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The following is a list of deprecated terms for diseases.

Obsolete term Preferred term Reference Notes
Apoplexy Stroke Also a general term for internal bleeding in a specific organ.
Bends Decompression sickness [1] Referred to the associated musculoskeletal issues of decompression illness.
Bilious remitting fever Dengue fever [2] Used in reference to a 1780 outbreak in Philadelphia.
Break-bone fever Dengue fever [2] Used in reference to a 1780 outbreak in Philadelphia.
Break-heart fever Dengue fever [3]
Chokes Decompression sickness [1] Referred to the associated breathing issues of decompression illness.
Consumption Tuberculosis [4] So-called due to the wasting that occurs in the late stages of infection.
Dandy fever Dengue fever [3] A reference to the mincing walk adopted by sufferers.
Dropsy Edema [5]
Dum-dum fever Leishmaniasis [6] The term is derived from the city of Dum Dum, the site of an outbreak.
English disease Rickets [7] So named due to its prevalence in English slums.
French disease Syphilis [8] Used as an ethnic slur against the French.
Front-street fever Dengue fever [2] Used in reference to a 1780 outbreak in Philadelphia.
Gleet Gonorrhea [9] Usually refers to gonorrhea that is in semi-remission.
Great pox Syphilis [8] Used as a term of comparison to smallpox.
Grippe Influenza [10] From the French.
Lockjaw Trismus [11] The term is sometimes used as a synonym for tetanus, which usually first manifests as trismus.
Norwalk virus Norovirus [12] Named after the town of Norwalk, Ohio, where the disease was first distinctly identified.
Phthisis Tuberculosis [4] From the Greek word for consumption.
Quinsy Peritonsillar abscess [13] From the French term esquinancie.
Saint Vitus Dance Sydenham's chorea [14] Named for Saint Vitus, an early Christian martyr.
Spanish fever Influenza [15] Used in reference to the 1918 flu pandemic.
Squinsy Peritonsillar abscess [13] From the French term esquinancie.
Staggers Decompression sickness [1] Referred to the associated neurological issues of decompression illness.
Undulant fever Brucellosis [16] The name is a reference to the rising and falling of the patient's temperature.
White Plague Tuberculosis [4]


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