List of diplomatic missions of Tuvalu

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Diplomatic missions of Tuvalu

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Tuvalu. Tuvalu has a population of 12,100, making it the second least populated independent country in the world, ahead of the Vatican (900). It consequently cannot support anything but the barest diplomatic network.

Tuvalu has only four diplomatic missions abroad: a High-Commission in Suva (opened in 1976), its office at the United Nations (opened in 2001), an embassy in Brussels, Belgium, home city of the European Union headquarters (opened in 2008), and embassy in the Republic of China, which opened in March 2013.[1][2]

Tuvalu also has honorary consulates in Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, Tokyo, Japan, London, United Kingdom (located in Tuvalu House), Kaohsiung, Republic of China, Basel, Switzerland, Singapore, Hamburg, Germany and Seoul, South Korea.[3]




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