List of cricketers who were murdered

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Pb This is a chronological list of cricketers who have played in first class cricket, List A, or at a similar level, who were murdered. This does not include those who were killed in wars. They are listed separately at List of cricketers who were killed during military service.

Player Circumstances of death Date of death Notes Player Profile
1 Edward Wright Murdered in riots at Jamaica[1] 23 November 1904 [2]
2 Claude Tozer Shot and killed by his patient[2] 21 December 1920 [3]
3 Robert Makant Murdered whilst on duty in Kurdistan[3] 18 June 1922 [4]
4 Huntsman Williams Killed in rocket attack on his vehicle in Rhodesia[4] 3 August 1978 [5]
5 Jeff Stollmeyer Shot five times and beaten about the head by intruders at his Port-of-Spain home[5] 10 September 1989 Stollmeyer captained West Indies in 13 Test matches [6]
6 Muni Lal Murdered along with his wife by burglars who broke into his house[6] 8 January 1990 Editor of Crickinia, an early Indian cricket annual, from 1939–44, uncle of Arun Lal, Indian high commissioner in the West Indies and ambassador in Somalia [7]
7 Haseeb-ul-Hasan Shot by an unknown gunman[7] 18 April 1990 [8]
8 William Strydom Shot during a robbery[8] 20 February 1995 [9]
9 Ashley Harvey-Walker Shot dead in a Johannesburg bar[9] 28 April 1997 [10]
10 Wirantha Fernando Killed by a mob[10] 17 April 2000 First to captain Colts Cricket Club at FC level [11]
11 Francois Weideman Shot during a robbery[11] 4 June 2001 [12]
12 Nezam Hafiz Worked at the World Trade Center, New York during 9/11[12] 11 September 2001 First class player for Guyana and later the US. [13]
13 Mark Parker As a result of the Bali bombings[13] 12 October 2002 [14]
14 Rahatullah Shot[14] 11 February 2008 [15]
15 Louis Vorster Shot during an armed robbery[15] 18 April 2012 [16]
16 Errol Peart Shot while helping the victim of an attempted robbery[16] 2 December 2012 Played five matches for USA in the 1990 ICC Trophy [17]
17 Kuntal Chandra Body found in the outskirts of Dhaka[17] 2 December 2012 [18]
18 John Commins Found dead in his home in Cape Town[18] 3 January 2013 Uncle of Test cricketer John Commins [19]

Possibly murdered[edit]

Player Circumstances of death Date of death Notes Player Profile
1 Percy Hardy Found dead on the floor of a lavatory at King's Cross station with his throat cut and a blood-stained knife by his side.[19] 9 March 1916 Somerset history maintains Hardy committed suicide rather than be sent back to World War I battlefields[20] [20]
2 Jack Marsh Killed in a street brawl. The assailants were charged with manslaughter but acquitted.[21] 25 May 1916 [21]
3 Rajesh Peter Found dead in his flat in New Delhi in suspicious circumstances.[22] 16 November 1995 Indian first-class player [22]
4 Tertius Bosch Believed to have died from Guillain-Barre syndrome, but post mortem suggested that he was poisoned. The case has now been closed and nothing was found.[23] 14 February 2000 South African Test player [23]
5 David Hookes Died of head injuries after a brawl outside a Melbourne pub. There were claims that it was murder, but the charge that was brought was manslaughter and the person charged—bouncer Zdravko Micevic—was found not guilty[24] 9 January 2004 Australian Test player [24]
6 Bob Woolmer Found dead in his hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica during the 2007 cricket World Cup. Originally believed to have been strangled but the investigation returned an open verdict, ruling out neither strangulation nor death by natural causes[25] 18 March 2007 Woolmer, a former English Test cricketer, was the coach of the Pakistan cricket team at the time of his death [25]
7 Nauman Habib Reportedly a victim of murder[26] 11 October 2011 [26]