List of equipment of the Polish Land Forces

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List of equipment of the Polish Land forces.

Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland
Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
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Service branches Polish Land Forces
Polish Air Force
Polish Navy
Polish Special Forces
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Infantry weapons[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Knives and Bayonets
6H4 Bayonet 03 akm.jpg  Soviet Union
Bayonet 6H4 Can be attached to AKM, AKMS, Beryl or Mini-Beryl.
Military knife wz. 92 [1]  Poland Combat knife wz. 92
Military knife wz. 98 Gerlach wz.98.jpg  Poland Combat knife wz. 98
wz. 98A
wz. 98Z
P-64 CZAK P64.jpg  Poland 9 mm Makarov Semi-Auto Pistol P-64 Most are replaced by P-83 and WIST-94, but still in small use. P-64, P-83 and WIST-94 are to be replaced by new Handgun in near future.[1]
P-83 Wanad Pistol P83.jpg  Poland 9 mm Makarov Semi-Auto Pistol P-83 Being slowly supplemented in military service by WIST-94. Still in heavy use in Polish Police services.[2] To be replaced with 21,000 new pistols.[3] P-64, P-83 and WIST-94 are to be replaced by new Handgun in near future.[1]
WIST-94 Wist94L 2.jpg  Poland 9 mm Para Semi-Auto Pistol WIST-94
20,210[4] P-64, P-83 and WIST-94 are to be replaced by new Handgun in near future.[1]
P99 Walther P99Q.jpg  Germany
9 mm Para Semi-Auto Pistol P99 QA Limited usage in Polish Land Forces, mostly used by generals and officers.[5]
Glock 17 Glock 17 2nd Gen.jpg  Austria 9 mm Para Semi-Auto Pistol Glock 17 1,500[4] In use by Military Gendarmerie.[6]
Flare Guns
Wz. 78 Pistolet sygnalowy78.jpg  Poland 26 mm Flare Gun
Submachine guns
PM-84 Glauberyt PM06 Glauberyt PICT0014.jpg  Poland 9 mm Para Submachine Gun PM-84P
+15,000 PM-98 and PM-06 are also use by Military Gendarmerie.[6]
MP5 MP5.jpg  Germany 9 mm Para Submachine Gun MP5A3 In use by Military Gendarmerie.[6]
Mossberg 500 M590A1.png  United States 12 gauge M50440
M50440 variant is used by Military Gendarmerie and M590 by Polish Army.[6]
SKS Simonov-SKS-45.JPG  Soviet Union 7.62x39 mm Semi-automatic carbine ksS 500 Only used by Polish Ceremonial Units (Army, Air Force, Navy). To be replaced by MSBS in near future.
Assault Rifles
kbk AKM

kbk AKMS
AKM NTW 4 92.jpg
AKMŁ NTW 4 92.jpg
AKMS - 7,62x39mm - Armémuseum.jpg
 Soviet Union
7.62x39 mm Assault Rifle kbk AKM
kbk AKMŁ
kbk AKMS
+50,000 Around 300,000 more are in storage. Being replaced by Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl.
Kbk wz. 1996 Mini-Beryl 02014 Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl - 5 Podhale Battalion..JPG  Poland 5.56 mm NATO Carbine wz. 1996B
wz. 1996C
Mini-Beryl is also use by Military Gendarmerie.
Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl 02014 Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl..JPG  Poland 5.56 mm NATO Assault Rifle wz. 1996A
wz. 1996B
wz. 1996C
Standard issue weapon. Some old Beryls would be modernized to wz. 1996C standard. Planned to be replaced by MSBS Radon.[6]
Sniper Rifles
SWD SVD Dragunov.jpg  Soviet Union
7.62x54 mmR Sniper Rifle SWD
SWD - Polish designation for SVD Dragunov.[10] SWD-M version is a limited polish upgrade with new optics and bipod.[11]
Bor Rifle Alex.jpg  Poland 7.62 mm NATO Sniper Rifle 136
Sako TRG Sako TRG-42.jpg  Finland 7.62 mm NATO Sniper Rifle TRG-21
Also used by special forces and Military Gendarmerie.[6]
Tor WKW Wilk.jpg  Poland .50 BMG Anti-materiel rifle 76
Light Machine Guns
RPK Machine Gun RPK.jpg  Soviet Union 7.62x39 mm Light Machine Gun RPK
Limited use by airborne forces.[12]
General Purpose Machine Guns
PK Ćwiczenia 17WBZ (11).jpg
LAMPART 2009 (05).jpg
 Soviet Union
7.62x54 mmR General Purpose Machine Gun PK
UKM-2000 Ex STEADFAST JAZZ (10710370233).jpg  Poland 7.62 mm NATO general purpose machine gun UKM-2000P
UKM-2000D/P is also used by Military Gendarmerie.[6]
It will be also modernized version, called UKM-2000M[14]
Rheinmetall MG3 MG3 w 10BKPanc (02).jpg  West Germany 7.62 mm NATO general purpose machine gun MG3A1 ~600 Used on ex-Bundeswehr vehicles. More will be delivered because of order Leopards and Bergepanzer 2. Probably to replace with UKM-2000C/CL or WKM-B due to modernization.
Heavy Machine Guns
DShK Expomil 2005 01 TR-85M1 02 Mitraliera PKT.jpg  Soviet Union
12.7 mm Russian heavy machine gun DSzKM ~160 Only used on WZT-2 ARV and 152mm SpGH DANA[15]
NSW Machine gun NSV.jpg  Soviet Union
12.7 mm Russian heavy Machine gun NSW
NSW - Polish designation for NSV. To be replaced by WKM-B.[9]
WKM-B WKM-B-09.jpg  Poland .50 BMG Heavy Machine Gun WKM-B
NSW adapted to the .50 BMG NATO round.[9]
Rifle Grenades Granaty-nasadkowe-01.jpg  Poland HEAP grenade
Incendiary grenade
Smoke grenade
Illuminating grenade
They can be fired from Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl and Kbk wz. 1996 Mini-Beryl.
RGD-2 27th Independent Sevastopol Guards Motor Rifle Brigade (181-40).jpg  Soviet Union
Smoke grenade RGD-2B
Only white and black smoke.
UGD-200 UGD-200  Poland Smoke grenade Color or white smoke.
RGO-88 RGO-88  Poland Fragmentation grenade
RGZ-89 Gr zacz1.jpg  Poland Anti-personnel grenade
F-1 F1 grenade travmatik com 01 by-sa.jpg  Soviet Union
Anti-personnel grenade Being replaced by RGZ-89 and RGO-88.
RG-42 RG-42 grenade Navy.jpg  Soviet Union Anti-personnel grenade Being replaced by RGZ-89.
Recoilless Rifles and Grenade Launchers
SPG-9 Grenade launcher SPG-9M.jpg  Soviet Union 73 mm Recoilless Rifle SPG-9
Limited use by airborne forces.
Carl Gustav Carl Gustaf. recoilless.rifle.jpg  Sweden 84 mm Multi-Role Recoilless Rifle 34[16] Used only by paratroopers and special forces.
AT4 AT4-johnson2004-02-03.jpg  Sweden 84-mm portable single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon Used only by paratroopers and special forces.
Kbkg wz. 1960 Karabinek-granatnik wz.1960.jpg  Poland 7.62x39 mm Carbine-grenade launcher wz. 1960
wz. 1960/72
Unknown number in use at now. Most are replaced by wz. 83 Pallad-D.
wz. 74 Pallad Beryl wz96.jpg  Poland 40 mm Grenade Launcher It can be attached to AKM, AKMS, kbk wz. 88 Tantal and kbs wz. 96 Beryl. To be replace by GPBO-40.
GPBO-40 0.2014. Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl - 5 Podhale Battalion.JPG  Poland 40 mm Grenade Launcher GPBO-40 450[17][17] Underbarrel grenade launcher, can be attached to kbs wz. 1996 Beryl.
wz. 83 Pallad-D Grenade launcher wz.83 Pallad D.jpg  Poland 40 mm Grenade Launcher wz. 83 Pallad-D Also known as Wz. 1983 grenade launcher. To be replace by GSBO-40.
GSBO-40 GSBO40 Polish.jpg  Poland 40 mm Grenade Launcher GSBO-40 160[18][18] Stand-alone version with stock and pistol grip.
Mk.19 Granatnik Mk. 19 Wojsko Polskie.jpg  United States 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher 150 Used mostly by Polish troops in Afghanistan. Probably to replace by GA-40.
RPG-7 Rpg-7.jpg  Soviet Union
40 mm Rocket-propelled grenade launcher RPG-7
RPG-76 Komar RPG-76.jpg  Poland 40 mm Rocket-propelled grenade launcher ~90,000* *in storage. Some used by Polish troops in Iraq and in Afghanistan.
Land mines
M18 Claymore US M18a1 claymore mine.jpg  United States
Anti-personnel mine
TM-62M Winz7.jpg  Soviet Union
Anti-tank mine
MPP-B Wierzba [1]  Poland Anti-tank mine
LM-60 Pluton Mortar LM-60D.jpg  Poland 60 mm Mortar LM-60D
M-98 Kozacki Step 37.jpg  Poland 98 mm Mortar 99[16][19]
Wz. 38/43 120-millimetre calibre mortar 002.jpg  Soviet Union 120 mm Mortar 154[16][19]
2B11 LT 2B11.jpg  Soviet Union 120 mm Mortar 16[16][19][20]
Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Tank missile systems
9K32 Strzała-2 Anakonda 2008 (54).jpg  Soviet Union
72 mm Man-portable surface-to-air missile launcher 9K32M Strzała-2M 440[21][22] Being slowly replaced by Grom.
PZR Grom Szkolenie przeciwlotników z 17 Wielkopolskiej Brygady Zmechanizowanej (04).jpg  Poland 72 mm Man-portable surface-to-air missile launcher Grom 400[23] 2000 missiles. Around 400 missiles of newer version, "Piorun".
9K11 Malyutka AT-3 Sagger.jpg  Soviet Union
Anti-Tank Guided Missile System 9K11
132*[24] *Number of launchers, not included number of missiles, 9P133 and BWP-1. Will be replace by Spike.
9K111 Fagot 9K111 Fagot in Polish service.jpg  Soviet Union Anti-Tank Guided Missile System 100[19] Also fitted on Polish modernized BRDM-2.[25] Will be replace by Spike.
9K115 Metis 9K115 Metys.jpg  Soviet Union Anti-Tank Guided Missile System 7[22][23][24] In use by airborne forces.
Spike 0111 21 blog spike.JPG  Israel
Anti-Tank Guided Missile System Spike-LR 264[19] Deal with Israeli manufacturer included production of components and assembly in Poland; incl 264 launchers ; total of 2675 Spike-LR version delivery 2004-2013.[19]

Individual Equipment[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Hełm wz. 2005 Hełm wz. 2005.jpg  Poland Combat helmet Hełm wz. 2005 New standard combat helmet of Polish Land Forces.
Hełm wz. 2000 [1]  Poland Combat helmet Hełm wz. 2000 Upgraded version of Hełm wz. 93, to be replace by Hełm wz. 2005.
Hełm wz. 93 Hełm wz.93.jpg  Poland Combat helmet Hełm wz. 93 Still in service, widely used combat helmet of Polish Land Forces. To be replace by Hełm wz. 2005.
Hełm wz. 67 Anakonda 2012 01.jpg  Poland Combat helmet Hełm wz. 67 Used in National Reserve Forces Recrute.
HA-03  Poland Combat helmet HA-03 Used in polish airborne.
HC-98 Ćwiczenia Grupa Wsparcia Ogniowego ze Zgrupowania Bojowego Alfa (PKW Afganistan) 03.jpg  Poland Combat helmet HC-98 Headphone used by tank crews.
wz. 93 "Pantera" WZ.93 Pantera.jpg  Poland Camouflage Standard camouflage for Polish Armed Forces, except Polish Special Forces.
Military uniforms
Umundurowanie polowe wz. 93 Szkolenie NSR 05.jpg  Poland Military uniform Put into operation 1993. Slowly going to be replace by wz. 2010
Umundurowanie polowe wz. 2010 Mundur wz. 2008 - II prototyp.jpg  Poland Military uniform
Polski mundur pustynny Wojsko Polskie Irak DM-SD-05-11387.jpg  Poland Military uniform wz. 124
wz. 124Pl
wz. 123UT
Polish tropic uniforms.
Bulletproof vests
Kamizelka KLV  Poland Bulletproof vest In use by drivers of armored cars.
Kamizelka przeciwodłamkowa DMV-98 Szkolenie przed IV zmianą PKW Irak (3).jpg  Poland Bulletproof vest DMV-98 In use by airborne troops.
Kamizelka przeciwodłamkowa OLV Eufrat VIII - kamizelka olv.jpg  Poland Bulletproof vest
Kamizelka UKO [2]  Poland Bulletproof vest UKO
UKO is a modern bulletproof vest. Used by Polish troops in Afghanistan.
Buty specjalne wz. 928.jpg  Poland Boots wz.928
 Poland Desert Boots wz.920/P
Protection against chemical contamination
Maska przeciwgazowa MP-5 Pokaz obrony przed BMR (34).jpg  Poland Gas mask MP-5
Maska przeciwgazowa MP-6 MSPO 2012 (21).jpg  Poland Gas mask MP-6 28 400
OP-1 OP-1 WP.jpg  Poland OP-1 Protection of the against chemical contamination Uniform. Going to replace by FOO-1
FOO-1 Seminarium OBR 08.jpg  Poland FOO-1 Protection of the against chemical contamination Uniform.
Special equipment
AD-2000  Poland Parachute


Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Leopard 2 11 Dywizja Kawalerii Pancernej - rok 2010 (03).jpg  Germany Main Battle Tank Leopard 2A4
Leopard 2A5
All Leopards 2A4 from first and second batch(128+14)[32] are going to be upgraded to Leopard 2PL standard.[33][34][35][36]
PT-91 "Twardy" Premier Tusk w 1WBPanc (02).jpg  Poland Main Battle Tank PT-91
PT-91 - standard version of Twardy tank.
PT-91M - PT-91 upgraded to PT-91M standard.
PT-91MA1 - T-72M1 modernized to PT-91 standard.
T-72 "Jaguar" Ćwiczenia 16 Dywizji Zmechanizowanej (04).jpg  Soviet Union
Main Battle Tank T-72
Are being withdrawn from service. 379 T-72 tanks will be stored and kept operational until 2018.[26] ~250 T-72s are operational.
Infantry fighting vehicle
BWP-1 Anakonda 2008 (38).jpg
Premier Tusk w 1WBPanc (03).jpg
 Soviet Union
Amphibious Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle BWP-1
BWP-1 - Polish designation for BMP-1.
BWP-1D - Polish designation for BMP-1K (MP-31 in Polish service is sometimes also called BWP-1D[19]).
BWR-1D - Polish designation for BRM-1K.
BWR-1S - Polish designation for BPzV "Svatava".
~800 BWP-1s are operational.
KTO Rosomak Kto rosomak.jpg
PKW Afganistan 30.jpg
Prezentacja Rosomak-M1M (01).jpg
VI zmiana PKW Afganistan (29).jpg
Powrót PKW Czad Rosomak-M2.jpg
Amphibious Wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Armoured Personnel Carrier Rosomak
Rosomak NJ
570[37] Rosomak - wheeled infantry fighting vehicle(in future it can be armed with Spike-LR, to replace the Rosomak-S).
Rosomak-M1 - modified variant of Rosomak for use in Afghanistan.
Rosomak-M1M - up-armored Rosomak M1 with QinetiQ RPGNet anti RPG net and new "sand" camouflage.
Rosomak-M2 - APC Rosomak with smaller, OSS-M turret, armed the same as Rosomak M3
Rosomak-M3 - armoured personnel carrier, armed with .50 BMG WKM-B or Mk 19 + PKM or UKM-2000 as secondary weapon.
Rosomak-S - armoured personnel carrier carries full squad with two Spike-LR ATGM.
Rosomak NJ - vehicle for driver training.
Rosomak-WSRiD - recon and command vehicle.
Armoured Personnel Carrier
MT-LB Manewry 10BKPanc (08).jpg  Soviet Union
Multi-purpose Amphibious Tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier MT-LB L
WD krel
The MT-LB L vehicles are used for driver training. MT-LB Z, MT-LB R and WD krel are a part of the Przebiśnieg electronic warfare system.
Light armored vehicle
BRDM-2 BRDM-2B M97 Żbik-B.jpg
Szakal Eufrat6 2 resize.jpg
 Soviet Union
Amphibious Armoured Scout Car BRDM-2
BRDM-2RS - Polish designation for BRDM-2RKhb. 8 are in service with the Polish Navy.[19] 10 BRDM-2M-96ik were used by Polish forces of ISAF.[39] However they are now together with 12 vehicles used in Iraq, back in Poland.
HMMWV Pokaz możliwości KTO Rosomak (17).jpg  United States
Four-wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicle Tumak-2[40]
M1043A2 with Kobuz RWS, sometimes referred as Tumak-4.
AMZ Dzik Dzik2 P1010026 2.jpg  Poland Multi-Purpose Infantry Mobility Vehicle Dzik-2 43[41] Dzik-2 are used by the Polish Military Police (Zandarmeria Wojskowa), and are also known under a nickname Gucio (a diminutive of Gustav).
Skorpion-3 Skorpion WP.JPG  Poland Four-wheel Multi-Purpose Drive Vehicle Skorpion-3 90 Armored heavier Honker version.
Armoured recovery vehicle
WZT-2 Anakonda 2008 (37).jpg  Poland Armoured Recovery Vehicle 40[19]
WZT-3M POL Warsaw WZT-3.jpg  Poland Armoured Recovery Vehicle 29
WPT Mors Mors1.jpg  Poland Armoured Recovery Vehicle 74
Bergepanzer 2 Defilada z okazji Święta WP - 2008 (29).jpg  Germany Armoured Recovery Vehicle Bergepanzer 2A2 10+18[19][42] 18 on order, to be delivered in June 2014. All of them (28) are going to modernized to Bergepanzer 2PL standard.[43]
Military engineering vehicle
MID Bizon-S MID Polish.jpg  Poland Engineering-Roading Machine MID
TRI Transporter TRI.jpg  Poland Engineering Reconnaissance TRI Hors
TRI-D Durian
90 Opal-I landing
PTS Anakonda 2008 (36).jpg  Soviet Union Tracked Amphibious Medium Transporter PTS-M A small number are used by the Land Forces. 50 are in service with the Polish Navy.[19]
SUM kalina Winz4.jpg  Poland Minelayer 24
ISM Kroton TransporterMN-01.jpg  Poland Minelayer 6 Opal-II landing.
Keiler Mine Clearing System KEILER 2.jpg  Germany Armoured Mine Removing Vehicle 4[20]
Bożena Bozena PICT0146.JPG  Slovakia
Remote-Controlled Self-Propelled Mine Roller 14[19][27]
BLG-67 Szkolenie doskonalące obsług pływających transporterów samobieżnych (02).jpg  East Germany
Armoured Bridge Layer BLG-67M2 126[21] Used by tank and mechanized subunits. To be replaced by MG-20 Daglezja-G.
Leopard Biber Panzerschnellbruecke Biber auf Brueckenleger.jpg  Germany Armoured Vehicle-Launched Bridge 6[20]
MS-20 Daglezja Testy mostu MS-20 Daglezja.jpg  Poland Armoured Vehicle-Launched Bridge 2
PP-64 Wstega PP-64.jpg  Poland Pontoon Bridge 60[19] Transported by 70 Star 266 AP-64 and Star 266 BP-64 trucks.
UMI HSW 9.50 PICT0141.jpg  Poland Excavator-Loader
SŁ-34C Spycharko-ładowarka SŁ-34.jpg  Poland Dozer-Loader
Bomb disposal
Robot Expert Robot Expert.JPG  Poland Unmanned Demining Vehicle
Robot Inspektor Robot Inspektor.jpg  Poland Unmanned Demining Vehicle
Robot Talon IV EOD robot talon IV.JPG  United States Unmanned Demining Vehicle
Forester minex 4530 Forester minex 4530.jpg  United States Metal detector Forester minex 4530
EOD-9 Bomb suite Bomb neutralizing EOD 9.jpg  United States Protective bomb suite
Tumak-4 HMMWV 16 bpd (24).jpg  United States Truck Tumak-4 31
Star STAR 266.jpg
KUNA 10 (18).jpg
Star 266M pic1.JPG
Star koparka.jpg
 Poland Truck Star 200
Star 244
Star 266
Star 266M
Star 660M2-D[44]
Star 660M3[44]
Star 944K
Star 944KD
Star 1466ML
Star 1444
Star 15.225
Star 14.220DK
Star 14.225DK
GD-2 (Typ 528)
Typ 514
CD-5 (Typ 520)
Star 266-based excavator
Star-266 AP-64
Star-266 BP-64
4,708 (Star 266)[44][45]
292 (Star 266M)[45]
a few thousands of specialist Star 266-based vehicles[44]
456 (Star 944K)[45]
185 (Star 944KD)[45]
63 (Star 1466ML)[45]
1 (Star 1444)[45]
1 (Star 15.225)[45]
9 (Star 14.220DK)[45]
16 (Star 14.225DK)[45]
Star 266 - basic medium-capacity transport vehicle of the Polish Armed Forces. Star 266M - modernized Star 266. Star 944 is used as a cargo carrier in logistic subunits on the tactical level. It also serves as a basis for a command vehicle. Star 1466 can be converted into a gun truck by applying STZ armour package for the truck's cabin. Typ 514 - Mobile fuel tank based on Star 1466
Jelcz Jelcz at MSPO 2008 06.jpg
Jelcz 442 01.jpg
Jelcz S442D28 MSPO2010.jpg
 Poland Truck P/S662D.43
P/S662D.43, P662D.43, P662D.35 and P662D.34 are different variants of JELCZ-662, P642D, C642D.35 and C642D.34 are different variants of JELCZ-642, P/S862D.43 is a variant of JELCZ-862, P/S842D.43 and P/S842D.35 are different variants of JELCZ-842.
SLT 50 Elefant SLT-50 Elefant crop.jpg  Germany Heavy Equipment Transporter SLT 50-2 6[45][46]
Daimler Benz Unimog Unimog 1300L.jpg  Germany Truck 1300L 29+40[47] 40 on order, to be delivered in June 2014.
Mercedes-Benz Uroczystość przekazania WP pierwszej partii niemieckich czołgów Leopard 2 A6.jpg  Germany Truck Mercedes-Benz 1017A 91+120[47] 120 on order, to be delivered in June 2014.
Iveco Saperzy w akcji przeciwpowodziowej (01).jpg
Iveco Eurocargo Wojska Polskiego.JPG
 Italy Truck Stralis AT260S35Y/P
460 Stralis AT260S35Y/P is used by Polish Ground Forces along with high capacity trailers. Eurotrakker MP 720E 47 WT are used along with ZREMB NS 600W trailers for transport of tracked vehicles and containers. It can also be used to evacuate damaged equipment in a similar fashion to ARVs. M40.12WM is used as a biological reconnaissance vehicle.
Tatra Tatra truck in Bulgarian military service.jpg  Czechoslovakia Truck Tatra 815 Only specialized variants are in service.
KrAZ KrAZ 255.JPG  Soviet Union Truck KrAZ-255B Only specialized variants are in service.
Ural Ural-4320 Museum of Aviation, Kraków.jpg  Soviet Union Truck Ural-375D
Only specialized variants are in service.
Kamaz Kamaz P9190209.JPG  Soviet Union Truck Only specialized variants are in service.
GAZ GAZ 66.jpg  Soviet Union Truck GAZ-66 Only specialized variants are in service.
ZiL ZIL-131 in Malbork.jpg  Soviet Union Truck ZIL 131
ZIL 157
Only specialized variants are in service.
All-terrain utility vehicle
Honda Polish army Honda quad photo-003.JPG  Japan Quad TRX-300 FW
Polaris Wystawa sprzętu w cytadeli 2008 (01).jpg  United States Quad Sportsan X2 800EFI
Arctic Cat Międzyrzec poligon 02.jpg  United States Quad Arctic Cat 400 4x4
Bombardier Outlander August 15, 2013 military parade in WarsawDSC 2481.JPG  Canada Quad Bombardier Outlander 650
UAZ-469B RD-115.jpg  Soviet Union
Four-wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicle UAZ 469B WD-43
38[48][49] Only specialized variants are in service.[49]
Honker PL Tarpan Honker MIL car.JPG
Ćwiczenia taktyczno-logistyczne zaopatrzeniowców z 11DKPanc (04).jpg
 Poland Four-wheel Multi-Purpose Drive Vehicle Tarpan Honker
Daewoo Honker
REA "Perkun"
Honker Saper
To be replace.
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz G-class Polish Land Forces.JPG  Germany Four-wheel Multi-Purpose Drive Vehicle GD 290
MB 250
40 MB 250 on order, to be delivered on June 2014. Polish Armed forces currently operate a total number of 140 G-class vehicles.[56] The military police uses 13 GD 290s.[45]
Land Rover Defender Land Rover Polish PICT0181.jpg  United Kingdom Four-wheel Multi-Purpose Drive Vehicle +110 10 of them are in use by Polish Land Forces, while the rest are in use by Military Gendarmerie.[57]
Toyota Toyota Land Cruiser -- 03-21-2012 1.JPG  Japan Four-wheel Drive Vehicle Land Cruiser[45][51] 13[45][51]
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Pajero 2004.jpg  Japan Sport Utility Vehicle Pajero[45][51] 4[45][51]
Daewoo SsangYong Musso front 20080320.jpg  South Korea Sport Utility Vehicle Musso[45][51] 6[45][51]
Ford Ford Transit front 20071231.jpg  United States Van Transit Used as a low-capacity transport vehicle which can carry up to 4 tonnes of cargo.[58]
UAZ UAZ 452.jpg  Soviet Union Van UAZ-452
FSC Zuk P1000094.jpg  Poland Van FSC Żuk
Lublin Daewoo Lublin 3-based military ambulance on Adama Mickiewicza, Zygmunta Krasińskiego, Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego and Marszałka Ferdinanda Focha intersection in Kraków.jpg  Poland Van Lublin II
Lublin 3
Used as a low-capacity transport vehicle which can carry up to 4 tonnes of cargo.[58] Also used as an ambulance.-
Fiat Fiat Ducato front 20080409.jpg  Italy Wheeled Vehicle Fiat Ducato
Seicento Van "W"[59]
Both are used as low-capacity transport vehicles which can carry up to 4 tonnes of cargo.[58]
Command vehicles
ZWDSz ZWDSz-1.jpg  Soviet Union
Tracked command vehicle ZWDSz-1
SKOT SKOT R-2AM on Main Market Square in Kraków (4).jpg  Poland
Armoured wheeled command vehicle R-2AM
LPG Święto Wojsk Rakietowych i Artylerii 2012. Regina.jpg  Poland Tracked command vehicle WD
More on order due to Regina program.
MT-LBu Unknown in Technical museum Togliatti-0504.JPG
1L219M MAKS2005.jpg
 Soviet Union
Tracked command vehicle 1W13
R-330P Piramida-I
20 (1W13/14/15/16)
24 (MP-21/22/23/24/25)[19]
9 (R-330P)[19]
2 (Beta-3M)
KTO Ryś RYŚ NR NSZR 01.jpg  Poland Armoured wheeled command vehicle KTO Azalia 1 Only prototype.
M113 M113-beyt-hatotchan-1.jpg  United States
Tracked command vehicle M113
ZWD-1 Manewry 10BKPanc (08).jpg  Poland Tracked command vehicle ZWD-1 94
ZWD-2  Poland Tracked command vehicle ZWD-2 5
ZWD-3 Wojsko Polskie Irak DA-SD-05-12334.JPEG  Poland Wheeled all-terrain command vehicle ZWD-3 ~250
Tumak-6 Tumak.jpg  United States
Wheeled all-terrain command vehicle Tumak-6 9
ZWD-10R Łowcza Łowcza-3 (02).jpg  Poland Tracked command vehicle ZWD-10R 4
ZWD-10R/K Łowcza-3K August 15, 2013 military parade in Warsaw DSC 2513.JPG  Poland Wheeled command truck ZWD-10R/K 8
WD-2001 Polish military vehicle DSC 2353.JPG  Poland Wheeled all-terrain command vehicle WD-2001
Mercedes Benz G-Wagen Mercedes-Benz Wolf der Bundeswehr.jpg  Germany Wheeled all-terrain command vehicle Mercedes Benz 461.4 Wolf
ADK-11 Adk-11.jpg  Poland Wheeled command truck ADK-11
BRDM-2 BRDM-2 in Polish service.jpg  Soviet Union
Wheeled amphibious command vehicle R-1A
M113 Polish M113 MSPO 2005.jpg  United States
Multi-purpose Tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier M113G2 Krkw Gep 16
Lotos MTLB Lotos Polish-ambulance.jpg  Poland Armoured ambulance TS Lotos 1 MT-LB landing.
KTO Ryś MSPO2007-33.jpg  Poland Amphibious Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier Rys-Med 5[19]
KTO Rosomak Rosomak WEM.jpg  Poland Armoured ambulance Vehicle Rosomak-WEM 24
Iveco Polish Iveco 40E13WM.jpg  Italy
Truck M40.12WM 134 Iveco 40E13WM is used as a 4x4 ambulance
SCAM Polish Land Forces AMZ SCAM SM-50 ambulance.JPG  Italy
Truck SCAM SM-50[49]
SCAM SM-55[49]
Used as a 4x4 ambulance.
M1035A2 Warsaw Hummer 10.JPG  United States
Four-wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicle Tumak-7 3 M1035A2 version modified in Poland to ambulance vehicle.
Tarpan S Tarpan honker ambulans.jpg  Poland Four-wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicle Tarpan S Used as 4x4 ambulance
NUR-12  Poland Radiolocation Station
NUR-21 NUR-21  Poland Radiolocation Station 20[19] Used for locating aircraft flying at low altitudes.
NUR-22 N-22.jpg  Poland Radiolocation Station 10[19] Based on Tatra 815. Used for locating aircraft flying at low altitudes.
S-125 Newa  Soviet Union
Self-propelled surface-to-air missile system SNR PZR S-125 Newa-SC Radar support S-125 Newa Self-Propelled Surface-to-Air Missile System.
SNAR-10 ArmedForcesAcademy11Slovakia12.JPG  Soviet Union Artillery Support Radar SNAR-10 6
Liwiec Polish WLR 100 Liwiec pic2.JPG  Poland Artillery Support Radar 3 7 more on order.[60]
D-44 D-44 Polish Army Museum.jpg  Soviet Union 85 mm Towed Field Gun D-44M
70[16][61] To withdrawn from service.
M-30 M-30 howitzer Polish Army Museum.jpg  Soviet Union
122 mm Towed Howitzer Wz. 1938/1985 2[16] Towed by Star 266 trucks. As of 1 January 2008 additional 2 Wz. 1938 howitzers were withdrawn from service and awaiting for further disposal.[16]
2S1 Goździk 1 Warszawska Brygada Pancerna w Wesołej (01).jpg  Soviet Union
122 mm Self-propelled howitzer 2S1 Goździk
2S1M Goździk
2S1T Goździk
Wz. 1977 Dana Wz. 1977 Dana.JPG  Czechoslovakia 152 mm Self-propelled howitzer wz. 1977 Dana
Krab Krab howitzer MSPO 2008.jpg  Poland 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 8 Along with the modernized prototypes they will form 3 squadrons[62] consisting of 24 vehicles (total of 72 ordered).[63] More purchases are planned after 2018.
BM-21 Grad Katiusza - podwozie Ural.jpg  Soviet Union 122 mm Self-Propelled Multiple-Launcher Rocket System 135[19] Between 113 and 114 will be modernized to WR-40 standard, the rest will be scrapped.
RM-70 Polish RM-70.jpg  Czechoslovakia 122 mm Self-Propelled Multiple-Launcher Rocket System RM-70/85 30[19]
WR-40 Langusta Dzik 2010 (03).jpg  Poland 122 mm Self-Propelled Multiple-Launcher Rocket System 75
9P133 "Malyutka" Szkolenie PPK Spike 25.jpg  Soviet Union Tank Destroyer 100[19]
9P148 "Konkurs" Defilada z okazji Święta WP - 2008 (25).jpg  Soviet Union Tank Destroyer 18[19][22]
Tumak-5 Defilada z okazji Święta WP - 2008 (22).jpg  United States
Tank Destroyer 18 M1045A2 with Spike LR mounted on top.
Air Defence Artillery
ZU-23-2 ZUR-23-2S Jod NTW 9 93.jpg  Soviet Union
Twin 23 mm Anti-Aircraft Autocannon ZU-23-2
ZUR-23-2S Jod
ZUR-23-2KG Jodek-G
ZSU-23-4 Strzelania 34. Brygady Kawalerii Pancernej z Żagania z ZSU-23-4 MP „BIAŁA” (03).jpg  Soviet Union
Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun ZSU-23-4
ZSU-23-4MP "Biala"
Approx. 50 more ZSU-23-4 are to be modernized to ZSU-23-4MP Biała standard.[19]
Hibneryt August 15, 2013 military parade in Warsaw DSC 2504.JPG  Poland Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Hibneryt
~70 ZU-23-2, ZUR-23-2S Jod or ZUR-23-2KG Jodek-G (Hibneryt-KG) mounted on a Star 266 truck. Some Hibneryts are going to be modernized to newer versions like Hibneryt-P or Hibneryt-3.
PZA Loara Szkolenie przeciwlotników z 10BK na poligonie w Ustce (05).jpg  Poland Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun PZA Loara-A 2[19] 2-6 units produced, the original order of 48 was canceled in 2009 due to other priorities.[65]
Anti-Aircraft Missile
Poprad AA system POPRAD 01.jpg  Poland Self-Propelled Surface-to-Air Missile System Zubr P 2[66] 79 POPRAD planned.[67]
2K12 Kub 2K12 Kub (SA-6).jpg  Soviet Union Self-Propelled Surface-to-Air Missile System 2K12M Kub-M 30[19] 30 is a number of TELs. Polish-Hungarian modernization program in development.
9K33 Osa August 15, 2013 military parade in Warsaw DSC 2510.JPG  Soviet Union
Self-Propelled Surface-to-Air Missile System Osa-P 64[19] 64 TELARs form 16 batteries.[22][46][68]
S-125 Newa Anakonda 2006 Z3.jpg  Soviet Union
Self-Propelled Surface-to-Air Missile System S-125 Newa SC 60 60 TELs form 20 squadrons.[22][46]
S-200 Wega SA-5lncr.gif  Soviet Union Surface-to-Air Missile System 12 12 launchers form 2 squadrons.[22][46]


Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Mil Mi-24 Krzesiny 76RB.JPG  Soviet Union Assault helicopter Mi-24W
Some are equipped with the Terma A/S MASE (Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment).[69]
PZL W-3 Sokół W3 Sokol PICT0129.JPG
Ćwiczenia 17 Wielkopolskiej Brygady Zmechanizowanej (3).jpg
 Poland Multipurpose medium helicopter W-3W
More W-3W and W-3WA to be modernized to W-3PL standard.[70]
PZL Mi-2 Krzesiny 101RB.JPG
Mi-2URP-G 0a.jpg
 Poland Transport helicopter Mi-2URP
Mil Mi-8 Dragon 07 - 25 BKPow (22).jpg  Soviet Union Heavy transport helicopter Mi-8T
Will be replace by new 48 utility heilcopters.
Mil Mi-17 EUFOR, 2009-02-17, współdziałanie kawalerii, KTO Rosomak, Mi-17, 02.jpg  Soviet Union
Heavy transport helicopter Mi-17
Some with the Terma A/S MASE.[69]
Boeing ScanEagle ScanEagle UAV catapult launcher 2005-04-16.jpg  United States Small UAV Block D 10[71] One set via FMF.
Aeronautics Defense Orbiter Bespilotna letelica Orbiter VS.JPG  Israel Small UAV 11 18 delivered, also operated by Polish Special Forces.[72]
WB Electronics FlyEye FlyEye  Poland Small UAV 12

Possible/Future/Ordered Equipment[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
PR-15 Ragun [1]  Poland 9 mm x 19 Parabellum Pistol PR-15 Ragun Probably new handgun to replace P-64, P-83 and future WIST-94.
Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl Beryl rifle POL.jpg  Poland 5.56 mm NATO Assault Rifle wz. 1996C Beryl 5,200[73] 5,200 wz. 1996C Beryl to be delivered in 2014.[74]
MSBS Radon MSBS-5,56.jpg  Poland 5.56 mm NATO Assault Rifle Possible MSBS-R order to replace SKS in representative battalions. More orders of various variants possible in the future.
Bor Rifle Alex.jpg  Poland 7.62 mm NATO Sniper Rifle 60 60 on order.[75]
Minigun DAM134DT.png  United States 7.62 mm NATO Six-Barreled Machine Gun M-134D ~100 Miniguns will be mounted on 48 new helicopters (2 on each helicopter + 12 spare)[76]
SBAO-40 GSBO40 Polish.jpg  Poland 40 mm Grenade Launcher GPBO-40 296 [77]
RGP-40 RGP40 MSPO2010 P1010117.JPG  Poland 40 mm Revolver Grenade Launcher ~200[78]
LM-60 Pluton Mortar LM-60D.jpg  Poland 60 mm Mortar LM-60D 108 108 on order.[79]
PIORUN Szkolenie przeciwlotników z 17 Wielkopolskiej Brygady Zmechanizowanej (04).jpg  Poland 72 mm Man-portable surface-to-air missile Piorun 400[23] Around 400 missiles of newer version, Piorun, deliveries from 2014 to 2017.
Light portable Anti-Tank missile System.
Program "Corsair"
[2]  Ukraine
107 mm Anti-Tank Guided Missile System Prototype testing scheduled for mid-2015. Serial production to begin in 2017-2018. The system will have three types of warheads weighing about 2.5 kg each: Cumulative, Thermobaric and Explosive. System equipped a thermal sight and guidance module.
Cooperation between Bumar Holding nd Ukrainian "Luch".[80]
Leopard 2 Defilada z okazji Święta WP - 2014 (1).jpg  Germany Main Battle Tank L2A4
Deliveries in 2014-2015.[81]
Light support tank Program  Poland Light tank The primary armament of future light tank will be a 105 or 120 mm caliber gun fitted within an unmanned turret. Will be built to replace T-72.
New Infantry fighting vehicle Program  Poland Developed to replace BWP-1 in land forces.
New Amphibious Armoured Scout Car Program  Poland Probably will be built by AMZ-Kutno. Replacment for BRDM-2
KTO Rosomak Kto rosomak.jpg  Finland
Amphibious Wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Armoured Personnel Carrier 307 To be delivered until 2019.[37]
Moździerz RAK Mozdzierz RAK.JPG  Poland 120 mm Self-Propelled Mortar SMG
80 more will be produced for Polish Army, most SMK 120.
SMG 120 - RAK mortar mounted on LPG chassis.
SMK 120 - RAK mortar mounted on KTO Rosomak chassis.
Built by Huta Stalowa Wola
AHS Kryl Kryl-poligon.jpg  Poland 155mm self-propelled auto-loading gun 168 New self-propelled auto-loading gun for land forces, built by Huta Stalowa Wola, System uses a license built ATMOS 2000 howitzer. The vehicle platform is a special version Jelcz heavy truck. Prototype completion scheduled for 2015. In future the Kryl will replace 152mm SpGH DANA.
Baobab-K [3]  Poland Minelayer New minelayer system built by Huta Stalowa Wola.
New Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
Program "Noteć"
 Poland Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun 20 [82]
New low range Surface-to-air missile Program, "Narew"  Poland New SAM System 11 batteries Cooperation between Polski Holding Obronny , Warsaw University of Technology and Military University of Technology in Warsaw
Missile is in advanced phase of development.
New medium-long range Surface-to-air missile Program „Wisla” New SAM System 6 batteries Raytheon with Patriot PAC-3 and MBDA with SAMP/T land version participate in the tender.[83]
New Multiple Launch Rocket System. Program "Homar"  Poland Multiple Launch Rocket System Cooperation between Huta Stalowa Wola, ZM Mesko and Lockheed Martin.
Soła  Poland Self-propelled Surface-to-Air Missile System Żubr MMSR 8 8 Zubr MMSR/Sola radar station on order. System uses N-26A/MMSR radar to support Poprad VSHORAD.[67][84]
Poprad AA system POPRAD 01.jpg  Poland Self-Propelled Surface-to-Air Missile System Żubr P 79
2 from test[66]
79 POPRAD planned.[67]
Jelcz Jelcz C662 D43 i Jelcz 442.JPG  Poland Truck 442.32
New Utility helicopters Program New Utility helicopter 48 48 new utility helicopters to replace Mi-8 in Polish Land forces ( 70 for all types of forces ) with deliveries planned for 2016,[85] Agusta Westland/PZL-Swidnik with AW149, Airbus Helicopters with EC725 and Sikorsky/PZL Mielec with S-70i are interested in the tender.[86]
New Attack helicopters Program, "Kruk" New attack helicopter +30 to ~48 Around 30 or more are to be bought as replacement for Mi-24. 4 companies are interested in participation in the tender: Bell Helicopters with AH-1Z, Boeing Defense, Space & Security with AH-64E, Agusta Westland with AW-129 Mangusta and Airbus Helicopters with EC-665 Tiger.[87][88]
Light armoured long-range reconnaissance vehicles (LRRVS) Light armoured reconnaissance vehicles 118 The vehicles will be used by Polish Armed Forces reconnaissance regiments with capable to transport on C130 Hercules. With a maxium payload of 900g. Deliveries are expected to commence in 2016-2022


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