1.jpg Byzantine Empire
Yeniyurt Castle Yeniyurt castle.JPG Hellenistic period
Byzantine Empire
Muğla Province Bodrum Castle TurkeyBodrumCastle.jpg Knights Hospitaller
Marmaris Castle Marmaris Castle.jpg Knights Hospitaller
Ottoman Empire
Osmaniye Province Hemite Castle HemiteKalesi1.jpg Crusaders
Toprakkale ToprakkaleOsmaniye.jpg Abbasid Empire
Servantikar Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Rize Province Zilkale Zil Kale.jpg Byzantine Empire
Sinop Province Boyabat Castle Castle of Boyabat, Province of Sinop, Turkey.jpg Paphlagonia
Ottoman Empire
Şanlıurfa Province Şanlıurfa Castle UrfaKale.jpg Osroene
Rumkale Rumkale.jpg Byzantine Empire
Trabzon Province Trabzon Castle Trabzon,citadel1.jpg Byzantine Empire
Van Province Toprakkale Toprah-Kale.jpg Urartu
Van Castle Van Castle.jpg Urartu