List of county roads in Santa Rosa County, Florida

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County roads in Florida
County roads in Santa Rosa County

The following is a list of county roads in Santa Rosa County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside.

County roads in Santa Rosa County, Florida[edit]

Route Road Name(s) From To Notes
CR 30A Fairpoint Drive
Shoreline Drive
Daniel Street
US 98 (SR 30) US 98 (SR 30) former SR 30A[1]
CR 87A Alabama Street
North Avenue
US 90/SR 87 & CR 191 (South) SR 87 former SR 87A[1]
CR 87A Langley Street
East Gate Road
SR 87 CR 191 former SR 87A[1]
Runs through Whiting Field, and is bisected by it
CR 87A Market Road SR 4 SR 87 former SR 87A[1]
CR 89 Ward Basin Road Yellow River in Pine Bluff US 90 former SR 89[1]
CR 164 Harvest Road
Greenwood Road
CR 197 SR 4 former SR 164[1]
Brief gap at SR 89
CR 178 Spanish Trail CR 197 SR 87 former SR 178[1]
CR 182 Central School Road
Allentown School Road
Escambia River WMA SR 87 former SR 182[1]
CR 184 Quinnette Road Escambia-Santa Rosa County Line CRs 197 & 197A former SR 184[1]
CR 184 Hickory Hammock Road
Nichols Lake Road
CR 89 East of Nichols Creek Road former SR 184[1]
CR 184A Berryhill Road CR 197 SR 89 former SR 184A[1]
CR 191 Garcon Point Road
Forsyth Street
Henry Street
SR 281 US 90/SR 87 former SR 191[1]
CR 191 Willard Norris Road/Magnolia Street CR 197 SR 87 former SR 191[1]
CR 191 Munson Highway SR 87 Florida-Alabama State Line former SR 191[1]
CR 191 Willing Street
Broad Street
US 90/SR 87 CR 191 (Munson Highway) former SR 191[1]
CR 191A Bay Street
Oriole Beach Road
Dead End west of Coronado Drive US 98 former SR 191[1]
CR 191A Old Bagdad Highway SR 281 @ US 90 CR 191 former SR 191A[1]
CR 191A Pace Mulat former SR 191A[1]
CR 191B Soundside Drive US 98 Dead End east of Land's End Road former SR 191[1]
CR 191B Sterling Way Escambia Bay CRs 281 & 281B former SR 191B[1]
CR 191C Nantahala Beach Road CR 191B US 98
CR 191C Robinson Point Road CR 191 CR 191 former SR 191C[1]
CR 191D Woodlawn Beach Boat Ramp US 98
CR 191E Honey Lake Road US 90 US 221
CR 197 Chumuckla Highway Bass Hole Cove, on Escambia Bay SR 87 former SR 197[1]
CR 197A Spring Street
Commerce Street
First Street West
North Alabama Street
CR 197 SR 87 former SR 197[1]
Brief gap at SR 4
CR 197A Woodbine Lane
Bell Lane
US 90 CR 191B former SR 197A[1]
CR 197A US 90 CR 184 / CR 197 former SR 197A[1]
CR 197B Norris Road
West Spencer Field Road
CR 197 US 90 former SR 197B[1]
CR 281 Del Monte Street
Montecito Boulevard
Mullat Road
SR 281 SR 281 former SR 281[1]
CR 281B American Cyanamid Road CRs 191B & 281 SR 281 former SR 281B[1]
CR 399 Country Mill Road
Highway 4
Tractor Trail
SR 87 SR 89 former SR 399[1]
Brief gap at SR 4
CR 399 College Parkway
Quiet Water lane
US 98 Dead End at a canal near Redfish Point former SR 399[1]
CR 399 East Bay Boulevard US 90 SR 87 former SR 399[1]


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