List of comets with no meaningful orbit

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Here is the list of comets designated with X/ prefix.

Comet Discoverer(s)
X/-233 B1
X/-156 U1
X/-137 K1
X/-134 N1
X/-119 K1
X/54 L1
X/60 P1
X/79 F1
X/422 F1
X/595 A1
X/607 U1
X/626 F1
X/676 P1
X/838 V1
X/839 B1
X/841 Y1
X/864 H1
X/875 L1
X/891 J1
X/941 R1
X/975 P1
X/998 D1
X/1033 E1
X/1034 S1
X/1056 R1
X/1106 C1
X/1338 G1
X/1381 V1
X/1391 J1
X/1432 C1
X/1491 B1
X/1529 P1
X/1569 V1
X/1577 U1
X/1621 B1
X/1702 D1
X/1846 U1 Hind
X/1872 X1 Pogson
X/1951 G1
X/1951 G2
X/1951 K1
X/1952 C1 Weinberger
X/1954 C2 Weinberger & Auner / Palomar DSS
X/1954 V1 Hartl
X/1954 V2 Meyer/Palomar DSS
X/1955 G2 Auner & Dengel & Weinberger / Palomar DSS
X/1975 J1 Eberst
X/1975 T3 West
X/1976 U2 Eberst & Coulson & Tritton
X/1978 W1 West & Schuster
X/1979 O2 Kowal
X/1979 O3 Kowal
X/1987 A2 McNaught & Hartley