List of casualties in Hussain's army at the Battle of Karbala

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This article contains the list of casualties of Hussain ibn Ali's army in the Battle of Karbala. The battle took place in the year 680,[1] between Caliph Yazid's army from Syria reinforced by troops from Kufa, and the caravan of families and friends of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is sometimes claimed that 72 men (including Hussain's baby son) of Hussain's Army were killed by the forces of the Yazid I.[2][3][4]

Army of Hussain ibn Ali[edit]

The following is a list of casualties of Hussain ibn Ali's army in Battle of Karbala.[5][6]

Descendants of Abu Talib[edit]

These people were descendents of Abu Talib and members of Banu Hashim who died in the Battle of Karbala.[7]

Descendants of Ali ibn Abu Talib[edit]

  1. Hussain ibn Ali, chief of the army, son of the fourth caliph Ali ibn Abu Talib, and grandson of Islamic prophet Muhammad
  2. Abbas ibn Ali, a half-brother of Hussain ibn Ali and the commander of the army
  3. Qasim ibn Abbas ibn Ali - The son of Abbas ibn Ali and grandson of Ali ibn Abu Talib and Ummal Baneen
  4. al-Fadl ibn al-Abbas ibn Ali
  5. Abdullah ibn Ali, a half-brother of Hussain ibn Ali and full brother of Abbas ibn Ali.
  6. Jafar ibn Ali, brother of Abas from Ummal Baneen
  7. Uthman ibn Ali, brother of Abbas from Ummal Baneen
  8. Ali al-Akbar ibn Husayn, a son of Hussain ibn Ali and Umm Layla
  9. Ali al-Asghar ibn Husayn, the six-month-old baby boy of Hussain ibn Ali and Bibi Rubab
  10. Qasim ibn Hasan ibn Ali, the son of Umme Farwa.
  11. Abi Bakr ibn Hasan ibn Ali, the son of Ramla.
  12. Abdullah ibn Hasan ibn Ali, the son of Umme Wald. A young boy, who ran out of the tent to save Hussain when he being killed, and died before Hussain.
  13. Abdullah ibn Ali son of Layla bint Mas’ud.
  14. Abi Bakr ibn Ali son of Layla bint Mas’ud.
  15. Abdul Rehman ibn Ali
  16. Muhammad ibn Ali

Descendants of Aqeel and Jafar ibn Abu Talib[edit]

  1. Aun ibn Abdullah ibn Ja'far, the son of Zaynab bint Ali
  2. Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Ja'far, son of Zaynab bint Ali
  3. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah ibne Jafar - a young son of Abdullah son of Jafar e Tayyar; his mother was Khausa, daughter of Hafsa Ibn Rabi'a

Companions of Hussain ibn Ali[edit]

These are the Companions of Hussain ibn Ali who died in the Battle of Karbala.[2][8][6]

  1. Habib ibn Muzahir Asadi - The commander of the left flank
  2. Zohair al Qaine Bijilly - the commander of the right flank. He was a noble chieftain of his tribe, a man of great influence in Kufa. In the beginning he was attached to Othman, and once returning from Hajj; he met Hussain, and since then he became a staunch devotee. He is the one who bade good-bye to his wife Dalham daughter of Amru, liberating her with a divorce to go to her relatives and he joined Hussain and waskilled.
  3. Abdullah ibn Omayr Abu Wahab al Kalbi (Waheb e Kalbi)
  4. Hurr ibn Yazid - One of the commanders of the Umayyad army who defected to Hussain's side along with six others (including his two sons). When he was killed Hussain said "Hur, as they mother has named thee Hur (a free man) thou art Hur in this world and the hereafter."
  5. Anas Ibn Hars e Kahili
  6. Borair Zibe Khozair e Hamdani - A very old pious and devoted companion of Hussain's father Ali, one of the prominent noblemen of Kufa. He was the one who came to Hussain begging him humbly to permit him to get martyred for he wanted to die in the way of the Allah.
  7. Omayyabib Sa'd at Taie - a companion of Hussain's father Ali.
  8. Bashr Ibn Amrual Hazrami – a devotee of Muhammad.
  9. Bakr bib Hai at Taimi
  10. Jabib ibne Hajjaj al Taimi - He was the follower of Muslim Ibn Aqeel in Kufa. Since Muslim was arrested he hid himself until Hussain arrived in Karbala and reported to Hussain and was killed in the battle.
  11. Jibilath ibne Ali e Shaibani - served in Hussain's father Ali's army, in the Battle of Siffin.
  12. Jinadat ibne Ka'b Ansari al-Khazraji - Along with his son killed in the battle of Karbala
  13. Jundab Ibn Mujee al Khaulani - a companions of Hussain's father Ali.
  14. Jaun - The liberated slave of Abu Zar who after the death of Abu Zar joined Hussain's brother Hasan and thereafter remained with Hussain and came to Karbala with him.
  15. Jaun Ibn Malikee Tameemi - tribe of Bani Tameem; he deserted Yazid's army and joined Hussain.
  16. Hars - The liberated slave of Hamza, the uncle of the Mohammed.
  17. Habshi Ibn Qais e Nahmi - He was from the tribe of Hamdan. His grand father was one of the faithfuls of Muhammad.
  18. Hars Ibn Amraul Qais e Kandi
  19. Habib Ibn Amir e Taimi - He had already paid allegiance to Hussain at the hands of Muslim Ibn Aqeel was killed in Kufa, Habib left Kufa and joined Hussain on his way to Karbala and was killed.
  20. Habib Ibn Muzahir al Asadi - He was known as Habib ibne Mazahir Ibn Re'aab Ibn al-Ashtar from the lineage of Asad Abdul Qasim al-Asadi.
  21. Hajjaji Ibn Badr as S'di - He was from Basra of the tribe of Bani Sa'd.
  22. Hajjai Ibn Masrooq al Jaufi - He was companion of the Hussain's father Ali and moazzin of Hussain.
  23. Hallas Ibn Amro ar Rasibi - He was the son of Amru ar Rasibi who was one of the companions of Hussain's father Ali.
  24. Hanzala Ibn Asadus Shabami - He was the one who carried the message of exhortation from Hussain to Ibne Sa'd in Karbala.
  25. Rafe - The liberated slave of Muslim Azdi.
  26. Zavir Ibn Amro al Kandi
  27. Ziad Ibn Areeb al Saidi - He was son of Areeb one of the companions of Monhammed and also a traditionalist.
  28. Sa'd - the liberated slave of Amro Ibn Khalid
  29. Salim the liberated slave of Aamire Abdi - A devotee of Hussain's father Ali from Basra
  30. Sa'd and Abul Hatoof Ibn Harse Ansari - These twin brothers had come from Kufa employed in the forces the caliph to fight against Hussain. Later they deserted and joined Hussain's army.
  31. Sa'd - the liberated slave of Hussain's father Ali
  32. Sayeed Ibn Abdullah Hanafi - A noble, brave and influential personality from Kufa. He was very helpful to Muslim Ibn Aqeel in Kufa, as he carried Muslim's letter from Kufa to Hussain and remained with him and was killed. When Hussain was offering prayers in Karbala, he stood in front of Hussain and was hit with arrows from Yazid's army on his breast, killing him.
  33. Salman Ibn Mazarih Ibn Qais al Ammari al Bijjili - He was a cousin of Zohair al Qain. He went to Mecca with Zohair and when on his return he decided to join Hussain.
  34. Sulaiman Ibn Razeen - A liberated slave of Hussain He carried Hussain's letter to the devotess of the Ahl al Bayt in Basra. Ibne Ziad the governor of the oppressor of Basra caught him and the servant of Hussain accepted death willingly.
  35. Sawar Ibn Manyim e Nahmi - He travelled all the way from Iraq to join the forces of Hussain.
  36. Suwaid Ibn Amro Ibn Abil Mataa al Ammari al Khashmi - When he was fighting he was seriously wounded. He stayed on the ground, uconscious, the enemy thinking that he was dead. On regaining consciousness and hearing the rejoicing of the oppressor's forces that Hussain was killed, he got up and fought until he was also killed.
  37. Saif Ibn Hars al Jabiri and Malik - These two cousins from Kufa joined Hussain and were killed.
  38. Saif Ibn Malik al Abdi al Basri
  39. Shabeeb a liberated slave of Hars e Jabiri e Hamdani
  40. Shaueb e Shakiri
  41. Zarghamah Ibn Malik e Taghlabi - He was lion hearted brave gentleman who was faithful to Muslim Ibn Aqeel in Kufa, and after Muslim's death he joined Hussain and was killed along with him.
  42. Aaiz Ibn Majma al Aazi - He was among one of the six who along with Hur ibne Yazid e Riyahi had joined the Imam.
  43. Aabis ibne Abi Shabeeb e Shakiri - He helped Muslim ibn Aqeel in Kufa.and was killed at Karbala.
  44. Amir Ibn Muslim at Badi Basri -He with his liberated slave Salim, both the devotees of Hussain's father Ali in Basra, joined Hussain and were killed.
  45. Abdullah Ibn Bushr Khashami- He was from Anmari e Khashami tribe, he came out of Kufa with Ibne Sa'd but joined Hussain and was killed with him.
  46. Abdullah Ibn Omair Kalbi - He joined Hussain from Medina. His wife also accompanied him to serve the Holy Ladies. When Abdullah was killed his wife sitting at the dead body of her husband said "O Abdullah ! Thou hath entered Paradise, take me along with Thee." The good Lady had not finished her lamentations when a slave of Shimar ibn Zeljosham delivered a blow on her head with an axe and she was killed.
  47. Abdul Rahman and Abdullah sons of Orawah Ibn Harraq al Ghaffari - These two brothers were the noblemen of Kufa, their grandfather, Harraq was one of the companions of Hussain's father Ali. They joined Hussain and were killed.
  48. Abdullah Ibn Yaqtar e Himyari
  49. Abde Qais Basri e Abdi
  50. Abdullah Ibn Zaid e Abdi
  51. Obaidullah Ibn Zaide Abdi
  52. Yazid Ibn Sabeet al Abdi
  53. Abdul Ala Ibn Yazid al Kalbi al Aleemi
  54. Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Rab e Ansari Khazriji
  55. Abdul Rahman e Arhabi
  56. Abdul Rahman Ibn Masood at Taimi
  57. Omar Ibn Janade e Ansari
  58. Omer Ibn Zabiah Az Zabiyee - He came out of Kufa with Ibne Sad but later joined Hussain and was killed.
  59. Amro Ibn Khalid e Saidavi
  60. Amru Ibn Abdullah e Jundayi - He was from the tribe of Hamdan
  61. Amru Ibn Qarta al Ansari
  62. Amru Ibn Hab Abu Thamama al Sai'di
  63. Amru Ibn Hasan at Talee
  64. Qarib - He was the son of a liberated slave girl of Hussain. This lady after being freed by Hussain was married to a gentleman and brought her son Qarib, and presented him to Hussain, and he was brought up by Hussain.
  65. Qasim Ibn Habib al Azdi
  66. Qasith, Kardoos and Musqit - these were sons of Zohair al Taghlabi
  67. Qanab an Namri
  68. Qais Ibn Mushir as Saidavi
  69. Kannah at Taghlabi
  70. Majma ul Jahni - He was son of Ziad Ibn Omar Jahni one of the aged companions of Hussain.
  71. Muslim ibne Ausaja al Asadi - One of the companions of Muhammad.
  72. Muslim Ibn Katheer al Awaj all Azdi
  73. Masood Ibn Hajjaj Taimy and his son Abdur Rahman Ibn Masood
  74. Munjeh - The liberated slave of Hussain's bother Hasan.
  75. Mauq Ibn Thamamah Asadi Saidavi Abu Musa
  76. Nafebin Hilale Jamali - He was a companion of Hussain's father Ali and tradionist, a noble personality of Kufa, escaped from Kufa and joined Hussain in Karbala.
  77. Nasr Ibn Naizar - He was a liberated slave of Hussain's father Ali. He was presented to Muhammad by the King of Persia and Muhammad presented him to Hussain's father Ali who freed him. He came to Karbala and was killed.
  78. Wazeh the Turk - The Turkish liberated slave of Harse Mashaji. He came to Karbala and presented himself to Hussain and was killed.
  79. Hani Ibn Orwah - He was killed with Muslim Ibn Aqeel at Kufa
  80. Yazid Ibn Ziad Mohasir e Kandi Behdile Abush Shasa
  81. Yazid Ibn Maghful Jafi - A devotee of Hussain's father Ali
  82. Abdul Hatoof Ansari and his brother
  83. Sa'd (both Son's of Hur) - Both from Kufa who joined Hussain at Karbala
  84. Adham ibn Omayya al Abdi
  85. Aslam - The slave who was purchased and liberated by Hussain


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