List of compositions by George Gershwin

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This is a list of compositions by George Gershwin, a Broadway songwriter and a classical composer. His works are grouped thematically in this list, and in chronological order according to the dates of compositions in the same group.

Classical works[edit]

Note: All orchestral/operatic pieces are orchestrated by Gershwin unless otherwise specified.


  • 1924 - Lady, Be Good!*
  • 1925 - Tip-Toes*
  • 1926 - Oh, Kay!**
  • 1927 - Strike Up The Band**
  • 1927 - Funny Face**
  • 1928 - Primrose*
  • 1930 - Girl Crazy**
  • 1931 - Of Thee I Sing**
  • 1933 - Pardon My English**
  • 1933 - Let 'Em Eat Cake**

* orchestrated for pit orchestra
** additional instrumentation for symphony orchestra by Don Rose [1]

Solo Works for Piano[edit]

Musical theater credits[edit]

Note: All works are musicals produced on Broadway unless specified otherwise.

Works featuring original Gershwin songs for shows by other composers[edit]

Works interpolating Gershwin songs posthumously[edit]

Miscellaneous songs[edit]

Musical films[edit]