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Home and Away is a long-running Australian soap opera produced by the Seven Network. This is a list of characters who currently appear on the program, listed in order of the character's first on-screen appearance.

Present characters[edit]

Character Actor(s) Duration
Stewart, AlfAlf Stewart Meagher, RayRay Meagher 1988–
Stewart, RooRoo Stewart Parker, GeorgieGeorgie Parker 1988–89, 2010–
Clarke, JustineJustine Clarke
Chambers, MarilynMarilyn Chambers Symons, EmilyEmily Symons 1989–92, 1995–99, 2001, 2010–
Roberts, IreneIrene Roberts McGranger, LynneLynne McGranger 1991–
Phillips, JacquiJacqui Phillips
Patterson-Baker, LeahLeah Patterson-Baker Nicodemou, AdaAda Nicodemou 2000–
Palmer, JohnJohn Palmer Withington, ShaneShane Withington 2009–
Braxton, DarrylDarryl Braxton Peacocke, SteveSteve Peacocke 2011–
Braxton, CaseyCasey Braxton Younes, LincolnLincoln Younes 2011–14
Bezmel, SashaSasha Bezmel Harman, DemiDemi Harman 2011–
James, JettJett James McDonald, WillWill McDonald 2012–
Braxton, KyleKyle Braxton Westaway, NicNic Westaway 2012–
MacGuire, ZacZac MacGuire Clausen, CharlieCharlie Clausen 2013–
Osborne, MaddyMaddy Osborne Clementi, KassandraKassandra Clementi 2013–
Harrington, SpencerSpencer Harrington Morley, AndrewAndrew Morley 2013–
Sharpe, RickyRicky Sharpe Sveen, BonnieBonnie Sveen 2013–
Barrett, JoshJosh Barrett Gallagher, JacksonJackson Gallagher 2013–
Barrett, AndyAndy Barrett Hara, TaiTai Hara 2013–
Wilson, HannahHannah Wilson Howarth, CassieCassie Howarth 2013–
MacGuire, EvelynEvelyn MacGuire Northeast, PhilippaPhilippa Northeast 2013–
MacGuire, OscarOscar MacGuire Speer, JakeJake Speer 2013–
Cooper, NateNate Cooper Pryor, KyleKyle Pryor 2013–
Nicholson, PhoebePhoebe Nicholson Giovinazzo, IsabellaIsabella Giovinazzo 2013–
Miller, DennyDenny Miller Smith, Jessica GraceJessica Grace Smith 2014–

Recurring and guest characters[edit]

Character Actor Duration
Ayres, ShandiShandi Ayres Haubrich, TessTess Haubrich 2011, 2014–
Blackmore, ElizabethElizabeth Blackmore
Braxton, CherylCheryl Braxton Dougherty, SuziSuzi Dougherty 2011–
Emerson, MikeMike Emerson Stewart, CameronCameron Stewart 2012–
Harrington, ChrisChris Harrington Ruffo, JohnnyJohnny Ruffo 2013–
Page, MattMatt Page Snow, AlecAlec Snow 2013–
Taylor, SophieSophie Taylor Sneddon, BridgetteBridgette Sneddon 2014–
Todd, MitchMitch Todd Pearce, MatthewMatthew Pearce 2014–
Dalton, CodyCody Dalton Glenane, AaronAaron Glenane 2014

Cast changes[edit]

Upcoming and returning characters[edit]

Character Actor Debut/return date Reference
Jake Pirovic Fletcher Humphrys 1 September 2014 [1][2]
VJ Patterson Matt 2014 [3]
Neive Devlin Jolene Anderson 2014 [4][5]
Martin "Ash" Ashford George Mason 2014 [6][7]
Katrina Pia Miller 2015 [8][9]

Departing characters[edit]

Character Actor Departure date Reference
Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes 2014 [10]


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