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The following table lists the regions of the Earth at various latitudes:

Latitude Locations
90° N North pole
75° N Arctic ocean; northern Siberia, Russia; northern Canada; Greenland
60° N Oslo, Norway; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; major parts of Nordic countries in EU; St. Petersburg, Russia; southern Alaska; southern border of the Yukon and the Northwest territories in Canada
45° N France; northern Italy; Croatia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Belgrade, Serbia; Romania; the Black sea; Ukraine; the Caspian sea; Kazakhstan; Uzbekistan; China; Mongolia; Hokkaidō, Japan; Oregon, Lake Michigan, and Vermont and extreme northern New York in the United States; Ontario, Canada
30° N South Korea; Morocco; Algeria; Libya; Giza, Egypt; Israel; Jordan; Saudi Arabia; Iraq; Kuwait; the Persian Gulf; Iran; Afghanistan; Pakistan; India; Nepal; southern China; southern Japan; northern Mexico; Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States
15° N Senegal; Mauritania; Mali; Burkina Faso; Niger; Chad; Sudan; Eritrea; the Red sea; Yemen; India; Myanmar (Burma); Thailand; Laos; Vietnam; Philippines; Northern Mariana Islands; southern Mexico; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua; Cape Verde
São Tomé and Príncipe; Gabon; Republic of the Congo; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Uganda; Lake Victoria; Kenya; Somalia; Indonesia; Galápagos Islands and Quito, Ecuador; Colombia; Brazil
15° S Angola; Zambia; Mozambique; Malawi; Madagascar; northern Australia; Vanatu; French Polynesia; Peru; Bolivia; Brazil
30° S South Africa; Lesotho; southern Australia; Chile; Argentina; southern Brazil
45° S New Zealand; Chile; Argentina
60° S entirely ocean (slightly north of the South Orkney Islands); sometimes considered the northern boundary of the Southern ocean
75° S Dome C, Antarctica
90° S South pole

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