List of territorial entities where Tamil is an official language

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The following is a list of sovereign states and territories where Tamil is an official or language of government.

Historical map of Chola Kingdom where Tamil was the language of administration.

Tamil is the 15th most spoken language in the world. Tamil language speakers make approximately 1% of the world population. Tamil was one of the dominant languages of trade during the pre-colonial era by people like Ainnurruvar, and there are Tamil inscriptions and coins found on many parts of Asia and Africa such as on China, Cambodia, Egypt and Indonesia.[1]

During the 18th century, the British and French rules brought the Tamils to many parts of Asia and Africa which makes many countries with significant Tamil speakers and cultural impact such as there are more than 1,000,000 speakers of Tamil language in the Malaysia itself.

Sovereign states[edit]

Singapore 1000 Dollar Currency Showing Tamil Script Along With Chinese And Malay.
Countries where Tamil is a de jure/official language
Country Region Population1
 Singapore[2] Asia 150,184
 Sri Lanka[3] Asia 5,065,930

Dependent entities[edit]

Distribution of Tamil speakers in Indian Subcontinent.
Entity Country Population Status
India Andaman and Nicobar Islands India 379,944 Union Territory of India
India Puducherry India 1,244,464 Union Territory of India
India Tamil Nadu India 72,138,958 State of India

Partially recognized and unrecognized territories[edit]

Entity Notes
 Tamil Eelam (Eelam) Claiming sovereignty over the North and Eastern Sri Lanka and Puttalam district as the independent state of Tamil Eelam.
India Karaikal Claiming for a separate union territory in India.[4]

Former territories where Tamil was an official language[edit]

Entity Notes
India Haryana Tamil was an official language of the Indian state of Haryana until it was replaced by Punjabi[5]

Countries where Tamil is used and has cultural/educational impact but not official[edit]

Mauritius 100 Rupees Currency Showing Tamil Script.
Country Region
 Malaysia[6] Asia
 Mauritius[7] Africa
France Réunion[8] Africa
 Seychelles[9] Africa
 Canada[10] North America

There are also claims to make Tamil an official language of India and UN.[11] The month of January is celebrated as the Tamil Heritage Month by Canadians in Canada.[12]

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