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Naval ensign of France
Detail of the Forbin, a modern frigate of the French Navy. The faceted appearance reduces radar cross-section for stealth.

This is a list of active French Navy ships currently in service. Complete and correct as of September 2013.[1][2][3]

The French Navy consists of the 84 vessel strong Force d'action navale (Naval action force) and the 10 submarines of the Forces sous-marines (Submarine force). Primary assets include 1 aircraft carrier, 3 amphibious assault ships, 1 amphibious transport dock, 4 air defence destroyers, 6 anti-submarine frigates, and 11 light frigates. The submarine force consists of 6 fleet submarines and 4 ballistic missile submarines. To support the Force d'Action Navale at sea, the French Navy uses 4 light replenishment oilers. In addition to the above vessels and submarines, there are 7 ocean tugboats and 12 schoolships.

The French Navy does not use the term "destroyer"; thus, some large ships of the first rank (like Horizon) are designated "frigates", though they are registered as destroyers (with hull numbers "Dxxx").

Forces sous-marines (Submarines)[edit]

Main article: Forces sous-marines
Class Picture Type Boats Displacement Note
Submarines (10 in Service)
Triomphant-class Temeraire1048.jpg Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) S616 Triomphant
S617 Téméraire
S618 Vigilant
S619 Terrible
14,335 tonnes
Rubis-class Rubis class. Fleet submarine (SSN) S601 Rubis
S602 Saphir
S603 Casabianca
S604 Émeraude
S605 Améthyste
S606 Perle
2,660 tonnes

Note: All submarines of the French Navy are nuclear-powered submarines.

Bâtiments de combat (Warships)[edit]

Aircraft carriers[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Aircraft carriers (1 in Service)
The Charles de Gaulle nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Aircraft carrier R91 Charles de Gaulle 37,085 tonnes To be inactive from 2015 to 2018 due to overhaul.[4]

Amphibious warfare ships, landing ships[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Amphibious warfare ships (4 in Service)
Mistral-class Mistral Projection and Command vessel. Amphibious assault ship (LHD) L9013 Mistral
L9014 Tonnerre
L9015 Dixmude
21,000 tonnes
Foudre-class Siroco LPD Amphibious transport dock (LPD) L9012 Siroco 12,000 tonnes Scheduled to be decommissioned as per the 2013 White Paper and likely to be sold to the Chilean Navy.[5]
Landing ships (2 in Service)
BATRAL class landing ship BATRAL Jacques Cartier Landing ship tank (LST) L9032 Dumont D'Urville
L9034 La Grandière
1,330 tonnes

Note: In addition to the above vessels, the French Navy maintain a fleet of 21 landing craft that operate from and conjugation with the Mistral and Foudre-class amphibious warfare ships.[6] See; List of active landing craft of the French Navy

Frigates and Destroyers[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Frigates and Destroyers (10 in Service)
Horizon-class The Forbin during an exercise, in 2009 Air-defence destroyer D620 Forbin
D621 Chevalier Paul
7,050 tonnes
Cassard-class Cassard 4.jpg Air-defence destroyer D614 Cassard
D615 Jean Bart
4,500 tonnes
Aquitaine-class Aquitaine-class Anti-submarine frigate D650 Aquitaine
D651 Normandie
6,000 tonnes Normandie is not yet commissioned and is undergoing sea trials.
Confirmed: 6 more to be built.
Georges Leygues-class The Latouche Treville at sea Anti-submarine frigate D642 Montcalm
D643 Jean de Vienne
D644 Primauguet
D645 La Motte Picquet
D646 Latouche-Tréville
4,500 tonnes

Light Frigates[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Light frigates (11 in Service)
La Fayette-class La Fayette class stealth frigate. Light stealth frigate F710 La Fayette
F711 Surcouf
F712 Courbet
F713 Aconit
F714 Guépratte
3,600 tonnes
Floréal-class Floréal class frigate. Light surveillance frigate F730 Floréal
F731 Prairial
F732 Nivôse
F733 Ventôse
F734 Vendémiaire
F735 Germinal
2,950 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Avisos (9 in Service)
D'Estienne d'Orves-class D'Estienne d'Orves class aviso. Aviso F789 Lieutenant de vaisseau Le Hénaff
F790 Lieutenant de vaisseau Lavallée
F791 Commandant L'Herminier
F792 Premier-Maître L'Her
F793 Commandant Blaison
F794 Enseigne de vaisseau Jacoubet
F795 Commandant Ducuing
F796 Commandant Birot
F797 Commandant Bouan
1,250 tonnes Used in an offshore patrol capacity.

Mine countermeasure vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Mine countermeasure vessels (18 in Service)
Eridan-class Verseau, Éridan class minesweeper. Minehunter M641 Eridan
M642 Cassiopée
M643 Andromède
M644 Pégase
M645 Orion
M646 Croix du sud
M647 Aigle
M648 Lyre
M650 Sagittaire
M652 Céphée
M653 Capricorne
615 tonnes
Vulcain-class A613 Achéron. Support vessel M611 Vulcain
A613 Achéron
M614 Styx
M622 Pluton
490 tonnes For use by clearance divers.
Antarès-class M770 Antarès. Sonar towing vessel M770 Antarès
M771 Altaïr
M772 Aldébaran
340 tonnes

Patrol vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Patrol vessels (13 in Service)
Patrouilleur Albatros.jpg Offshore patrol ship P681 Albatros 2,800 tonnes An ex trawler.
Gowind-class French Navy Offshore Patrol Ship P725 Adroit Offshore Patrol ship P725 Adroit 1,450 tonnes On lease to the French Navy, will be returned to DCNS.
Lapérouse-class Arago class patrol ship. Patrol boat P675 Arago 980 tonnes An ex hydrographic survey vessel.
Fulmar10402.jpg Patrol boat P740 Fulmar 680 tonnes An ex trawler.
L'Audacieuse-class Tapageuse-01.jpg Patrol boat P684 La Capricieuse
P686 La Glorieuse
P687 La Gracieuse
P688 La Moqueuse
480 tonnes
Flamant-class Flamant class patrol ship. Patrol boat P676 Flamant
P677 Cormoran
P678 Pluvier
390 tonnes
Athos-class Athos class patrol ship. Patrol boat A712 Athos
A713 Aramis
105 tonnes

Note: In addition to the above vessels, the Maritime Gendarmerie (coast guard of France) operate a number of patrol vessels. They fall under the command structure of the French Navy.

Bâtiments de soutien (Auxiliaries)[edit]

Replenishment ships[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Replenishment ships (4 in Service)
Durance class ARA Patagonia, former lead ship of the Durance class Replenishment oiler (light) A607 Meuse
A608 Var
A630 Marne
A631 Somme
17,900 tonnes Marne, Somme and Var are Command and Replenishment Ships.

Experimentation ships[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Experimentation ships (4 in Service)
Monge Satellite and missile tracking A601 Monge 21,040 tonnes
Dupuy de Lôme Electromagnetic research A759 Dupuy de Lôme 3,600 tonnes On operations she serves in the role of signals intelligence.
Alize-bsp3171.jpg Diving support A645 Alizé 1,600 tonnes In support of DGSE combat divers. Also used as an experimentation ship to test new equipment and diving procedures.
Thetis Mine-warfare experimentation A785 Thétis 1,050 tonnes

Survey vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Survey vessels (5 in Service)
Pourquoi pas ? Oceanographic survey Pourquoi pas ? 6,600 tonnes Shared between IFREMER (55%) and the French navy (45%), manned by a civilian crew.[7]
Pourquoi pas ? Oceanographic survey A758 Beautemps-Beaupré 3,292 tonnes
Lapérouse class Borda Hydrographic survey A791 Lapérouse
A792 Borda
A793 Laplace
980 tonnes

Ocean tugboats[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Ocean tugboats (7 in Service)
Rari class Revi Tug supply vessel A635 Revi 1,450 tonnes
Malabar class Malabar Ocean going tug A664 Malabar
A669 Tenace
1,440 tonnes
UT507 class Abeille Flandre Ocean going tug Abeille Flandre
Abeille Languedoc
1,500 tonnes Chartered
UT515 class Abeille Liberté Ocean going tug Abeille Bourbon
Abeille Liberté
4,000 tonnes Chartered

Training vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Training vessels (12 in Service)
Leopard class Guepard Training vessel A748 Léopard
A749 Panthère
A750 Jaguar
A751 Lynx
A752 Guépard
A753 Chacal
A754 Tigre
A755 Lion
470 tonnes
Glycine class Glycine Training vessel A770 Glycine
A771 Églantine
295 tonnes Navigational training.
Paimpolaise class Étoile Sail training vessel A649 Étoile
A650 Belle-Poule
275 tonnes Schooner

Other support ships[edit]

For a complete list of Bâtiments de soutien (Auxiliaries) see Bâtiments de soutien at the official Marine Nationale website.

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