List of county executives of Jackson County, Missouri

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Harry S. Truman

Following is a list of the county executives of Jackson County, Missouri.

Presiding Judge[edit]

From 1827 until 1972 Jackson County was ruled by a three member County Commission called a County Court. The Presiding Judge ruled the county. There was no requirement that a judge be a lawyer. The Court reflected the county's divided nature with one judge representing the eastern more rural area around the county seat of Independence, Missouri while the western judge represented the more urban Kansas City, Missouri. Courthouses were built in both cities. The most famous presiding judge was Harry S. Truman who represented the Eastern District.[1][2][3]

County Executive[edit]

In 1970 a new county charter was approved effective January 1973 in which a County Executive ruled over a County Commission with representatives from 11 districts. The 11 districts were reduced to 6 in 1987.[4][5]


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