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This is a list of chewing gum brands. Chewing gum is a type of gum made for chewing, and dates back at least 5,000 years. Modern chewing gum was originally made of chicle, a natural latex. By the 1960s, chicle was replaced by butadiene-based synthetic rubber which is cheaper to manufacture. Most chewing gums are considered polymers.

Chewing gum brands[edit]

Name Parent Company Year Founded Country of Origin
5 Wrigley 2007 USA
Airwaves Wrigley USA
BigBabol [1] Perfetti Van Melle[2] Italy
Bazooka Brooklyn USA
Beechies Beech-Nut USA
Big League Chew Ford Gum 1980 USA
Big Red Wrigley 1976 United Kingdom
Bubbaloo Canderaria 1980s
Talin Taparia Gurgaon 2015
Bubble Joe 2007
Bubble Yum Hershey 1975 USA
Bubblicious Cadbury 1977 United Kingdom
Carmen Seham Food Stuff Co. 1950 Syria
Chiclets Cadbury 1906 United Kingdom
Chicza Consorcio Chiclero 2008 México
Cinnaburst Cadbury United Kingdom
Clorets Cadbury 1951 United Kingdom
Dentyne Cadbury 1899 United Kingdom
Dirol Dandy 1968 Denmark
Donald Bubble Gum Maple Leaf Netherlands
Doublemint Wrigley 1914 USA
Dubble Bubble Concord Confections 1928 Canada
Eat it Eat it, LLC USA
Eclipse Wrigley 1999 USA
Ello Gum Ello Gum International 2011 USA
Europe Chewing Gum Ayul Trading Incorporated Canada
Excel Wrigley 1991 USA
Exit Unigum 2011 Turkey
Extra Wrigley 1984 USA
Freedent Wrigley 1975 USA
Freshen Up USA
Fruit Stripe gum Hershey early 1960s USA
Fusen gum Marukawa Japan
Glee Gum [3] Verve, Inc. 1995 USA
Gorila (bubble gum) Lusiteca Portugal[4]
Hilal Pakistan
Hoodia Gum USA
Hubba Bubba Wrigley 1979 USA
Ice Breakers Hershey 1996 USA
Jenkki Leaf 1951 Finland
Juicy Fruit Wrigley 1893 Canada/USA
Kallas Khayri Kallas 1955 Syria
Lotte Japan
Love is... Turkey
Maple Leaf Chewing gum Maple Leaf 1948 Netherlands [5]
Master Lebanon
Mentos Perfetti Van Melle 1948 Netherlands
Mintad Syria
Neurogum Neurogum LLC 2013 California, United States [6]
Nicorette McNeil AB late 1960s Sweden
Orbit Wrigley 2001 USA
Peppersmith Peppersmith 2009 United Kingdom
PÜR Gum Action Candy Company 2010 Canada
Rasha Syria
Razzles Wrigley 1966 USA
Scottie Chew Crazy Long USA
Seham Seham Food Stuff Co. 1950 Syria
Simply Gum 2013 USA [7]
Splot Colombina 2000 Colombia
Sportlife Cloetta 1981 Netherlands & Belgium [8]
Spry Xlear Inc. USA
Stimorol Dandy 1956 Denmark
Stride Cadbury 2006 United Kingdom
Think Gum Think Gum, LLC 2007 USA
Tidal Wave Amurol Confections USA
Trident Kraft Foods 1964 United States
Turbo Kent 2007 Turkey
Vibe Energy Gum Super Mouth Ltd United Kingdom
Winterfresh Wrigley 1994 USA
Wrigley's Spearmint Wrigley 1893 USA
X-Time Colombina [9] 2000 Colombia
Zapp Gum Zapp Xylitol Gum Brands USA [10]
ZOFT Gum ZOFT Gum Company 2006 USA [11]

Freshen Up ||Adams|(Brazil) || 1975 ||New York||

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