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A child superhero or child superheroine is a fictional character who is noted for feats of courage and nobility, and who usually has a colorful name, costume, and abilities beyond those of normal young human beings.

List of child superheroes and superherorines[edit]

Television.svg This film, television or video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions.
Name Work Age
Aang Avatar: The Last Airbender 12 (biologically)[1] (112 chronologically)[1]
Andrew "Drew" McCormick (Blue Stinger Beetleborg/Chromium Gold Beetleborg) Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix (unknown)s
Aqualad (Garth) DC Comics Age varies
Arale Norimaki Dr. Slump 13
Astro Boy Astro Boy
Atomic Betty (Betty Barrett) Atomic Betty 12 (13 at Series Finale)
Bart Allen DC Comics  ?
Bartman The Simpsons 10
Beast Boy/Changeling (Garfield "Gar" Logan) DC Comics Age varies (early to late teens)
Ben Tennyson Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 10, 15, 16
Blossom The Powerpuff Girls 5(13 in PPG Z)
Bubbles The Powerpuff Girls 5 (13 in PPG Z)
Buttercup The Powerpuff Girls 5 (13 in PPG Z)
Bucky (James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes) Marvel Comics 15-18
Buffy Summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer 15-21
Captain Crandall (Crandall) Teamo Supremo 10
Captain Flamingo (Milo Powell) Captain Flamingo 9
Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) DC Comics 9-16, depending on continuity
Captain Marvel, Jr. (Freddy Freeman) DC Comics 12-18, depending on continuity
Carmen Cortez Spy Kids 12-14
Chase Stein Runaways 18
Chibiusa (or Rini) Sailor Moon Immortal
Chiro Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! 14
Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder (Timmy Turner) The Fairly OddParents 10
Commander Keen Commander Keen 8
Cyborg (Vic Stone) DC Comics late teens
Danny Phantom (Danny Fenton) Danny Phantom 14
Dash The Incredibles 9
Doug Funnie (Quailman) Doug 11
DudePow (Gal Hamdon) SheZow 12
Eiko Magami Project A-ko 17
El Tigre (Manny Rivera) El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera 13
Energizer (Katie Power) "Power Pack" Marvel Comics 5
Gee (Alex Power) "Power Pack" Marvel Comics 12
Gertrude Yorkes Runaways 14
Gon Freecss Hunter x Hunter 12
Harry Potter Harry Potter 11-17
Hit Girl (Mindy McCready) Kick-Ass 11
Hotaru Tomoe a.k.a. Sailor Saturn Sailor Moon 13-(reborn)-5-13
Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach 15-17
Ichigo Momomiya Tokyo Mew Mew 12
Jack-Jack The Incredibles 0 (infant)
Jake Long American Dragon: Jake Long 13
Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9) My Life as a Teenage Robot 5 (programmed to be 16)
Jimmy Neutron The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 10
John Egbert Homestuck 13 when first introduced, later aged to 16
Josephine "Jo" McCormick (Red Striker Beetleborg/Platinum Purple Beetleborg) Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix 10
Josh Baldwin (White Blaster Beetleborg) Big Bad Beetleborgs (unknown)
Juni Cortez Spy Kids 8-10
Juniper Lee The Life and Times of Juniper Lee 11
Justin Stewart (Blue Turbo Ranger) Power Rangers Turbo 12
Karolina Dean Runaways 16
Kid Flash (Wally West) DC Comics Age varies (early to late teens)
Killua Zaoldyeck Hunter x Hunter 12
Kim Possible Kim Possible Introduced as 16, later 18.
Kirby Kirby unknown
Klara Prast Runaways 12
Ko/KibaRanger Gosei Sentai Dairanger 9-10
Kurapika Hunter x Hunter 17
Krillin Dragon Ball Age varies
Lightspeed (Julie Power) "Power Pack" Marvel Comics 10
Link The Legend of Zelda Age varies
Lucas Mother 3 9-10 at the beginning of the game, 12-13 later in the game
Marth Fire Emblem 16
Mary Marvel (Mary Batson) DC Comics 8-16, depending on continuity
Mass Master (Jack Power) "Power Pack" Marvel Comics 7
Minky Momo Mahou no Princess Minky Momo 12 in the first anime (Sora Momo)
8 in the second anime (Umi Momo)
Miss Martian DC Comics Depending on continuity (early to late teens)
Molly Hayes Runaways 11
Monica Monica's Gang 6-15 (Monica Teen)
Monkey D. Luffy One Piece 17
Mysterion (Kenny McCormick) South Park 9
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto 16
Ness EarthBound 13
Nico Minoru Runaways 16
Ninten Mother 12
Numbuh One Codename: Kids Next Door 10
Micah Heroes 10
Numbuh Two Codename: Kids Next Door 10
Numbuh Three Codename: Kids Next Door 10
Numbuh Four Codename: Kids Next Door 10
Numbuh Five Codename: Kids Next Door 10
Pilar Fernandez Pilar the Black Bandita 15
Riki/KingRanger Choriki Sentai Ohranger (unknown)
Randy Cunningham Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (unknown)
Raven (Unknown) DC Comics Age varies (early to late teens)
Robin (Dick Grayson) DC Comics 8-18, depending on continuity
Robin (Tim Drake) DC Comics 13-16, depending on continuity
Roland Williams (Green Hunter Beetleborg/Titanium Silver Beetleborg) Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix (unknown)
Rope Girl (Brenda) Teamo Supremo 8
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon 14
SheZow (Guy Hamdon) SheZow 12
Skate Lad (Hector Felipé Corrio) Teamo Supremo 9
Snap ChalkZone unknown
Son Gohan Dragon Ball Introduced as 4[2] (later 16)[3]
Son Goku Dragon Ball Age varies
Son Goten Dragon Ball Age varies
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 15
Sora Kingdom Hearts 14-15
Speedy (Roy Harper) DC Comics Age varies (early to late teens)
Starfire (Koriand'r) DC Comics Age varies (early to late teens)
Super Commando Dhruva Raj comics Started at the age of 14, now 19yrs old
Super Diaper Baby (Billy Hoskins) The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby Infant
Super Ginger Talking Friends 5
Super Richie (Richie Rich) Harvey Comics
Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic the Hedgehog (video game series) 8
The Coon (Eric Cartman) South Park 9
Trunks Dragon Ball Age varies
Victor Mancha Runaways 16
Violet Parr The Incredibles 14
Molly Walker Heroes 10
Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) DC Comics Age varies (early to late teens)
WordGirl/Becky Botsford WordGirl 10½
Yang Yin Yang Yo! 11
Yin Yin Yang Yo! 11
Yusuke Urameshi YuYu Hakusho 14
Yugi Moto Yu-gi-oh! 13-16


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