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States hosting a diplomatic mission of Brazil

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Brazil, excluding honorary consulates. Brazil has a large global network of diplomatic missions, with representations in over 125 countries.


Brazilian Embassy in Pretoria
Embassy of Brazil in Windhoek

America (North)[edit]

Brazilian Embassy in Bridgetown
Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa
Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa

America (South)[edit]

Brazilian Embassy in Buenos Aires



Brazilian Embassy in Belgrade
Brazilian Embassy in Berlin
Brazilian Embassy in The Hague
Brazilian Embassy in Helsinki
Brazilian Embassy in Kiev
Brazilian Embassy in London
Brazilian Embassy in Madrid
Brazilian Embassy in Paris
Brazilian Embassy in Prague
Palazzo Pamphilj, the Brazilian Embassy in Rome
Brazilian Embassy in Stockholm
Brazilian Embassy in Vienna
Brazilian Embassy in Zagreb


Brazilian Embassy in Canberra

Non-resident embassies[edit]

As of October 2014, Brazil has diplomatic representation to 55 countries without a resident embassy. Such countries are listed below, with the location of the Brazilian embassy that has cumulative jurisdiction over them listed between parentheses.[1]





Multilateral organizations[edit]


^ The Brazilian Embassy in Tripoli has been de facto closed since July 2014, due to the Libyan Civil War. All diplomats and Brazilian staff have been relocated to Tunis. The embassy remains technically open, but only with local staff performing minimum administrative duties, assisting Brazilians in Libya, and liaising with Brazilian diplomats in Tunisia.[2]

^ The Brazilian Embassy in Damascus has been de facto closed since July 2012, due to the Syrian Civil War, with all diplomats and Brazilian staff relocated to Beirut and some assistance also provided by the embassy in Amman, but the embassy remains technically open, albeit only with local administrative staff performing minimum functions, assisting Brazilian citizens and liaising with Brazilian diplomats in Lebanon and Jordan.[3]

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