List of commercially released independently developed Dreamcast games

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Several games have been independently released for the Sega Dreamcast on regular compact discs rather than GD-ROMs. Many of these games were launched long after the end of the console's official commercial life span, and consequently unlicensed by Sega.

Game Developer Year
Age of the Beast Senile Team 2014
Bleemcast! for Gran Turismo 2 Bleem! 2001
Bleemcast! for Metal Gear Solid Bleem! 2001
Bleemcast! for Tekken 3 Bleem! 2001
Cool Herders GOAT Store 2006
Donk! Samurai Duck! Cryptic Allusion TBA
DUX Hucast Games 2009
Fast Striker NG.DEV.TEAM 2010
Feet of Fury GOAT Store 2003
Frog Feast OlderGames 2007
Ghost Blade Hucast Games 2014
Gunlord NG.DEV.TEAM 2012
Inhabitants GOAT Store 2005
IRiDES: Master of Blocks Madpeet 2009
Last Hope NG.DEV.TEAM 2007
Last Hope: Pink Bullets NG.DEV.TEAM 2009
Leona's Tricky Adventures KTX Software Development 2014
Maqiupai GOAT Store 2005
Pier Solar and the Great Architects WaterMelon 2014
Redux: Dark Matters Hucast Games 2014
Rush Rush Rally Racing Senile Team 2009
Sturmwind Duranik 2013
Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles Yuan Works 2008