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This is a list of terms which are used, or have been used in the past, to designate the residents of specific provinces of the Philippines. These terms sometimes overlap with demonyms of Ethnic groups in the Philippines, which are also used as identifiers in common parlance.

* denotes it as an endonym, i.e., a name originating from the province's local language.

Province Adjective Demonym
Abra Abrenian Abreño/-a
Agusan del Norte North Agusanian Agusanon
Agusan del Sur South Agusanian Agusanon
Aklan Aklan, Aklanon, Aklanese Aklanon Akeanon*
Albay Albay, Albayan, Albayano Albayano/-a
Antique Antiquenian, Antiqueño Antiqueño/-a
Apayao Apayao, Apayaonian Apayao
Aurora Auroran Auroran
Basilan Basilan, Basileño, Basilanese Basileño/-a
Bataan Bataan, Bataanese, Bataeño Bataeño/-a
Batanes Batanic, Ivatan, Ivatanic Ivatan
Batangas Batangan, Batangueño Batangueño/-a
Benguet Benguet, Benguetian Benguet Igorot 1
Biliran Biliran, Biliranian Biliranon
Bohol Boholan, Boholano Boholano/-a Bol-anon*
Bukidnon Bukidnon Bukidnon
Bulacan Bulacan, Bulaqueño, Bulacanese Bulaqueño/-a
Cagayan Cagayan, Cagayano, Cagayanese Cagayano/-a
Camarines Norte North Camarinean, Camarinense Camarinense
Camarines Sur South Camarinean, Camarinense Camarinense
Camiguin Camiguin Camiguinon
Capiz Capizian, Capizeño Capizeño/-a Capiznon
Catanduanes Catanduanean, Catandueño Catandueño/-a
Cavite Cavitenian, Caviteño Caviteño/-a
Cebu Cebu, Cebuan, Cebuano Cebuano/-a Sugbuanon*
Compostela Valley Compostelan, Comvaleño, Comval Comvaleño/-a
Cotabato Cotabato, Cotabatan, Cotabateño Cotabateño/-a
Davao del Norte North Davao, Davaoeño Davaoeño/-a
Davao del Sur South Davao, Davaoeño Davaoeño/-a
Davao Occidental Western Davao, Davaoeño Davaoeño/-a
Davao Oriental Eastern Davao, Davaoeño Davaoeño/-a
Dinagat Islands Dinagat, Dinagatan Dinagatnon
Eastern Samar Eastern Samarian, Samareño Eastern Samareño/-a Samarnon
Guimaras Guimarasian Guimarasnon
Ifugao Ifugao Ifugao Igorot
Ilocos Norte North Ilocos, Ilocan, Ilocano Ilocano/-a
Ilocos Sur South Ilocos, Ilocan, Ilocano Ilocano/-a
Iloilo Iloilo, Iloiloan, Ilonggo Ilonggo/-a
Isabela Isabelan Isabeleño/-a
Kalinga Kalingan Kalinga
La Union La Unionian, La Ueño La Ueño/-a
Laguna Lagunian, Laguneño, Lagunense Laguneño/-a
Lanao del Norte North Lanao Lanaonon
Lanao del Sur South Lanao, Maranao Maranao
Leyte Leytenian Leyteño/-a
Maguindanao Maguindanaoan Maguindanao Maguindanaon
Marinduque Marinduquenian, Marinduqueño Marinduqueño/-a
Masbate Masbatenian, Masbateño Masbateño/-a
Metro Manila Manilan, Manileño Manileño/-a
Misamis Occidental West Misamis Occidental Misamisnon
Misamis Oriental East Misamis Oriental Misamisnon
Mountain Province Mountaineers Bontoc Igorot
Negros Occidental West Negros, Negrense Occidental Negrense
Negros Oriental East Negros, Negrense Oriental Negrense
Northern Samar North Samarian, Samareño Norte Samareño/-a Nortehanon*
Nueva Ecija Nueva Ecijan, Novo Ecijano Novo Ecijano/-a
Nueva Vizcaya Nueva Vizcayan, Novo Vizcayano Novo Vizcayano/-a
Occidental Mindoro West Mindorenian, Mindoreño Occidental Mindoreño/-a
Oriental Mindoro East Mindorenian, Mindoreño Oriental Mindoreño/-a
Palawan Palawan, Palaweño Palaweño/-a
Pampanga Pampangan, Pampangueño Pampangueño/-a Kapampangan*
Pangasinan Pangasinan, Pangasinense Pangasinense Pangalatok 2
Quezon Quezonian Quezonian/Tayabense 3
Quirino Quirinian Quirinian
Rizal Rizalian, Rizaleño Rizaleño/-a
Romblon Romblonian Romblomanon
Samar West Samarian, Samareño Samareño/-a Samarnon
Sarangani Sarangan Sarangan
Siquijor Siquijorian Siquijornon
Sorsogon Sorsogonian, Sorsogueño Sorsogueño/-a Sorsoganon
South Cotabato South Cotabatan, South Cotabateño South Cotabateño/-a
Southern Leyte Southern Leytenian Southern Leyteño/-a
Sultan Kudarat Sultan Kudaratenian, Sultan Kudarateño Sultan Kudarateño/-a
Sulu Sulu, Suluan, Suluano Suluano/-a
Surigao del Norte North Surigaoan Surigaonon
Surigao del Sur South Surigaoan Surigaonon
Tarlac Tarlaquenian, Tarlaqueño Tarlaqueño/-a
Tawi-Tawi Tawi-Tawian Tawi-Tawian
Zambales Zambalean, Zambaleño Zambaleño/-a Sambal
Zamboanga del Norte North Zamboangan, Zamboangueño Norte Zamboangueño/-a
Zamboanga del Sur South Zamboangan, Zamboangueño Zamboangueño/-a Chavacano*
Zamboanga Sibugay Sibugay Sibugaynon/Zamboangueño/-a
  1. Sometimes discriminatory or derogatory.
  2. Considered derogatory.
  3. From the province's former name, Tayabas.

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