List of companies headquartered in Northern Virginia

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This is a list of companies headquartered in Northern Virginia. Numbers denote Fortune 500 ranking.[1]

The majority of the following companies are located in Fairfax County, the most populous jurisdiction in Northern Virginia, the state, and the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Companies with a McLean or Vienna address are often located Tysons Corner, 'Tysons Corner' was not available as a postal address until 2011.


Consumer goods[edit]




Government contractors[edit]

Government contracting companies (including defense contracting companies) may be involved in various fields, such as financial services, healthcare, information technology, mercenaries, science, and space technology, sometimes all within the same company. Some of the following companies may only derive a minority of their income from government contracting, but are listed here for organizational purposes.


Internet technology and software[edit]

Law and business[edit]


Real estate and hospitality[edit]


Non-profit companies and trade organizations[edit]

Foreign companies[edit]

These are companies based outside the U.S. with a division headquartered in Northern Virginia.


Active companies formerly headquartered in the region include AOL, Sallie Mae, and US Airways.

Defunct companies that were headquartered in the region include BearingPoint, Braddock Dunn & McDonald, Capital Airlines, Chevy Chase Bank, Erol's, GeoEye, Hecht's, MCI Inc., Mobil, Mythic Entertainment, Nextel, Proxicom, PSINet, TerreStar Corporation, UUNET, and Voxant.


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