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Galli Stadtansicht Hamburg (~1680)

This is a list of churches in the German state of Hamburg. There are many famous as well as local Churches in and around Hamburg. The St. Nikolai church was the tallest building in the world in the 1870s and remains the second tallest structure in Hamburg; several other very tall church steeples are also in the city.


Name German name Year [A] Location[B] Image Notes
St. Peter's Church Hauptkirche St. Petri
1418 (rebuild)
1842 (fire)
Mönckebergstrasse Petrikirche Gothic-style building
St. Catherine's Church Hauptkirche Sankt Katharinen 1256
16th century (rebuild)
In 2004
St. James's Church Hauptkirche Sankt Jacobi 1255
1963 (rebuild)
St Jacobi Hamburg.jpg
St Mary's Church Kirchengemeinde St. Marien 1960 Fuhlsbüttel Hh-fuhlsbuettel-stmarien.jpg
St. Matthew's Church Matthäuskirche 1919
St. Michaelis Church Hauptkirche Sankt Michaelis
1750 (fire)
Neustadt Sankt-Michaelis-Kirche Hamburg.jpg
St. Nikolai Hauptkirche St. Nikolai 1874
1943 (fire)
Hamburg StNikolai Panorama.jpg world's tallest building from 1874 to 1876.
ruins since 1940s
Sankt Nikolai 1951 Harvestehude Sankt Nikolai am Klosterstern in Hamburg-Harvestehude.jpg Replaced old St. Nikolai
Thomaskirche Hausbruch A church
Auferstehungskirche Lohbruegge A modern church
Tonndorfer Kirche Tonndorf A church
Herz Jesu Kirche Hamm A church
Sankt Erich Kirche Rothenburgsort A church
Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche Bahrenfeld A modern church
Kirche der Stille Altona A church
Martinskirche Rahlstedt A church
Gnadenkirche St. Pauli A church Gemeinde des Hl. Johannes von Kronstadt,
Russian Orthodox church, former Lutheran church[1]
St. Maria Magdalena Kirche Moorburg A church
St. Nicolai Altengamme A church
Russische Kirche des heiligen Prokop A church Russian Orthodox church[2]
Neuer Mariendom, former Pfarrkirche St. Marien St. Georg A red brick building, with two towers
  1. ^ Construction date or first mentioned on record., secondary dates are major events including fires and reconstruction but not additions.
  2. ^ Borough or quarter of current political location.
Location of 5 the so-called main churches circa 1700

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