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The Most Noble Order of the Garter is a British order of chivalry. It is the world's oldest national order of knighthood in continuous existence and the pinnacle of the British honours system (after the Victoria Cross and George Cross). Its membership is extremely limited, consisting of the Sovereign, the Prince of Wales—both being members ex officio and gaining membership upon acceding to one of the titles—and not more than twenty-four full members, or Companions. Male members are known as Knights Companion, whilst female members are known as Ladies Companion. The Order can also include certain extra members (members of the British Royal Family and foreign monarchs), known as Supernumerary Knights and Ladies. The Sovereign alone grants membership to the Order.

Members ex officio[edit]

Knights and Ladies Companion[edit]

  1. United Kingdom The Lord Carrington KGGCMGCHMCPCDL (1985)
  2. United Kingdom Field Marshal The Lord Bramall KGGCBOBEMCJP (1990)
  3. United Kingdom The Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover KG (1992)
  4. United Kingdom The Lord Ashburton KGKCVODL (1994)
  5. Australia Sir Ninian Stephen KGAKGCMGGCVOKBEPCQC (1994)
  6. United Kingdom Sir Timothy Colman KGJP (1996)
  7. United Kingdom The Duke of Abercorn KG (1999)
  8. United Kingdom Sir William Gladstone BtKGJPDL (1999)
  9. United Kingdom Field Marshal The Lord Inge KGGCBDL (2001)
  10. United Kingdom Sir Antony Acland KGGCMGGCVO (2001)
  11. United Kingdom The Duke of Westminster KGCBCVOOBETDDL (2003)
  12. United Kingdom The Lord Butler of Brockwell KGGCBCVOPC (2003)
  13. United Kingdom The Lord Morris of Aberavon KGPCQC (2003)
  14. United Kingdom Sir John Major KGCHPC (2005)
  15. United Kingdom The Lord Luce KGGCVOPCDL (2008)
  16. United Kingdom Sir Thomas Dunne KGKCVOJP (2008)
  17. United Kingdom The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers KGPC (2011)
  18. United Kingdom Admiral of the Fleet The Lord Boyce KGGCBOBEDL (2011)
  19. United Kingdom Marshal of the Royal Air Force The Lord Stirrup KGGCBAFCPC (2013)
  20. United Kingdom The Baroness Manningham-Buller LGDCB (2014)
  21. United Kingdom The Lord King of Lothbury KGGBEFBA (2014)
  22. Vacant [1]
  23. Vacant [2]
  24. Vacant [3]

Royal Knights[edit]

  1. The Duke of Edinburgh KGKTOMONZGBEAKQSOGCLCCCMMPCPCADC(P) (1947) recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain
  2. The Duke of Kent KGGCMGGCVOADC(P) (1985)
  3. The Princess Royal KGKTGCVOQSO[4][5] (1994)
  4. The Duke of Gloucester KGGCVO (1996)
  5. Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy KGGCVO[4] (2003)
  6. The Duke of York KGGCVOADC(P) (2006)
  7. The Earl of Wessex KGGCVOADC(P) (2006)
  8. The Duke of Cambridge KGKTADC(P) (2008)

Stranger Knights and Ladies (also known as Extra Knights and Ladies)[edit]

  1. Luxembourg Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg KG (1972)
  2. Denmark The Queen of Denmark LGGCVO (1979) recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain
  3. Sweden The King of Sweden KGGCVO (1983) recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain
  4. Spain King Juan Carlos I of Spain KG (1988) recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain
  5. Netherlands Beatrix of the Netherlands LGGCVO (1989) recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain
  6. Japan The Emperor of Japan KGGCVO (1998)
  7. Norway The King of Norway KGGCVO (2001) recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain


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