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There are many different types of software available to produce charts.

A number of notable examples (with their own Wikipedia articles) are given below and organized according the programming language or other context in which they are used.


  • JFreeChart – Free Java based chart software
  • TeeChart – Java charting library. Commercial license


  • [1] - a charting library written in pure JavaScript
  • AnyChart - JavaScript/HTML5 Charting, Commercial license
  • Cytoscape.js - An open-source JavaScript graph theory (a.k.a. network) library for analysis and visualisation (compatible with CommonJS/Node.js, AMD/Require.js, jQuery 1.4+, Bower, npm, and plain JavaScript)
  • D3.js – HTML5/CSS3/SVG, BSD license
  • Datacopia – JavaScript/HTML5, SVG/Canvas - Free or Commercial
  • DHTMLX Chart and Gantt – JavaScript/HTML5, GPL or Commercial license
  • ExtJS 4 Charts – HTML5/SVG/Canvas, GPL or Commercial license
  • FusionCharts - JavaScript/HTML5. Commercial license
  • JS InfoVis Toolkit – HTML5/SVG, MIT license
  • Plotly.js - Commercial License
  • Protovis
  • ShieldUI – HTML5 SVG/VML Chart - Free or Commercial
  • TeeChart – Cross-browser HTML5 Canvas, CC or Commercial license
  • ZingChart - HTML5 Canvas/SVG/VML/Flash - Free or Commercial
  • LiveGap Charts-Free Online Chart Builder
  • KoolChart - JavaScript/HTML5 Canvas - Free or Commercial
  • ZoomCharts - Interactive, touch-oriented JavaScript Chart and Graph SDK (Canvas) - Commercial and free for universities/charities


  • OxyPlot - a cross platform plotting library for .NET (Windows 8/WPF/Silverlight/Windows Forms/Windows Phone/Xamarin.iOS/Xamarin.Android) MIT license
  • TeeChart - Native C#.NET Charting Control (Windows 8/WPF/Silverlight/Windows Forms/ASP.NET, Web Forms, Windows Phone) Commercial license
  • Visifire – Single API for desktop, web and mobile. (Windows 8/WPF/Silverlight/Windows Phone)

Pascal and ObjectPascal[edit]

  • TeeChart – For Delphi. Commercial version. Bundled with Delphi as TChart
  • TAChart - Charting component for the Lazarus IDE


  • TeeChart – For all PHP development environments including Delphi for PHP. Free Open Source and Commercial versions
  • pChart - A PHP library to create anti-aliased charts.



  • R: Extensive support for publication-quality charting in both the base system and contributed packages.
  • S-Plus: Built-in charting commands, extended by external packages


VCL / FireMonkey (FMX)[edit]

  • TeeChart - Native VCL Charting component with support to Embarcadero Windows IDEs (RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder) and FireMonkey. Commercial license
  • TMS Chart - Cross-platform Firemonkey chart component designed for business, statistical, financial & scientific data

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