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In computing, a command-line interpreter, or command language interpreter, is a blanket term for a certain class of programs designed to read lines of text entered by a user, thus implementing a command-line interface.

Operating system shells[edit]

Unix-like systems[edit]

There are many variants of Unix shell:

Microsoft Windows[edit]

Note that most OS shells in Microsoft Windows are not command-line interpreters.


Unix-styled and POSIX emulators[edit]


Main article: DOS
  • COMMAND.COM, the default command-line interpreter
  • 4DOS, a compatible, but more advanced shell by JP Software
  • NDOS, provided with some versions of the Norton Utilities
  • QBasic


Main article: OS/2
  • CMD.EXE, the default command-line interpreter
  • 4OS/2, a compatible, but more advanced shell by JP Software

IBM OS/400[edit]

Main article: OS/400

Apple computers[edit]

Mobile devices[edit]

  • DROS, Java ME platform based DOS-like shell for smartphones

Network routers[edit]

Main article: Network router



Language systems[edit]


Scientific and engineering software[edit]

Programming languages[edit]

Database queries[edit]

  • sqsh, a shell available with some SQL implementations for database queries and other tasks.
  • Google Shell, a browser-based front-end for Google Search


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