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For indoor arenas, see List of indoor arenas by capacity.

The following is a list of covered sports stadiums, ordered by capacity; that is the maximum number of spectators the stadium can accommodate for a sports event. This is intended to include only stadiums that are used for sports traditionally held outdoors. It is split into two sublists:

  • Stadiums designed for field sports, such as baseball and any of a wide variety of football codes.
  • Tennis stadiums (a traditional outdoor sport, but with a much smaller playing area)

Only domed and retractable roof stadiums are included, i.e. stadiums that cover both spectators and playing field. The stadiums are divided into current stadiums, closed stadiums, stadiums currently under construction, and planned stadiums.

Indoor arenas should not be included on this list as there is a separate list for them.

Current stadiums[edit]

Field sports[edit]

# Stadium Capacity City Country Domed or Retractable roof Notes
1 AT&T Stadium 80,000 Arlington, Texas  United States RR Capacity expandable to 105,000.
2 Millennium Stadium 74,500 Cardiff  Wales RR Capacity to be expanded to 80,000 in planned renovation
3 Georgia Dome 74,288 Atlanta, Georgia  United States D
4 Mercedes-Benz Superdome 73,208 New Orleans, Louisiana  United States D Capacity expandable to 76,468
5 Stade olympique de Montréal 72,000 Montreal, Quebec  Canada D Originally opened without a roof. Roof was originally a retractable design, but due to operating issues the roof was later removed, briefly leaving the venue again roofless, before being replaced with a fixed-roof.
6 NRG Stadium 71,054 Houston, Texas  United States RR
7 Edward Jones Dome 66,000 St. Louis, Missouri  United States D Capacity expandable to 70,000
8 Alamodome 65,000 San Antonio, Texas  United States D Capacity expandable to 72,000
Ford Field 65,000 Detroit, Michigan  United States D Capacity expandable to 70,000
10 University of Phoenix Stadium 63,400 Glendale, Arizona  United States RR; retractable playing surface Seating capacity expandable to 72,200 (over 78,600 with standing room).
11 Lucas Oil Stadium 62,421 Indianapolis, Indiana  United States RR Capacity expandable to 70,000.
12 Stadion Narodowy 58,145 Warsaw  Poland RR
13 Etihad Stadium 56,347 Melbourne  Australia RR
14 Arena Națională 55,634 Bucharest  Romania RR
15 National Stadium 55,000 Singapore  Singapore RR
Tokyo Dome 55,000 Tokyo  Japan D
17 Esprit Arena 54,600 Düsseldorf  Germany RR
18 Veltins-Arena 54,442 Gelsenkirchen  Germany RR; retractable playing surface Capacity 61,973 with standing rows
19 BC Place 54,320 Vancouver, British Columbia  Canada RR The stadium originally featured a fixed-roof, which was later replaced with a retractable-roof.
20 Rogers Centre 54,000 Toronto, Ontario  Canada RR
21 Amsterdam Arena 53,052 Amsterdam  Netherlands RR
22 Türk Telekom Arena 52,652 Istanbul  Turkey RR The stadium originally opened without its roof, with the roof being added to it later.
23 Commerzbank-Arena 51,500 Frankfurt  Germany RR The stadium originally was roofless, with a retractable roof later added to it.
24 Stade Pierre-Mauroy 50,186 Villeneuve d'Ascq  France RR
25 Friends Arena 50,000 Solna  Sweden RR
26 Carrier Dome 49,262 Syracuse, New York  United States D
27 Chase Field 48,633 Phoenix, Arizona  United States RR
28 Fisht Olympic Stadium 47,659 Sochi  Russia RR Held 40,000 during the 2014 Winter Olympics and 2014 Winter Paralympics, and will be downsized after the 2018 FIFA World Cup to seat 25,000. Roof was designed to be temporary, and may be removed.[1][2]47,659 capacity is for the World Cup.
29 Safeco Field 47,476 Seattle, Washington  United States RR
30 Toyota Stadium 45,000 Toyota  Japan RR
31 Tropicana Field 42,735 St. Petersburg, Florida  United States D Sections of seating are closed and covered with tarps, functionally bringing the seating capacity down to 31,042.
32 Minute Maid Park 42,060 Houston, Texas  United States RR
33 Miller Park 41,900 Milwaukee, Wisconsin  United States RR
34 Sapporo Dome 41,484 Sapporo  Japan D; retractable playing surface Capacity expandable to 53,796
35 Nagoya Dome 40,500 Nagoya  Japan D
36 Ōita Stadium 40,000 Ōita  Japan RR
37 Fukuoka Dome 38,561 Fukuoka  Japan RR
38 Telia Parken 38,065 Copenhagen  Denmark RR
39 Marlins Park 36,742 Miami, Florida  United States RR Capacity is 37,442 with standing room.
40 Kyocera Dome 36,477 Osaka  Japan D
41 Ordos Stadium 35,107 Ordos  China RR
42 Seibu Dome 33,921 Tokorozawa  Japan RR
43 Nantong Stadium 32,244 Nantong  China RR
44 Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza 30,748 Dunedin  New Zealand D
45 Kobe City Misaki Park Stadium 30,132 Kobe  Japan RR The stadium originally was roofless, with a retractable roof later added to it.
46 Tele2 Arena 30,001 Stockholm  Sweden RR Capacity is 33,000 with standing room.
47 Astana Arena 30,000 Astana  Kazakhstan RR
48 GelreDome 25,000 Arnhem  Netherlands RR; retractable playing surface
49 Fargodome 19,000 Fargo, North Dakota  United States D
50 UNI-Dome 16,324 Cedar Falls, Iowa  United States D
51 Kibbie Dome 16,000 Moscow, Idaho  United States D
52 Odate Jukai Dome 15,000 Odate  Japan D
53 Alerus Center 13,500 Grand Forks, North Dakota  United States D
54 Holt Arena 12,000 Pocatello, Idaho  United States D
55 DakotaDome 10,000 Vermillion, South Dakota  United States D
Tacoma Dome 10,000 Tacoma, Washington  United States D
Walkup Skydome 10,000 Flagstaff, Arizona  United States D Capacity expandable to 11,230.
58 ETSU/Mountain States Health Alliance Athletic Center 8,539 Johnson City, Tennessee  United States D
59 Superior Dome 8,000 Marquette, Michigan  United States D
60 World Memorial Hall 8,000 Kobe  Japan D
61 Round Valley Ensphere 5,500 Eagar, Arizona  United States D


# Stadium Capacity City Country Domed or Retractable roof
1 Centre Court 15,000 London  England RR
National Tennis Center Center Court 15,000 Beijing  China RR
Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena 15,000 Shanghai  China RR
4 Rod Laver Arena 14,820 Melbourne  Australia RR
5 Perth Arena 13,910 Perth  Australia RR
6 Caja Mágica Central Court 13,910 Madrid  Spain RR
7 Tennisstadion am Rothenbaum 13,200 Hamburg  Germany RR
8 Gerry Weber Stadion 12,300 Halle (Westfalen)  Germany RR
9 Hisense Arena 10,500 Melbourne  Australia RR
10 Ariake Coliseum 10,000 Koto, Tokyo  Japan RR
11 Caja Mágica Court 1 3,500 Madrid  Spain RR
12 Caja Mágica Court 2 2,500 Madrid  Spain RR

Closed and demolished stadiums[edit]

(All of these were located in the United States.)

Field Sports[edit]

(All of these were domed)

# Stadium Capacity City Closed Demolished
1 Silverdome 80,311 Pontiac, Michigan 2008 Still standing (without roof)
2 Kingdome 66,000 Seattle, Washington 2000 March 24, 2000
3 Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome 64,111 Minneapolis, Minnesota 2013 January 18, 2014
4 NRG Astrodome 62,439 Houston, Texas 2004 Still standing
5 RCA Dome 57,981 Indianapolis, Indiana 2008 December 20, 2008


# Stadium Capacity City Domed or Retractable roof Closed Demolished Notes
1 Civic Arena 17,537 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania RR 2010 2012 Held tennis events, but primarily served as a NHL arena. Originally built for use by the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. Was first RR sports venue in the world Even though it was RR venue, cost led it to be only partially retracted after 1995, and permanently closed after 2001.[3] [4][5][6]

Stadiums under construction[edit]

Field Sports[edit]

# Stadium Capacity City Country Domed or Retractable roof Planned opening Notes
1 New Zenit Stadium 69,501 St. Petersburg  Russia RR, retractable playing surface 2016
2 Baku National Stadium 68,700 Baku  Azerbaijan RR 2015
3 Vikings Stadium 65,000 Minneapolis, Minnesota  United States D 2016 Expandable to 73,000 for instances such as the Super Bowl LII
New Atlanta Stadium 65,000 Atlanta, Georgia  United States RR 2017 Expandable to 75,000
5 Kai Tak Stadium 50,000 Kowloon  Hong Kong RR 2020
6 Taipei Dome 40,000 Taipei  Taiwan D 2015
7 Arena 92 32,000 Nanterre  France D 2016
8 Seoul Gocheok Dome Baseball Stadium 30,000 Seoul  South Korea D 2014
9 New Foolad Stadium 27,501 Ahvaz  Iran RR 2015


# Stadium Capacity City Country Domed or Retractable roof Notes
1 Arthur Ashe Stadium 22,547 New York City, New York  United States RR Existing stadium with the addition of a retractable roof planned for completion by 2016.

Planned Stadiums[edit]

Field Sports[edit]

# Stadium Capacity City Country Domed or Retractable roof Notes
1 Lusail Iconic Stadium 86,250 Lusail  Qatar D To be downsized to a 20,000-seat venue following the 2022 FIFA World Cup, planned opening in 2022
2 National Olympic Stadium 80,000 Tokyo  Japan RR Planned opening in 2019, Olympic Stadium for the 2020 Summer Olympics
3 Farmers Field 72,000 Los Angeles, California  United States RR Expandable to 76,000
4 JSU Domed Stadium 50,000 Jackson, Mississippi  United States D [7]
5 Rays Ballpark 35,000 Tampa Bay Area, Florida  United States RR Plans currently on hold
6 NSU Domed Staduim 39,000 Norfolk, Virginia  United States D Planned opening in 2017 will used for Football, Basketball & Track and Field. It is on the campus of Norfolk State University.


# Stadium Capacity City Country Domed or Retractable roof Notes
1 New Louis Armstrong Stadium 15,000 New York City, New York  United States RR Planned for completion by 2017
2 Court Philippe Chatrie 14,840 Paris  France RR Existing stadium with the addition of a retractable roof planned for completion by 2017
3 Stade Roland Garros 4th stadium 14,600 Paris  France RR Planned for completion by 2017
4 No. 1 Court 11,430 London  England RR Existing stadium with the addition of a retractable roof planned for completion by 2019
5 ASB Centre 3,200 Auckland  New Zealand RR Existing stadium with the planned addition of a retractable roof

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