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Pakistan hosts five major deserts which were historic forests.[citation needed]

Cholistan Desert[edit]

Cholistan desert spread over the areas of Bahawalpur , Bhawalnagar and Rahimyar Khan

Indus Valley Desert[edit]

The Indus Valley Desert is located in the northern area of Pakistan. The desert spans an area of 19,500 square kilometers and is surrounded by northwestern scrub forests. The Indus Valley Desert lies between two major rivers in the region, the Chenab and the Indus.

Kharan Desert[edit]

The Kharan Desert is located in Northeast Balochistan. The desert was used for nuclear testing by the Pakistan military, making it the most famous of the five deserts. The desert is in the center of a large empty basin.

Thal Desert[edit]

The Thal Desert is located in Mianwali region of Pakistan between the Indus and Jhelum rivers. A large canal-building project is currently underway to irrigate the land. Irrigation will make most of the desert suitable for farming.In the north of thal desert are salt range , In east river Jehlum and Chenab and west lies river Indus

Thar Desert[edit]

The Thar Desert spans an area of 175000 square kilometers and covers large areas of both Pakistan and India. It is the seventh largest desert on the planet and the third largest in Asia.

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