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This is a list of software used to simulate the material and energy balances of chemical processing plants.

Software Developer Applications Operative system License URL
Ariane ProSim Utilities management and power plant optimization [1]
APMonitor Data reconciliation, real-time optimization, dynamic simulation and nonlinear predictive control [2]
Aspen Plus Aspen Technology Process simulation and optimization [3]
Aspen HYSYS Aspen Technology Process simulation and optimization [4]
ASSETT Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS Dynamic process simulation [5]
BatchColumn ProSim Simulation and Optimization of batch distillation columns [6]
BatchReactor ProSim Simulation of chemical reactors in batch mode [7]
D-SPICE Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS
K-Spice Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS Dynamic process simulation and multiphase pipeline simulation [8]
CADSIM Plus Aurel Systems Inc. Steady-state and dynamic process simulation [9]
ChromWorks ChromWorks, Inc. Continuous/Batch chromatography process simulator [10]
CHEMCAD Chemstations Software suite for process simulation [11]
Cycle-Tempo Asimptote Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of systems for the production of electricity, heat and refrigeration [12]
COCO simulator AmsterCHEM Steady state simulation free of charge [13]
Design II for Windows WinSim Inc. Process simulation [14]
Distillation expert trainer ATR Operator training simulator for distillation process [15]
DWSIM Daniel Medeiros, Gustavo León and Gregor Reichert Process simulator Windows, Linux, Mac open-source [16]
DynoChem Scale-up Systems Ltd. [17]
EMSO ALSOC Project Modelling, simulation and optimisation Windows, Linux ALSOC License


Dymola CATIA Systems Engineering Dynamic modelling and simulation software [19]
Flowtran simulation Monsanto
gPROMS PSE Ltd Advanced process simulation and modelling [20]
HSC Sim Outotec Oyj Advanced process simulation and modelling, Flowsheet simulation Windows [21]
HYDROFLO Tahoe Design Software Piping System Design with Steady State Analysis Windows Free Academic -Std Commercial [22]
ICAS: integrated computer-aided system CAPEC [24]
IDEAS Andritz Automation [25]
iiSE Simulator VRTech
LIBPF C++ LIBrary for process flowsheeting Modelon AB open-source
METSIM Proware General-purpose dynamic and steady state process simulation system Windows [26]
Mimic MYNAH Technologies First-principles dynamic simulator built for software acceptance testing and operator training systems


Mobatec Modeller Mobatec
NAPCON ProsDS Neste Jacobs Oy Dynamic process simulation Windows [28]
Clearview Mapjects
OLGA SPT Group (Schlumberger)
Omegaland Yokogawa
OpenModelica Open-Source Modelica Consortium open-source
PIPE-FLO Professional Engineered Software Inc. [29]
PEL Software Suite
Petro-SIM KBC Advanced Technologies [30]
PETROX Petrobras General Purpose, Static, Sequential-Modular Process Simulator Windows internal users only
Prode Properties Prode Software [31]
Prode simulator Prode Software [32]
ProSim DAC ProSim Dynamic Adsorption Column Simulation [33]
ProSimPlus ProSim Process simulation and optimization [34]
ProSimulator Sim Infosystems
Pro-Steam KBC Advanced Technologies
ProMax Bryan Research and Engineering [35]
TSWEET Bryan Research and Engineering
PRO/II SimSci [37]
ROMeo (process optimizer) SimSci
RecoVR VRTech
Simulis Thermodynamics ProSim Mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations [38]
SimCreate TSC Simulation [39]
SPEEDUP Roger W.H. Sargent and students
SolidSim SolidSim Engineering GmbH Flowsheet simulation of solids processes [40]
SuperPro Designer Intelligen [41]
SysCAD [42]
System7 Epcon International [43]
UniSim design Honeywell [44]
Shadow plant Honeywell
Usim Pac Caspeo [45]
VMGSim Virtual Materials Group [46]
Wolfram SystemModeler Wolfram Research Windows, Mac, Linux [47]

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  • Seader, J.D., Seider, W.D. and Pauls, A.C.: Flowtran Simulation – An Introduction, 2nd Edition, CACHE, 1977.

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