List of flags by color combination

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This is a list of countries, subdivisions and territories by the colors of their flags.




Yellow and black[edit]


Yellow and white[edit]




Blue and white[edit]


Blue, white and orange[edit]


Blue, white and black[edit]


Blue and yellow[edit]


Blue, yellow and white[edit]


Blue, yellow and black[edit]


Blue, yellow, white and black[edit]


Blue, yellow and gray[edit]


Blue and red[edit]

  •  Belize - with other color symbol
  •  Haiti - with other color symbol

Blue, red and white[edit]


Blue, red, white and black[edit]


Blue, red, white and orange[edit]


Blue, red and orange[edit]


Blue, red and yellow[edit]


Blue, red, yellow and black[edit]


Blue, red, yellow and white[edit]


Blue, red, yellow, white and black[edit]



Red and black[edit]


Red and white[edit]


Red, white, black and gray[edit]


Red, white and black[edit]


Red, white and green[edit]


Red, white and orange[edit]


Red and yellow[edit]


Red, yellow and black[edit]


Red, yellow and white[edit]


Red, yellow, white and black[edit]


Red, yellow, gray, white and black[edit]


Red and green[edit]


Red, green and black[edit]


Red, green, black and orange[edit]


Red, green, black and white[edit]


Red, green and yellow[edit]


Red, green, yellow and black[edit]


Red, green, yellow and orange[edit]


Red, green, yellow and white[edit]


Red, green, yellow, white and black[edit]


Red, green, yellow, white, black, brown and purple[edit]




Green and white[edit]


Green, white and orange[edit]


Green and yellow[edit]


Green, yellow and black[edit]


Green, yellow and brown[edit]


Green, yellow and white[edit]

  •  Cyprus
  •  Macau (Chinese special administrative region)

Blue and green[edit]

Blue, green and white[edit]


Blue, green, white and black[edit]


Blue, green, white and orange[edit]


Blue, green and yellow[edit]


Blue, green, yellow and black[edit]


Blue, green, yellow and white[edit]


Blue, green and red[edit]

Blue, green, red and white[edit]


Blue, green, red and yellow[edit]


Blue, green, red, yellow, black and brown[edit]


Blue, green, red, yellow and white[edit]


Blue, green, red, yellow, white and black[edit]


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