List of cicadas of Australia

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The list scope includes outlying islands:
    1. Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    2. Christmas Island
    3. Ashmore Reef
    4. Torres Strait Islands
    5. Lord Howe Island
    6. Norfolk Island
    7. Macquarie Island
    8. Heard Island and McDonald Islands

This is a list of the cicadas found in Australia including its outlying islands and territories. The outlying islands covered include: Christmas, Cocos (Keeling), Ashmore, Torres Strait, Coral Sea, Lord Howe, Norfolk, Macquarie, and Heard/McDonald.

The taxonomy followed is from Moulds, 1990.[1] The genus Abricta has since been split.[2]


Family Tettigarctidae[edit]

Genus Tettigarcta[edit]

Family Cicadidae[edit]

Subfamily Cicadinae[edit]

Tribe Platypleurini[edit]

Subtribe Platypleuraria[edit]
Genus Oxypleura[edit]

Tribe Thopini[edit]

Genus Thopha[edit]
Genus Arunta[edit]

Tribe Cyclochilini[edit]

Genus Cyclochila[edit]
Genus Arenopsaltria[edit]
Genus Henicopsaltria[edit]
Henicopsaltria eydouxii
Genus Anapsaltoda[edit]
Genus Neopsaltoda[edit]
Genus Psaltoda[edit]
Psaltoda moerens

Tribe Tibicenini[edit]

Genus Macrotristria[edit]

Tribe Dundubiini[edit]

Subtribe Cosmopsaltriaria[edit]
Genus Diceropyga[edit]

Tribe Cicadini[edit]

Genus Tamasa (genus)[edit]
Genus Illyria (genus)[edit]

Subfamily Cicadettinae[3][edit]

Tribe Parnisini[edit]

Genus Quintilia (genus)[edit]
Genus Jassopsaltria[edit]
Genus Diemeniana[edit]
Diemeniana frenchi
Genus Gudanga[edit]

Tribe Taphurini[edit]

Genus Aleeta[edit]
Abricta curvicosta
Genus Tryella[edit]
Genus Parnkalla (genus)[edit]
Genus Marteena[edit]
Genus Burbunga[edit]

Tribe Cicadettini[3][edit]

Genus Drymopsalta[3][edit]
Genus Kobonga[edit]
Genus Pauropsalta[edit]
Genus Cicadetta[edit]
Genus Notopsalta[edit]
Genus Kikihia[edit]
Genus Birrima[edit]
Genus Urabunana[edit]
Genus Froggattoides[edit]

Tribe Prasiini[edit]

Genus Lembeja[edit]

Tribe Chlorocystini[edit]

Genus Venustria[edit]
Genus Baeturia[edit]
Genus Owra[edit]
Genus Chlorocysta[edit]
Genus Glaucopsaltria[edit]
Genus Thaumastopsaltria[edit]

Tribe Hemidictyini[edit]

Genus Cystosoma[edit]
Genus Cystopsaltria[edit]

See also[edit]

  • An article in the Sydney Morning Herald describing Australian cicadas.[4]


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