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The following is an incomplete list of modern ethnic groups.


There has been constant debate over the classification of ethnic groups. Membership of an ethnic group tends to be associated with shared cultural heritage, ancestry, history, homeland, language (dialect), or ideology, and with symbolic systems such as religion, mythology and ritual, cuisine, dressing style, physical appearance, etc. Hence, matching of people into their respective ethnic groups remains heavily divided. There have been various approaches to understanding ethnicity, but there is no clear consensus on the exact definition and classification of ethnic groups. The list below attempts to identify ethnic groups generally accepted by anthropologists and historians, or fit the criteria of what defines an ethnic group (e.g. Afro-American peoples of the Americas.

The list is further complicated by miscegenation, or the mixing of different racial groups. As such, these people could not be classified into a single ethnic group. This is common in places such as the United States, where most citizens' ancestors came from different parts of Europe. Citizens with unclear ethnicities may be grouped based on their ancestry (e.g. Ancestry_of_the_people_of_the_United_States), or into a completely new ethnicity (e.g. Mestizos). These people are included in the list.

The below list does not contain:

or any other groups that does not fit into the criteria listed above.


Name Language Family Country Population Primary religion / Misc.
Abazins Northwest Caucasian  Russia ( Karachay-Cherkessia)
250,000 Islam
Abenaki Algic  Canada (Quebec, Nova Scotia),
 United States (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine)
12,000 Christianity
Abkhazs Northwest Caucasian  Abkhazia
200,000 – 600,000 Islam
Aboriginal Australians Australian Aboriginal  Australia 550,000 Christianity
Abron Niger-Congo  Ghana,
 Côte d'Ivoire
Abyssinians Semitic  Ethiopia 1,400,000 Christianity
Acadians Romance  Canada (Canadian Maritimes),
 United States (Madawaska, Maine)
500,000 Christianity
Accohannock Algic  United States (Maryland)  ? Christianity
Achang Sino-Tibetan  China (Yunnan) 29,000 Buddhism
Acehnese Austronesian  Indonesia 1,200,000 Islam
Acholi Nilo-Saharan  Uganda 1,200,000 Christianity
Achomawi  United States (California) 1,500 band of the Pit River tribe of Native Americans
Acoma  United States (southwest),
5,000 Native Americans
Adi  India (Arunachal Pradesh)
Aeta  Philippines
Afar Cushitic  Ethiopia
5,000,000 Islam
African Americans Germanic  United States 43,884,130 Christianity
African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem  Israel 5,000 An ethnic minority of black people in Israel
Afrikaners Germanic  South Africa 3,600,000 Christianity
Afro-American peoples of the Americas  United States
 Dominican Republic
180,000,000 Refers to people born in the Americas with African ancestors. Includes African Americans and Afro-Latin Americans.
Agaw Cushitic  Ethiopia
874,000 Christianity
Anyi people (Agnis)  Ghana
 Ivory Coast
 Sierra Leone
Aguls Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Dagestan) 30,000
Ahtna  United States (Copper River) 500 Alaska Natives
Aimaq Iranian  Afghanistan,
1,600,000 Islam
Aynu  China <30,000 different from the Ainu of Japan and Russia
Aja  Benin,
500,000 part of the Gbe linguistic/cultural group
Aka  Central African Republic,
 Congo, Republic of the
Akie  Tanzania 5,200
Ak Chin  United States (Tohono O'odham reservation, Pinal County, Arizona) 770 Native Americans
Akan  Ghana,
 Côte d'Ivoire
Akha  Laos,
Akuapem  Côte d'Ivoire,
Akhvakh people  Dagestan 8,000
Akyem  Côte d'Ivoire,
Alabama  United States (Oklahoma, Texas) 1,500 Native American people from whom the state takes its name; now sharing a reservation in Texas with the Coushatta
Alak Austroasiatic  Laos 4,000 Folk religion
Albanians Albanian  Albania

7,000,000 Islam
Aleut Eskimo-Aleut  United States (Aleutian Islands),
 Russia (Chukotka Autonomous Okrug)
18,000 Alaska Natives
Algonquian  United States (eastern),
Anishinaabe Native Americans
Aliutors  Russia (Koryak Autonomous Okrug) 2,000 - 3,000
Alsatians Germanic  France  ? Christianity
Altaians Turkic  Russia ( Altai Republic) 367,000 Christianity
Amahuaca  Bolivia,
Americans Germanic  United States 20,200,000[1] Refers to those who identify themselves as ethnically American. Not to be confused with the nationality or citizenship.[2]
Amerasians  Japan,
 Korea, Republic of,
Children and grandchildren of mixed-race unions of U.S. American servicemen and Asian women, most notably during the Vietnam war era
Americo-Liberians  Liberia 150,000 - 200,000 Liberian ethnicity of African American descent
Amhara Semitic  Ethiopia 20,000,000 Christianity
Amish Germanic  United States (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York),
 Canada (Ontario)
250,000 North American religious minority, of German descent
Amungme  Indonesia (Papua province) 13,000
Andalusians Romance  Spain 17,500,000
Andis  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Anga  Papua New Guinea
Anglo-Burmese  Burma 52,000 mixed-race descendants of Burmese and Anglophone British colonists
Anglo-Celtic Australian Germanic  Australia 13,000,000 Christianity
Alawites Semitic  Syria
4,000,000 Islam
Anuak  South Sudan,
Apaches  United States (Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma) 56,000 Native Americans
Apinaje  Brazil 1,847 Indigenous people of Brazil.
Arabs Semitic  Arab world 422,000,000 Islam
Aragonese Romance  Spain 1,277,471 Inhabitants of Aragon (Iberian Peninsula). One of the nationalities of Spain. Ethnic Aragonese live primarily in Upper Aragon. There are also some Aragonese in the Spanish diaspora.
Arapaho  United States (Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nebraska) 5,000 Native American people, formerly inhabiting Colorado and Wyoming, now living in Oklahoma and Wyoming
Arawak  Venezuela,
 French Guiana,
 Colombia, The Caribbean
450,000 Indigenous people of the Caribbean
Arbëreshë Albanian  Italy 100,000 Christianity
Archis Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Dagestan) 1,200
Arikara  United States (North Dakota) Native Americans
Armenians Armenian  Armenia
 United States
8,000,000 Christianity
Aromanians Romance  Greece
100,000 - 1,000,000 Christianity
Arvanites Albanian  Greece 50,000 - 200,000 Christianity
Ashkenazi Jews Semitic  United States
10,000,000 - 11,200,000 Judaism
Assyrians Semitic  Iraq
1,700,000 - 2,000,000 Christianity
Atoni  East Timor 600,000
Asante (Ashanti)  Ghana,
 Côte d'Ivoire
Asian American  United States 18,205,898 Americans descending from the various ethnic groups from the continent of Asia
Asheninka  Peru,
25,000 - 45,000 Indigenous people of Peru
Asmat  Indonesia (Papua Province) 70,000
Assiniboine  Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan),
 United States (Montana)
3,500 Native American people of the Sioux
Asturians Romance  Spain 1,076,896
Atacameno  Chile 2,000 Native Americans
Ati  Philippines 2,000
Atikamekw  Canada (Quebec) 4,500 Native Americans
Atsina  United States (Montana) 3,682 Native American people inhabiting Montana and formerly Saskatchewan
Atsugewi  United States (California) 850 Native Americans
Aukstaitians  Lithuania,
Austrians Germanic  Austria 10,000,000 Christianity
Avars Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Dagestan) 1,000,000 Islam
Awá  Brazil 300 An endangered Amazonian tribe of hunter-gatherers.
Aymaras  Bolivia,
2,000,000 indigenous ethnic group of Andes and Altiplano
Ayrums Turkic  Georgia,
 ? Islam
Azerbaijanis Turkic  Iran
22,000,000 - 35,000,000 Islam
Aztecs  Mexico 1,500,000 Native North American people, descendants widespread in Mexico, a tribe of the Nahuas (see also Nahuatl)
Babongo  Gabon
Bahrainis Semitic  Bahrain 600,000 Islam
Badui  Indonesia 5,000 - 8,000
Ba Na  Vietnam 174,456
Baggara Semitic  Sudan 1,000,000 Islam
Baguirmi  Chad
Bagulals Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Dagestan) 3,054
Bai Sino-Tibetan  China (Yunnan province) 1,858,063 Buddhism, Islam
Bai  South Sudan
Bajau  Indonesia,
401,800 Known as Sea Gypsies, they touch land only to bury their dead
Baka  Cameroon,
5,000 - 30,000 Pygmy people of Central Africa
Bakhtiari Iranian  Iran 1,100,000
Balinese  Indonesia 3,000,000
Bakongo (Kongo)  Congo, Democratic Republic of the,
 Congo, Republic of the
10,000,000 Majority population of the Republic of the Congo
Balkars Turkic  Russia ( Kabardino-Balkaria) 110,000 Islam
Balochs Iranian  Pakistan,
 United Arab Emirates,
25,000,000-30,000,000 Islam
Baltic Germans Germanic  Latvia,
Bamar (also Burmese and Burman)  Burma,
30,000,000 Majority ethnic group of Burma
Bambara  Mali,
 Burkina Faso,
2,700,000 Part of the Manding linguistic/cultural subgroup of the Mandé peoples
Bamileke  Cameroon 4,000,000 Majority inhabitants of Cameroon
Banat Swabians  Romania,
Ethnic German population of Southeast Europe
Banawa  Brazil 158 Indigenous people
Banda  Central African Republic,
 Congo, Democratic Republic of the,
 South Sudan
Bandjabi  Gabon [citation needed]
Banjar  Indonesia,
Baoule  Côte d'Ivoire Akan people
Bapou [citation needed]
Barakzai  Afghanistan,
2,000,000 - 9,000,000 Pashtun people Islam
Bariba  Benin 1,000,000
Bartangs  Tajikistan 3,000
Basarwa  Botswana,
 South Africa
90,000 Indigenous people
Bashkirs Turkic  Russia ( Bashkortostan)
2,000,000 Islam
Basotho Bantu  Lesotho
 South Africa
Basques Basque  Spain
2,600,000 Christianity
Bassa  Liberia 350,000
Bassari  Senegal,
10,000 - 30,000
Baster (also known as Baaster)  Namibia 25,181 People descended from the offspring of Dutch speaking whites and black Africans, usually found in Southern Africa
Batak  Indonesia 6,000,000
Batak  Philippines 500 Indigenous people
Bateke  Congo, Republic of the,
 Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Bats Northeast Caucasian  Georgia 3,000
Batswana Niger-Congo  Botswana,
 South Africa
3,900,000 Christianity
Bavarians Germanic  Germany 12,531,925 Christianity
Bedouins Semitic  Saudi Arabia,
8,000,000 - 10,000,000 Islam
Beja Cushitic  Sudan
 ? Islam
Belarusians Slavic  Belarus 9,000,000 Christianity
Bengalis Indo-Aryan  Bangladesh,
 Saudi Arabia
300,000,000 Islam, Hinduism
Bemba  Zambia
Bene Israel  India,
65,000 Judaism
Berbers  Morocco,
 Canary Islands
50,000,000 Islam
Berom  Nigeria
Betamaribe  Benin
Bethio  Senegal,
Beti-Pahuin  Cameroon,
 Congo, Republic of the,
 Equatorial Guinea,
 São Tomé and Príncipe
Bezhtas  Russia ( Dagestan) 6,198
Bhil (also known as Bheel)  India (central India) 13,000,000
Bhotiya  Bhutan,
 India (Sikkim)
Biafada people  Guinea-Bissau,
Bicolano  Philippines (Luzon) 5,900,000
Biharis Indo-Aryan  India,
Blackfeet (also known as Blackfoot)  Canada (Alberta),
 United States (Montana)
Black British  United Kingdom 1,500,000
Black Indians  United States 182,000 African Americans with Native American ancestry and/or African Americans who were historically assimilated into Native American tribes.
Bouyei (also known as Bo Y and Buyi)  China,
Bodo  India (Assam) 1,200,000
Bonairean  Bonaire 15,000
Bonan  China (northwest) 17,000
Bosniaks Slavic  Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,000,000 Islam
Botlikhs  Russia 16
Bougainvilleans  Papua New Guinea 175,160 There are 19 different language groups represented on Bougainville Iisland, in Solomon Islands.
Boyar  India South Indian Hindu Telugu speaking community.
Boyko  Ukraine 390 Highlanders or mountain-dwellers.
Bozo  Mali 132,100
Brahui  Pakistan,
Brau  Laos,
Bretons Celtic  France 1,246,798 - 3,120,288 Christianity
Brulé  United States (Nebraska, South Dakota) Native American Sioux peoples.
Bru-Van Kieu  Vietnam,
Bubi  Equatorial Guinea 64,000
Budukhs Northeast Caucasian  Azerbaijan 1,000
Bugis  Indonesia,
Bulang  China (Yunnan province),
Bulgarians Slavic  Bulgaria 9,000,000 - 10,000,000 Christianity
Bunjevci  Serbia,
Burgenland Croats Slavic  Austria 50,000 Christianity
Buryats Mongolic  Russia,
500,000 Buddhism
Bushongo  Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Caddo  United States (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas) 5,757 Native American peoples.
Cahuilla  United States (California) 1,276 Native American peoples.
Caingang  Brazil (São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul) Native American peoples.
Cajun  United States (Louisiana) 488,549 French-Americans in Louisiana. See also Acadian.
Caldoche  New Caledonia 71,721 French people of New Caledonia; largest French national colony outside of France.
Californio  United States (California),
 Mexico (Alta California)
300,000 - 500,000 Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the colonial Spanish/Mexican California and their descendants.
Campa  Bolivia 25,000 - 45,000
Canarians  Canary Islands 1,547,611 Berber based ethnic group.
Cantonese  China 66,000,000 Subgroup of Han chinese, people whose ancestral home is in Guangdong. Also called Yue. They form a significant proportion of Overseas Chinese.
Cape Coloured  South Africa,  Namibia,
4,539,790 Mixed-race population of the Western Cape province in South Africa.
Cape Malay  South Africa 200,000 Population descended from people of Maritime Southeast Asia in the Western Cape province in South Africa.
Castilians Romance  Spain N/A Largest ethnic group of Spain, found in the Castile region; Also found in the Spanish diaspora.
Caprivian  Namibia Inhabitants of the Caprivi Strip in northeastern Namibia.
Caribs Caribbean 3,000 Native American peoples of northern South America, the Lesser Antilles, and the east coast of Central America.
Carinthian Slovenes  Austria
Catalans Romance  Spain
8,000,000 Christianity
Catawba  United States (North Carolina, South Carolina) 2,600 Native American peoples.
Cayuga  United States (New York, Oklahoma),
 Canada (Ontario)
86,000 Native American peoples.
Cebuano  Philippines 20,000,000 Also known as Cebu.
Ceylon Moors  Sri Lanka 1,800,000 People of Arab descent living in Sri Lanka.
Chagga  Tanzania 2,000,000 People of Bantu descent (Niger-Congo-B) living in Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania.
Cham  Cambodia,
400,000 People of Indonesian descent living in Cambodia and central Vietnam.
Chambri  Papua New Guinea
Chamalals  Russia (Dagestan) 5,000
Chamorro  Guam,
 Northern Mariana Islands
177,000 Indigenous peoples.
Champenois-speaking people of Champagne-Ardenne of Northeastern France  France
Chechens Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Chechnya) 1,700,000 Islam
Chehalis  United States (Washington) 691 Native American peoples.
Chemehuevi  United States (Arizona, California) 600 Native American peoples.
Chepang Sino-Tibetan    Nepal 52,237 Folk religion
Cherokee  United States (North Carolina, Oklahoma) 316,049 Native American people originally of eastern and central Tennessee, most of Kentucky, southern West Virginia, western Virginia, northern Georgia (USA), northern Alabama, northwestern South Carolina, and western North Carolina, now mostly living in Oklahoma and North Carolina.
Cheyenne  United States (Montana, Oklahoma) 15,672 Native American peoples.
Chicanos  United States 31,689,000 USA citizens of Mexican origin. While some Mexican-Americans may embrace the term "Chicano", others prefer to identify themselves differently.
Chickahominy  United States (Virginia) 972 Native American people.
Chickasaw  United States 38,000 Native American people formerly of northeast Mississippi, west Tennessee, and northwest Alabama, now living in Oklahoma.
Chilcotin  Canada (British Columbia) 4,100 Native American peoples.
Chileans  Chile 17,094,275
Chinookan  United States (Washington, Oregon) Native American peoples.
Chipewyan  Canada 11,000 Native American peoples.
Chippewa ( Ojibwa )  United States (Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana),
 Canada (Great Lakes)
219,711 Anishinaabe Native American peoples.
Chitimacha  United States (Louisiana) 720 Native American peoples.
Chitpavan  India (Maharashtra) 497,000 Smarta Brahmin community of Konkan.
Cho Ro  Vietnam 22,567
Choctaw  United States (Oklahoma, California, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama) 160,000 Native American people of Mississippi and Alabama, now mostly living in Oklahoma and Mississippi.
Chukchansi  United States (California) 2,600 Native American peoples.
Chukchis  Russia (Chukchi Peninsula) 15,767 Indigenous peoples.
Chulym Tatars Turkic  Russia ( Tomsk Oblast) 656 Christianity
Chumash  United States (California) 2,000 - 5,000 Native American peoples.
Chut  Vietnam (Quang Binh province) 3,829
Chuukese people  Federated States of Micronesia 53,280
Chuvash Turkic  Russia ( Chuvashia) 2,000,000 Christianity
Ch'unchu  Peru Indigenous peoples.
Circassians Northwest Caucasian  Russia ( Adygea)
600,000 Islam
Clayoquot  Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia) 618 Native American peoples.
Coalhuiltec Native American peoples.
Co Ho people  Vietnam 166,112
Co Tu people  Vietnam (Thừa Thiên -Huế, Quảng Nam) 61,588
Coast Salish  United States (Washington, Oregon),
 Canada (British Columbia)
18,000 Native American peoples.
Cochiti  United States (Southwestern) Native American peoples.
Cocopah  United States (Arizona),
 Mexico (Baja California and Sonora)
891 Native American peoples.
Coeur d'Alene  United States (Rocky Mountains and Columbian Plateau) 2,000 Native American peoples.
Coharie  United States (North Carolina) 2,632 Native American peoples.
Coloured  South Africa,
4,539,790 Mixed-race inhabitants of South Africa. See also Cape Coloured.
Colville  United States (Washington) 322 Native American peoples; One of the Salish tribes.
Comanche  United States (Oklahoma, Texas, California, New Mexico) 14,700 Native American peoples.
Comorian  Comoros 798,000
Cong  Laos,
40,000 See also Phunoi.
Congolese people  Republic of the Congo,
 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Copper Native American peoples.
Copt  Egypt 10,000,000 - 20,000,000 Christianity
Coquille  United States (Oregon) Native American peoples.
Cornish Celtic  United Kingdom 534,300 Christianity
Cornish American  United States 1,000,000 - 2,500,000 Cornish diaspora in the USA.
Cornish Australian  Australia 1,000,000 Cornish diaspora in Australia.
Cossacks Slavic  Russia,
3,500,000 - 5,000,000[3][4] Christianity
Costanoan  United States (California) 1,500 - 2,000 Native American peoples; One of the Mission Indian peoples.
Coushatta  United States (Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma) 1,520 Native American peoples. See also Alabama.
Cowichan  Canada (Vancouver Island, British Columbia) 4,000 Native American peoples.
Cowlitz  United States (Washington) 2,000 Native American peoples; One of the Salish peoples.
Cree  United States,  Canada 200,000 Native American peoples.
Creek  United States (Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas) 71,502 Native American people originally of Alabama but now mostly residing in Oklahoma.
Créole  United States People of Iberian or French ancestry in the Americas, or people of mixed Native American and European ancestry in Alaska. See Louisiana Creole people.
Creole Belizean  Belize People of mixed European ancestry in Belize. See Belizean Creole.
Crimean Germans German  Russia (Crimea) 3,000
Crimean Tatars Turkic  Russia ( Crimea)
248,200 Islam
Croats Slavic  Croatia
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
4,462,171 Christianity
Crow  United States (Montana) 12,000 Native American peoples; One of the Sioux peoples.
Cubans  Cuba
 United States
Cupeño  United States (California) 1,000 Native American peoples.
Curaçaoan  Curaçao 142,180
Greek Cypriots Hellenic  Cyprus 1,150,000 Christianity
Czechs Slavic  Czech Republic 10,000,000 Christianity
Daasanach  Ethiopia 48,067
Dai (Thai, Thai Lue)  China,
1,500,000 - 2,000,000
Dakelh  Canada (British Columbia) First Nations people, one of the Athabaskan group of peoples.
Dakota  United States,  Canada 170,110 Autonym of the Santee Sioux, sometimes applied to all Sioux.
Damara Namibia 100,000
Danes Germanic  Denmark 4,996,980 Christianity
Danezaa  Canada (British Columbia) 1,000 Former named: Beaver.
Dargins Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Dagestan) 591,000 Islam
Daribi  Papua New Guinea
Daur  China 132,394
Dayaks  Indonesia 2,000,000 - 4,000,000
De'ang  Burma,
Deg Hit'an  United States (Alaska) 250 Native American peoples.
Degar  Vietnam 1,000,000 Indigenous people of the Central Highlands.
Delaware  United States,
16,000 Native American peoples.
Dena'ina  United States, (Alaska) 1,400 Athabascan people, also known as the Tanaina.
Dendi  Benin 195,633
Desana  Colombia
Dhivehis  Maldives,
 India (Lakshadweep)
400,000 Indo-Aryan people native to the Maldives.
Dhodia  India
Didos  Russia 15,256 Also known as Tsez.
Diegueno  United States (California),
 Mexico (Baja California)
3,000 - 3,200 Native American peoples.
Dinka  South Sudan 5,000,000
Diola  Senegal,
Dogon  Mali,
 Burkina Faso
400,000 - 800,000
Dolgans Turkic  Russia ( Krasnoyarsk Krai) 7,261 Christianity
Doma  Zimbabwe
Dominicans  Dominican Republic 10,090,000
Dominican American  United States 1,414,703 Dominican diaspora in the USA.
Don Cossacks Slavic  Russia,
200,000 - 2,000,000
Dong  China 2,960,293
Dongxiang  China 513,805
Dorze  Ethiopia 28,000
Drung  China 7,000
Druze Semitic  Syria
1,000,000 - 2,500,000 Druze
Du people
Duala people  Cameroon 400,000
Dungan Sino-Tibetan  Kyrgyzstan
110,000 Islam
Dutch Germanic  Netherlands 17,228,780 Christianity
Dyula  Côte d'Ivoire,
 Burkina Faso
Also known as Jula. Part of the Manding linguistic/cultural subgroup of the Mandé peoples.
Ebira  Nigeria 1,400,000
Ecuadorian  Ecuador 16,500,000
Elema  Papua New Guinea
Enets Samoyedic  Russia,
Enga  Papua New Guinea
English Germanic  United Kingdom ( England)
 United States
 New Zealand
100,000,000 Christianity
Enxet  Paraguay 17,000
Eshira  Gabon
Estonians Finnic  Estonia 1,100,000
Evens Tungusic  Russia 20,000 Christianity
Evenki Tungusic  Russia
67,000 Christianity
Ewe  Ghana,
4,800,000 Part of the Gbe linguistic/culture group.
Falasha/Beta Israel  Israel,
125,000 - 130,000
Fante Niger-Congo  Ghana
 Côte d'Ivoire
3,000,000 Christianity
Faroese Germanic  Denmark ( Faroe Islands)
80,000 - 90,000
Persians Iranian  Iran
 United States
51,000,000 Islam
Fereydan  Iran 5,000,000 Georgian people who mostly live in the city of Fereydoon Shahr and in the Fereydan region of Iran.
Fernandinos  Equatorial Guinea,
 São Tomé and Príncipe
Fijian  Fiji,
 New Zealand,
 United States,
 United Kingdom
500,000 Melanesian group, central South Pacific Ocean.
Finns Finnic  Finland 5,400,000 Christianity
Flemish Germanic  Belgium 6,230,000 Christianity
West Flemings  France (Nord, Pas-de-Calais) 187, 750 Flemish inhabitants of northernmost France.
Fon  Benin,
3,500,000 Part of the Gbe linguistic/culture group.
Fox  United States (Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska) 4,000 Native Americans of the Midwestern USA. Historically their homelands were in the Great Lakes region. Euro-American colonization and settlement forced resettlement of the people into the American Midwest.
Franco-Mauritian  Mauritius 24,000 People of French origin living in Mauritius.
Franco-Réunionnaise  Réunion People of French origin in Réunion.
Franconians  Germany Inhabitants of the eastern part of former Francia in Germany.
French Romance  France
106,000,000 (65,800,000) Christianity
Frisians Germanic  Netherlands,
1,500,000 Germanic peoples native to the "German Bight" along the North Sea.
Fula Niger-Congo  Nigeria
 Burkina Faso
38,000,000 - 40,000,000 Islam
Fur  Sudan 744,000
Ga-Adangbe  Ghana,
 United Kingdom,
 United States,
Gaddi  India (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir)
Gaels  Ireland,
 Isle of Man,
 United States,
1,690,294 Celtic people originating in Ireland.
Gagauz Turkic  Moldova ( Gagauzia)
240,000 Christianity
Galicians Romance  Spain (Galicia) 2,783,100 Also found in other parts of Spain and Latin America in diaspora.
Gaoshan  Taiwan 499,500 Aboriginal people of Taiwan.
Garifuna/Garinagu  Honduras,
600,000 Central American people of mixed Amerindian and African descent.
Garo Sino-Tibetan  India (Meghalaya)
2,000,000 Christianity
Gbaya  Central African Republic,
 Republic of Congo,
 Democratic Republic of Congo
Ge  Brazil (Caribbean coast)
Geba Buru  Indonesia (Buru)
Gelao  China 550,000
Georgian Kartvelian  Georgia
3,956,000 Christianity
Germans Germanic  Germany
 United States
150,000,000 Christianity
Gia Rai  Vietnam 332,557 Also known as Jarai.
Gibraltarians  Gibraltar,
 United Kingdom,
 United States,
40,000 People of Gibraltarian origin.
Gie Trieng
Godoberis  Dagestan 3,000
Gogodali  Papua New Guinea
Gongduk  Bhutan 2,100
Gorals  Poland,
 Czech Republic
Gorani  Serbia 13,946 - 60,000 Islam
Goshute  United States (Nevada, Utah) 450 Native American peoples.
Gotlanders  Sweden
Greeks Hellenic  Greece 14,000,000 - 17,000,000 Christianity
Griqua  South Africa,
2,000,000 - 5,000,000
Gros Ventre  United States (Montana) 3,682 Native American peoples.
Gruzinim Kartvelian  Georgia,
 United States
180,000 Judaism
Guadeloupean  Guadeloupe
Guajajara  Brazil 19,471 Indigenous people.
Guarani  Paraguay,
257,400 Indigenous people.
Gujaratis  India (Gujarat) 65,000,000 - 75,000,000
Gullah  United States (South Carolina, Georgia) Descendants of enslaved Africans.
Gurage  Ethiopia 1,867,377
Guru  Côte d'Ivoire
Gurung    Nepal 543,571
Hadza  Tanzania 1,000 an ethnic minority group in Tanzania.
Haida  United States (Alaska),
 Canada (British Columbia)
2,000 Native Americans inhabiting the Pacific Northwest part of the country.
Haitian  Haiti,
 United States,
 French Guiana,
 Dominican Republic,
Hakka  China (Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi),
 Hong Kong,
80,000,000 a distinct subgroup of Han Chinese of the China and Taiwan.
Haliwa-Saponi  United States (North Carolina) 3,800 Native Americans inhabiting North Carolina
Hamar  Ethiopia 42,838 southern Ethiopia
Hamshenis Armenian  Turkey,
700,000 Islam
Han Chinese Sinitic  China,
 Hong Kong,
1,310,158,851 dominant ethnic group of the China, Taiwan and Singapore and largest ethnic group in the world.
Hani  China (Yunnan),
Hasani  Kazakhstan,
Hausa  Nigeria,
 Saudi Arabia,
 Burkina Faso,
 Cote d'Ivoire,
40,000,000 an ethnic group that occupies a large portion of West Africa, including the Northern part of Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, and in varying mumbers throughout the Sahel and West Africa.
Havasupai  United States (Arizona) 750 Native Americans inhabiting Arizona
Haw  Thailand Chinese people who migrated to Thailand via Burma or Laos. Most of them were from Yunnan, the southern province of China.
Hawaiian  United States (Hawaii, California, Nevada, Washington, Guam) 164,918 Polynesian indigenous people of the island chain in the Pacific Ocean.
Hapa  United States 527,077 mixed Asian/Native Hawaiian/White-European American peoples in the USA.
Hazara Iranian  Afghanistan
6,900,000 Islam
Herero  Namibia,
240,000 most live in Namibia.
Hesquiat  Canada (British Columbia) 680 Native Americans inhabiting British Columbia
Hezhen  Russia,
18,000 Also known as "Nanai People".
Hidatsa  United States (North Dakota) Siouan people, a part of the Three Affiliated Tribes.
Himba  Namibia,
20,000 - 50,000
Hindi people Indo-Aryan  India people from the loosely defined linguistic region in North and Central India where Hindi languages are widely spoken.
Hinukhs  Russia 443 from the Tsunta region of southwest Dagestan
Hispanic Romance  United States 49,850,000 Americans with origins in (as defined by law, in Mexico, Puerto Rico, or other Spanish-Speaking Cultures.) Latin America.
Hmar Sino-Tibetan  India < 100,000 Christianity
Hmong  China,
 United States,
 French Guiana,
4,000,000 - 5,000,000 an ethnic minority in China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, French Guiana varies from languages.
Hoa  Vietnam 823,071 a minority living in Vietnam consisting of persons considered to be ethnic Chinese.
Ho-Chunk  United States (Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa) 7,000 also known as Winnebago.
Hoh  United States (Washington) 81 Native Americans inhabiting western Washington.
Hoklo  China,
 Hong Kong,
60,000,000 A subgroup of Han Chinese of Taiwan, southern Fujian, and in Wenzhou and Zhoushan prefectures of Zhejiang province. They are also known as Hokkiens.
Holikachuk  Canada (Yukon Territory) an Athabaskan people native to western Alaska.
Hopi  United States (Arizona) 18,327 Native American, of the southwest USA.
Houma  United States (Louisiana) 10,837 Native American.
H're  Vietnam 113,111 most live in Vietnam's South Central Coast.
Hualapai  United States (Arizona) 1,965 Native American.
Huastec  Mexico 66,000 Natives of Mesoamerica.
Hui people  China 10,000,000 a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in China.
Huichol  Mexico 43,929 Native Americans in Mexico.
Hungarians Ugric  Hungary
 Romania (Transylvania)
 Serbia ( Vojvodina)
13,200,000 - 14,500,000 Christianity
Hunzakuts  Pakistan 87,000 also known as Burusho people.
Huli  Papua New Guinea 136,000 live in the Southern Highlands districts of Tari, Koroba, Margaraima and Komo, of Papua New Guinea.
Hunzibs  Russia 1,840 a group in southern Dagestan.
Hupa  United States (California) 2,140 Native American.
Huron  United States (Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas),
 Canada (Quebec)
8,900 Eastern USA Native American. Also known as Wyandot.
Hutsuls  Ukraine,
26,290 Ukrainian mountain people of Ukraine and Romania.
Hutu  Rwanda,
 Democratic Republic of Congo
11,500,000 a people mainly of Rwanda and Burundi.
Hyksos  Egypt historic peoples of ancient Egypt, originated in Southwest Asia.
Iatmul  Papua New Guinea 343,180 an ethnic minority group in Papua.
Iban  Malaysia,
600,000 an ethnic group of Dayak (Sea Dayak) in Borneo, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.
Ibanag  Philippines 500,000 A Filipino minority ethnic group.
Ibibio  Nigeria 4,482,000 West Africa (Nigeria).
Icelanders Germanic  Iceland 450,000 Majority ethnic group of Iceland.
Igbo  Nigeria 30,000,000 A West African people based primarily in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Their language is also called Igbo.
Igorot  Philippines 500,000 A Filipino minority ethnic group.
Ijaw  Nigeria 15,000,000 Collection of peoples indigenous mostly to the forest regions of the Niger Delta.
I-Kiribati  Kiribati 103,500 Mix of diverse islander communities, including different populations on Phoenix-islands, Line-Islands, etc.
Illiniwek  United States also known as the Illini, Illinois, or Illinois Confederacy.
Ilocano  Philippines 9,136,000 Third largest Filipino ethnic group.
Ilonggo  Philippines 8,200,000 A Filipino ethnic group.
Imereti  Georgia 700,000
Inca  Peru Of western South America, along the Andes and particularly Peru.
Indo-Caribbean  Trinidad and Tobago,
2,000,000 Caribbean people (found mostly in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica) and South American people (found mostly in Guyana, Suriname)of South Asian origins India, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Indo-Guyanese  Guyana 327,000 Guyanese people of (South Asian) Indian origins.
Indo-Jamaican  India East Indians from Jamaica) as a result of British indentureship in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Indo-Surinamese  Suriname,
135,000 Also known as Hindustanis
Indo-Trinidadian  Trinidad and Tobago 525,000 Trinidad and Tobago people of South Asian origins: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka and former British colonies of Guyana in South America.
Ingessana  Ethiopia an ethnic minority group in Ethiopia.
Ingushes Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Ingushetia) 500,000
Innu  Canada 18,000 Native Americans of eastern Canada.
Inuit Eskimo-Aleut  United States,
150,000 Christianity
Iñupiat Iñupiat languages  United States 13,500
Irani  India religious and ethnic community of the Indian subcontinent. See also Parsi.
Iraqi Turkmens Turkic  Iraq 500,000 - 3,000,000 Islam
Irish Celtic  United States
 United Kingdom ( Northern Ireland)
80,000,000 Christianity
Iroquois  United States,
125,000 Native Americans once widespread in the eastern USA (the Iroquois Confederacy of upstate New York) and Canada.
Ishkashmis  Afghanistan,
Isleta  United States Natives from New Mexico.
Isoko  Nigeria 475,000
Istriot  Croatia 1,000
Istro-Romanians  Croatia 76 Istria.
Italians Romance  Italy 140,000,000 (60,000,000) Largest ethnic group in Italy. Includes people with Italian ancestry (brackets denote completely Italian).
Itelmens Chukotko-Kamchatkan  Russia 3,193
Itsekiri  Nigeria A Nigerian minority ethnic group, located in Delta State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, West Africa.
Izhorians  Ukraine,
Jakaltek people  Guatemala 47,024 - 88,000 Maya people of Guatemala.
Jakut  Russia an ethnic minority in Russia.
Janjevci  Kosovo,
10,000 South Slavic group.
Japanese Japonic  Japan 127,000,000 -
Jassic  Hungary (Jász) of Hungary.
Javanese Austronesian  Indonesia 95,217,022 Islam
Jebala 1,000,000 an ethnic group of northern Morocco.
Jemez  United States Pueblo Indians of New Mexico.
Jing 22,517
Jingpo 1,130,000 an ethnic group in Yunnan.
Jino 22,000
Jivaro  Peru
An ethnic minority in Peru and Ecuador.
Jola  Senegal 500,000
Jopadhola  Uganda
Kabarday Northwest Caucasian  Russia ( Kabardino-Balkaria)
520,000 - 1,628,500 Islam
Kalash Indo-Aryan  Pakistan (Chitral District 4,100 Islam
Kale  Wales Romani people in Wales.
Kalenjin  Kenya 4,967,328
Kallawaya  Peru an ethnic minority in Peru.
Kaliai an ethnic minority group in Papua.
Kalispel  United States 400
Kalaallit  Greenland 50,000 Inuit living in Greenland.
Kalmyks Mongolic  Russia ( Kalmykia) 184,000 Buddhism
Kaluli  Papua New Guinea an ethnic minority group in Papua.
Kamas  United States
Kamayura  Brazil 467 An ethnic minority in Brazil.
Kannadiga Dravidian  India 45,000,000 Hinduism
Kanembu  Chad 655,000
Kapauku a Papuan ethnic group speaking Ekari.
Kapampangan  Philippines 2,890,000 A Filipino ethnic group.
Karachay Turkic  Russia ( Karachay-Cherkessia) 300,000 Islam
Karaims Turkic  Ukraine 2,000 Judaism
Karajá  Brazil 3,000 An ethnic minority in Brazil.
Karakalpaks Turkic  Uzbekistan ( Karakalpakstan) 520,000 Islam
Karamojong  Uganda a people primarily of northeastern Uganda.
Karelians Finnic  Russia ( Karelia)
Karen  Burma
9,000,000 Southeast Asia.
Karok  United States 4,800 Natives of California, USA.
Kashubians  Poland 500,000 a Slavic people of northern Europe.
Katang  Laos 95,440
Kavango  Namibia 200,000
Kaw or Kansa Indians  United States 3,126 Midwestern Native Americans.
Kayapo  Brazil 8,638 An ethnic minority in Brazil.
Kazakhs Turkic  Kazakhstan
13,600,000 Islam
Kenyah  Indonesia 69,256 Indonesia.
Kets  Russia 1,600
Khakas Turkic  Russia ( Khakassia) 80,000 Christianity
Khang  Vietnam 13,840
Khants Ugric  Russia ( Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) 28,000 Christianity
Khassonké  Mali
Khinalugs  Azerbaijan 2,075
Khmer  Cambodia,
16,000,000 Largest ethnic group in Cambodia. Also found in neighbouring countries.
Khmu Austroasiatic languages  Laos
Kho Mu  Laos
Khoikhoi Southern Africa.
Khomani or Nu
Khufis  Tajikistan
Kickapoo  United States
5,000 Native Americans of the USA and a small Kickapoo tribal community in the Rio Grande valley of Texas and northern Mexico.
Kĩkũyũ  Kenya 6,623,000 Native to the African country of Kenya.
Vietnamese  Vietnam
 United States
77,000,000 Buddhism. Also known as [Kinh]] or Jing.
Kiowa  United States 12,000 Native Americans of the Great Plains of the USA.
Klallam  United States
Klamath  United States Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest (USA).
Klikitat  United States
Knanaya  India 300,000 Originally Jewish migrants to India; they are now found in various religious sects including Christianity. They follow strict endogamy, a practice which has been facing increasing challenge from exogamous peoples now. Now many have migrated worldwide.
Kolchan  United States
Kodava  India 166,000 an indigenous people and an ethno-linguistic minority residing in present-day SW Karnataka, in India.
Kombai ethnic minority in Papua.
Kogi an ethnic minority in Colombia.
Komi Finnic  Russia ( Komi Republic) 295,000
Koniag  United States Alutiiq people of Alaska.
Kongo  Democratic Republic of the Congo,
 Republic of the Congo,
10,000,000 a major ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the largest in the Republic of the Congo.
Kootenai  United States
Koptian an ethno-religious group, most live in Egypt.
Koreans Koreanic  South Korea
 North Korea
Korowai  Indonesia 3,000 An ethnic minority in Papua.
Koryaks  Russia 8,812 An ethnic minority in Russia.
Kosraean Ethnic group at Kosrae, part of the Federated States of Micronesia.
Koskimo  Canada 5,500
Koyukon  United States 2,300 Natives of Alaska.
Kozaks Natives of USA.
Kpelle  Guinea
1,220,000 Group from Guinea and Liberia.
Kraho Natives of northwestern Brazil.
Krashovans  Romania 5,000
Kri Group from Sierra Leone, western Africa.
Kristang  Malaysia
A creole ethnic group in Malacca, Malaysia and Singapore.
Krymchaks Turkic  Ukraine ( Crimea)  ? Judaism
Kuban Cossacks Slavic
Kubu  Indonesia Indonesia.
Kuikuru An ethnic minority in Brazil.
Kuna  Panama
50,000 an ethnic minority in Panama.
Kumeyaay  United States
Kumyks Turkic  Russia ( Dagestan) 500,000 Islam
Kurds Iranian  Turkey
30,000,000 - 38,000,000 Islam
Kuruba Gowda Indigenous people of India.
Ktunaxa Indigenous people of British Columbia and Idaho.
Kwakiutl an ethnic minority in Canada.
Kwakwaka'wakw Indigenous peoples of the central British Columbia coast.
Kyrgyz Turkic  Kyrgyzstan 4,500,000 Islam
La Chi
La Ha  Vietnam 8,177
Lahu  China
Laguna  United States Pueblo Indians of New Mexico.
Laigain from the northwestern region of Gaul.
Lakota  United States 100,000 Native Americans of the Great Plains of the USA and Canada.
Laks Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Dagestan) 180,000 Islam
Lamet  Laos
Langi (also Lango) – an ethnic group of Uganda (a Luo people)
Lao  Laos 3,800,000 southeast Asia.
Lao American  United States 232,130
Lao Sung Tai-Kadai  Laos
Lao Theung  Laos 2,000,000 Laos.
Latgalians  Latvia 150,000 Baltic people in Eastern part of Latvia, northeastern Europe.
Latvians Baltic  Latvia 1,650,000 Christianity
Layap  Bhutan 1,100 ethnic minority in the North of India.
Laz Kartvelian  Georgia
202,000 Islam
Lebou  Senegal
Lemkos  Poland
66,000 Slavic mountain people of Central Europe (Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia).
Lenca  Honduras
 El Salvador
137,000 An ethnic minority in Honduras.
Lengua An ethnic minority in Argentina.
Leonese  Spain 1,000,000 A European people in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsule (Spain and Portugal). Their language is Leonese.
Lezgis Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Dagestan)
900,000 Islam
Lhoba  China 5,600
Lhotshampa  Bhutan 240,000 people of Nepali ancestry in Bhutan. Can be of any ethnic or religious group, but are mostly Pahari-speaking Hindus. Found mostly in the south of the country.
Li  China (Hainan) 1,460,000
Limbus    Nepal 463,000
Limburgish speaking people of the tri-national area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
Lipka Tatars Turkic  Belarus
10,000 - 15,000 Islam
Lipovans  Romania 36,000 Danube Delta, Romania.
Lisu  China
1,200,000 an ethnic minority in Thailand.
Lithuanians Baltic  Lithuania 4,000,000 Christianity
Livonians Finnic  Latvia 204
Lo Lo
Lobi  Ghana
 Burkina Faso
 Côte d'Ivoire
Lotuko  South Sudan 100,000
Louisiana Creole people  United States USA Louisiana.
Lozi  Zambia
Lua  Laos A minority cultural group of Laos, people in Laos, Southeast Asia.
Luba  Democratic Republic of the Congo 13,000,000 an ethnic minority group in the Congo.
Lue  China
Luhya  Kenya 6,100,000 an ethnic group of Kenya comprising several closely related ethnic groups. A few other related ethnicities are located in two of Kenya's neighboring countries: Uganda and Tanzania.
Luiseno  United States 2,500 Native Americans of Southern California (USA).
Lumad  Philippines A Filipino minority ethnic group.
Lumbee  United States 55,000 Native Americans of the Carolinas (USA).
Lummi  United States 6,590 Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest (USA).
Lunda  DRC
1,450,000 an ethnic minority group in DR Congo.
Lun Bawang/Lun Dayeh (Borneo)  Indonesia
38,100 an ethnic minority group in (Malaysia,Brunei,Indonesia)
Luo (also Joluo)  Kenya
6,000,000 a people of Kenya and Tanzania (part of the larger Luo group).
Luxembourgers Germanic  Luxembourg 430,000 ethnic group native to Luxembourg.
Luxembourg American  United States 40,658
Maasai  Kenya
1,270,000 people of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.
Macaoese  Macau 500,000 People of Macau origin. Known as 'Macaísta' in Portuguese.
Macedonians Slavic  Macedonia 2,000,000 - 2,200,000
Macuxi  Brazil
Madeirans  Madeira 267,785
Madheshis    Nepal 2,600,000
Madurese  Indonesia 7,179,356
Magar people    Nepal 1,900,000
Marwari People from Mewar, Rajasthan, Indian region, generally known for their trading skills
Mewat Ethnic group from Mewat, Rajasthan, Indian region
Mahican  United States Native Americans from New England.
Maidu  United States 2,500 Native Americans of Northern California (USA).
Mailu an ethnic minority group in Papua.
Maingtha See Achang.
Maka  Cameroon 90,000 people of southern Cameroon.
Makah  United States 1,213
Makua  Mozambique 1,160,000
Malagasi an ethnic minority in Madagascar.
Malay  Malaysia
27,000,000 located primarily in the Malay peninsula, and parts of Sumatra and Borneo.
Malayali Dravidian  India 35,757,100 Hinduism
Maliseet  United States
Maltese Semitic  Malta 1,000,000 Christianity
Mam  Guatemala
640,000 a Maya people of Guatemala.
Mamamwa an ethnic minority in the Philippines.
Manasi An ethnic minority in Bolivia.
Manchu Tungusic  China 10,000,000  ?
Mandan  United States Native Americans.
Mandinka  Côte d'Ivoire,
 Burkina Faso,
 The Gambia
13,000,000 an ethnic group in West Africa (part of the Manding linguistic/cultural subgroup of the Mandé peoples).
Mang people  Vietnam 4,500
Mangbetu  DRC an ethnic minority in DR Congo.
Mangyan  Philippines 100,000 A Filipino minority ethnic group.
Mansis Ugric  Russia ( Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) 12,500 Christianity
Manx  England 40,000 indigenous people of the Isle of Man.
Maonan  China 107,000
Māori  New Zealand 750,000 indigenous people of New Zealand.
Mapuche  Chile
1,700,000 Non-homogeneous peoples of South America, inhabiting Chile and western Argentina.
Marathis Indo-Aryan  India 70,000,000 - 80,000,000 Hinduism
Mari  Russia 600,000 Uralic.
Maricopa  United States 800
Marind-Anim an ethnic minority in Papua New Guinea.
Mashantucket Pequots  United States 785 Native Americans of New England.
Matabele Southern Africa.
Mataco  Argentina 42,000 An ethnic minority in Argentina.
Matis  Brazil 390 ethnic minority.
Mattaponi  United States 1,000
Maya  Guatemala
 El Salvador
6,000,000 collective term for diverse groups of indigenous peoples of south-east Mexico and northern Central America, widespread although most live in Mexico and Guatemala, and extends into Central America and recent immigrants of Mayan descent in the USA.
Mayo  Mexico 40,000 An ethnic minority in Mexico.
Mazandarenis  Iran 4,000,000 Southern Caspian people.
M'Baka Template:Country data CAR
Mbaya  Paraguay
An ethnic minority in Paraguay.
Mbochi  Congo third largest ethnic group of the Republic of the Congo.
Mbuti  DRC 30,000
Megleno-Romanians Romance  Greece 6,000 a Vlach ethnic group in Greece.
Meherrin  United States 900
Mekeo an ethnic minority group in Papua.
Melungeons of the Southeastern USA  United States
Memon  India
ethnic group in India and Pakistan.
Menba  India
Mende  Sierra Leone
2,000,000 an ethnic group in Sierra Leone (a Mande people).
Menominee  United States 8,700 Eastern USA Native American.
Mennonites  United States 1,700,000 They are divided into ** The Amish or the Pennsylvania Dutch, and ** The Hutterites.
Mentawai  Indonesia 64,000 Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Mer  India Saurashtra, Gujarat, India.
Mestizo Aymaran, Guaraní, Mayan, Nahuan, Philippines, Quechuan, Romance, and other Amerindians language family  Argentina,
 Canada (Metís),
 Costa Rica,
 El Salvador,
 United States,
230,000,000 - 260,000,000 People of mixed European and Native America or people of mixed Filipino and non-natives (mainly white) ancestry from Americas and the Philippines. Make up the largest portion of the Hispanics.
Métis  Canada
 United States
Meitei  India People of a South Asian Ancient Kingdom, now merged to India, Also known as Manipuri, this ethnic group has sub groups like Meitei Naga, Meitei Kuki, Meitei Pangan and other subsets.
Me-Wuk  United States 3,500
Mbuti  DRC 30,000 an ethnic minority group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Miccosukee  United States 400 Eastern USA Native American.
Mi'kmaq  United States
65,000 Eastern USA and Atlantic Canada Native American.
Mina  India Meenas, Meena or Mina is a community mainly found in Rajasthan, India.
Mekeo an ethnic minority group in Papua.
Miao  China 9,000,000 Ethnic minority group primarily spread out across southern China.
Minahasa/Manadonese Northern Part of Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Minangkabau  Indonesia 8,000,000 West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Mingo people  United States
Mingrelians Kartvelian  Georgia 400,000 Christianity
Miskito  Nicaragua
200,000 native people of coastal Nicaragua.
Mitsogo  Gabon an ethnic minority group in Gabon.
Miwok Native Americans of Northern California (USA).
Mixtec  Mexico
 United States
830,000 Central American natives. Live in Mexico.
Mizrahi Jews Semitic  Israel 1,750,000 Judaism
Mizo Sino-Tibetan  India
1,500,000 Christianity
Mlabri  Laos 300 an ethnic minority in Laos.
Mnong  Vietnam
Modoc  United States 800 Native Americans of the Western USA.
Mohajir  Pakistan 13,000,000 Descendents of Indian immigrants to Pakistan at the time of partition.
Mohave  United States 767 Native Americans of the southwest USA.
Mohawk  United States Eastern USA Native American.
Mohegan  United States 1,300
Mokshas  Russia 296,000 Finnic people in Middle Volga area
Molise Croats  Italy 5,000
Mon Austroasiatic  Burma
8,100,000 Buddhism
Monacan  United States 2,000 Native American ethnic group from the Eastern USA.
Monesque people from Monaco.
Mongo  Democratic Republic of the Congo 12,000,000
Mongols Mongolic  Mongolia
11,000,000 Buddhism
Mono Native Americans from Eastern California and Nevada.
Monovish  Ireland,
 United Kingdom
Montagnais  Canada 18,000 Native Americans of Canada.
Montaukett  United States 600
Montenegrins Slavic  Montenegro 343,000 Christianity
Moravians  Czech Republic
525,000 people living in the Moravia region of Czech Republic, not to be confused with the Moravian diaspora, a global Christian religious community of the Moravian Church.
Moriori  New Zealand indigenous ethnic-group of the Chatham Islands, New Zealand.
Morisco Spanish Muslims who converted to Christianity.
Morlachs Nearly extinct Latin-based ethnocultural group of Croatia.
Moro Austronesian  Philippines 9,800,000 Islam
Mossi Niger-Congo  Burkina Faso
 Côte d'Ivoire
7,500,000 Islam
Motuan  Papua New Guinea an ethnic minority in Papua New Guinea.
Muckleshoot  United States 3,300 Indians – Native Americans.
Mudéjar Muslims of Al-Andalus, who remained in Christian territory after the Reconquista
Muhajir (Pakistan) Urdu speaking population of Pakistan, who migrated from India to Pakistan at the time of partition of India in 1947.
Mulam  China 207,000
Mulatto Blacks with mixed European and African ancestry, but the terminology "Mulatto" has become considered racially charged in the USA.
Mundas  India 9,000,000
Mundurucu  Brazil 11,630 An ethnic minority in Brazil.
Muong  Vietnam 1,268,963
Mursi  Ethiopia 7,500
Myene  Gabon
Naga  India
2,000,000 (see List of Naga tribes) – an ethnic group in India and Burma.
Nahua  Mexico 3,500,000 Native Mexicans. Largest native ethnics in Mexico. They speak Nahuatl, the largest native American language in North America. The Nahuas are also the largest united natives in North America.
Namaqua  South Africa
Nanais Tungusic  Russia
18,000 Buddhism
Nansemond  United States 200
Narragansett  United States 2,400 native Americans of New England.
Nasia an ethnic minority group in New Guinea.
Natchez  United States
6,000 An ethnic minority in Mexico.
Nauruan  Nauru 6,000 Micronesian group of islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Navajo  United States 300,000 Native Americans of the southwest USA. Mostly situated in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Largest Native American tribal nation in the USA.[citation needed]
Naxi  China 300,000
Ndau  Mozambique
Ndebele  South Africa
700,000 an ethnic group of southern Africa (a Nguni people).
Negidals  Russia 550
Negrito Umbrella term of many minority groups of the Maritime Southeast Asia.
Nenets Samoyedic  Russia 45,000 Christianity
Nespelem  United States alternate spelling Nespelim or Nespilim; Salish Native Americans of eastern Washington State.
Nevisian of the island of Saint Nevis  Saint Kitts and Nevis 12,000
Newar Tibeto-Burman    Nepal 1,320,000 Indigenous people of Kathmandu.
Nez Percé  United States 3,500 Native Americans of the Rocky Mountains area.
Ngasan An ethnic minority in Russia.
Ngái  Vietnam 1,000
Nganasans Samoyedic  Russia 1,000
Niominka  Senegal 10,000
Nipmuc  United States 1,400
Nishka  Canada
Nisqually  United States 588
Nisei see Japanese American along with Sansei.
Nivkh  Russia 5,800 An ethnic minority in Russia.
NiueanPolynesian  Niue 1,400 island in the Pacific Ocean.
Ni-Vanuatu  Vanuatu 245,000 of Vanuatu, an island chain in the Pacific Ocean.
Njem  Cameroon 7,000 people of southern Cameroon.
Nogais Turkic  Russia ( Dagestan)
128,000 Islam
Nomlaki  United States 332
Nooksack  United States 1,800 Native Americans of Washington.
Norwegians Germanic  Norway
 United States
10,000,000 Christianity
Nu  China 27,000
N/u or Khomani
Nuba peoples  Sudan 1,000,000 an ethnic minority group in Sudan.
Nubians  Sudan
1,700,000 an African people native to the upper Nile Valley, between Egypt and Sudan.
Nuer  South Sudan southern Sudan and western Ethiopia.
Nukak  Colombia 550 an ethnic minority in Colombia.
Nung  Vietnam 968,000
Nuristani Nuristani  Afghanistan 300,000 Islam
Nuu-chah-nulth  Canada 9,323 Native Americans of the Pacific northwest of North America.
Nyagatom ethnic minority in Ethiopia.
Nzema  Ghana
 Côte d'Ivoire
500,000 People living in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.
O Du  Vietnam 570
Occitania Occitan Language speaking peoples in Southern France.
Odawa  United States
15,000 Anishinaabe
Oglala  United States 46,855 Native Americans of the central USA.
Ogoni  Nigeria 850,000
Ojibwa  United States
220,000 Anishinaabe Native Americans of Canada and the northern USA.
Okies A transplanted sociocultural group from Oklahoma and the Great Plains states to California and the US West Coast.
Okinawans  Japan
Omaha  United States 6,000
Omagua An ethnic minority in Brazil.
Oneida  United States 45,000
Onondaga  United States 5,000
O'Odham see Tohono O'Odham.
Oroch  Russia 1,000
Orokaiva  Papua New Guinea an ethnic minority group in Papua.
Oroks  Russia 360
Oromo  Ethiopia,
34,000,000 in East Africa.
Oroqen  China 8,000
Osage Nation  United States 16,000 of Oklahoma.
Ossetians Iranian  Russia ( North Ossetia-Alania)
 South Ossetia
720,000 Christianity
Otavaleño  Ecuador an ethnic minority in Ecuador.
Otoe-Missouria  United States 2,554
Ottawa Native Americans.
Ovambo  Namibia 1,500,000
Pa Then  Vietnam 6,811
Paiute  United States 6,300 Native Americans of the Western USA.
Pākehā  New Zealand New Zealanders of European ancestry.
Palcene  Bulgaria
Paliyan  India
Pamunkey  United States 200
Pangasinan people  Philippines 1,500,000 A Filipino ethnic group.
Pa-O  Burma 600,000 Burma.
Pashu  Indonesia,
8,000,000 Descendants of Chinese people in South East Asia.
Pashtun Iranian  Pakistan
50,000,000 Islam
Parsi  India 125,000 - 200,000 ethno-religious group of the Indian subcontinent (etymologically related to, but not to be confused with Persian language word for a person from Pars). Descended from Zoroastrian Persians who migrated to the northern Indian subcontinent.
Passamaquoddy  United States
Pataxo  Brazil 2,790
Pattar Belong to Vishwakarma community in India. Pattar actually means, 'Goldsmith'.
Pa-Thi  Burma Burma.
Paugusset  United States 100
Pawnee  United States 3,240 Eastern USA Native American
Pennsylvania Dutch  United States members of Plain sects who conduct religious services in Pennsylvania German, a dialect very similar to the German spoken in the lower Rhine area, from which they came.
Penan  Brunei
9,500 ethnic minority in Malaysia.
Pennsylvania German  United States people of many religious affiliations whose families were formerly Pennsylvania Dutch. Called Pennsylvania Dutch by some.
Penobscot  United States 2,278 Eastern USA Native American.
Papel  Senegal,
Perce Native Americans.
Phu La  Vietnam 11,000
Phu Noi
Phu Thai  Thailand,
Picardy Picards.
Pied-noir French people who live(d) in North Africa (primarily in Algeria when it was part of France before the war of independence, 1954–62).
Piegan  United States Native Americans.
Pima  United States 20,000 Native Americans of the Southwest USA.
Pit River Indians  United States 1,800
Pitcairn-Norfolk, microcosm of English settlers on two islands in the South Pacific.
Pilaga  Argentina 4,000 An ethnic minority in Argentina.
Pokot people  Uganda
Polabian Slavs Slavic
Polish Slavic  Poland
 United States
60,000,000 - 70,000,000
Polynesians  New Zealand,
 United States,
1,500,000 a.k.a. Pacific Islanders. Consists of various ethnic groups that speak Polynesian languages.
Pomaks Slavic  Turkey
500,000 Islam
Pomo  United States 10,000 Western USA Native American. Most live in California.
Ponca  United States 6,700 Native Americans of the Great Plains (USA).
Ponhpeian  Micronesia ethnic group at Pohnpei, part of the Federated States of Micronesia.
Pontic Greeks Hellenic  Greece,
3,000,000 a population group in Greece and the southern coast of Black Sea.
Portuguese Romance  Portugal,
115,000,000 Christianity
Potawatomi  United States 28,000 Eastern USA Anishinaabe Native American.
Potiguara  Brazil 12,000
Powhatan  United States Eastern USA Native American.
Pu Peo
Pueblo people  United States Native Americans of the Rocky Mountains-area and the desert Southwest USA.
Puelche  Chile An ethnic minority in Argentina and Chile.
Puerto Ricans  United States
 Puerto Rico
Puget Sound Salish of Washington.
Purépecha  United States
175,000 Native Americans living in western Mexico.
Punan  Malaysia 5,000
Pumi  China 30,000
Punjabis Indo-Aryan  Pakistan
 United Kingdom
120,000,000 Islam
Puyallup  United States 4,000
Qashqai Turkic  Iran 1,000,000 Islam
Qiang  China 200,000
Quapaw  United States 3,240 Native Americans of the Southern Plains (USA)
Quechan  United States 1,200
Québécois  Canada 9,721,365 Christianity
Quechuas  Peru
11,000,000 South American people (various ethnic groups speaking Quechua) of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile
Quiché (K'iche')  Guatemala 1,270,000
Quileute  United States 2,000
Quinault  United States
Quinqui  Spain semi-nomadic group of Spain
Ra Glai  Vietnam 122,245
Rajasthani  India 13,000,000+ Ethnic group from Rajasthan - Western part of India.
Rakhine  Burma 3,361,000 Rakhine State, Burma
Rakuba an ethnic minority group in Chad
Ramapough Mountain Indians  United States 2,654
Rappahannock  United States 500 of the mid-Atlantic region of the USA
Rashaida  Eritrea,  Sudan 270,000 minority group in Sudan, closely related to the Bedouin
Rehoboth Baster people of Namibia in southern Africa
Ripuarian people of the tri-national area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
Ro Mam  Vietnam 436
Rohingya Indo-Aryan  Burma,
3,000,000 Islam
Romani Indo-Aryan  Bulgaria,
2,000,000 - 12,000,000 Christianity
Romanians Romance  Romania
23,623,890 Christianity
Rotuman  Fiji 10,000 Native of Rotuma, Fiji
Russians Slavic  Russia
133,000,000 - 150,000,000 Christianity
Rusyns  United States,
Rutuls  Russia 35,000 Dagestani
Ryukyuans the native inhabitants of the Ryukyus, a chain of islands starting about 200 km (124 mi) southwest of the Japanese mainland
Saarlanders of Saarland, Germany and adjacent part of France  Germany 1,000,000
Saek  Laos,
Saho  Eritrea,
213,000 northern Ethiopia
Salar  China 104,000
Salish  United States,
of Washington and British Columbia.
Samanthan  India
Samaritan  Israel,
Sami  Norway,
 United States,
163,000 Nordic (Norwegian, Finnic and Swedish) people, thought to be among the oldest ethnic groups in Europe.
Sammarinese  San Marino 32,000 People of San Marino
Samoans  Samoa,
 United States,
 New Zealand
550,000 Polynesian island chain in the Pacific Ocean, also the largest group of Polynesians. Many Samoans live in the Mainland US and Hawaii (see Samoan American).
Samogitians  Lithuania 500,000 Baltic people in western part of Lithuania, northeastern Europe.
Samojeeds  Russia Ethnic minority in Russia.
Samburu  Kenya an ethnic minority group in Kenya.
San  Botswana an ethnic minority group in Botswana.
San Chay
San Diu
Sanema ethnic minority in South America.
Santee Sioux native Americans of the Great Plains (USA).
Saponi Native American people of North Carolina – related to the Catawba.
Saraikis  Pakistan (mainly in Punjab),
 India (mainly in Punjab and Rajasthan)
25,000,000 - 39,000,000 Found mainly in Punjab, Pakistan. Most Saraiki Hindus also moved to Gujarat and Rajasthan in India after partition
Saramaka  Suriname ethnic minority in Suriname.
Sarakatsani a Greek population of transhumant shepherds in Greece and other parts of the southern Balkans.
Sauk Native Americans of the Midwest/Great Plains (USA).
Savoyard dialect of Savoyards of Savoy in southeastern France
Scottish Celtic  United Kingdom ( Scotland)
 United States
28,000,000 - 40,000,000 Christianity
Selkups Samoyedic  Russia 3,649
Seminole Native Americans of Florida
Seneca Native Americans of the New York area
Senegalese people of Senegal and the Gambia
Sephardic Jews Semitic  Israel
 United States
2,200,000 Judaism
Serbs Slavic  Serbia
 Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Republika Srpska)
10,500,000 - 12,000,000 Christianity
Seychellois Creole people
Seychellois people Ethnic minority in Europe.
Shan Tai-Kadai  Burma
6,000,000 Buddhism
Shavante An ethnic minority in Brazil
Shawnee related peoples to the Algonkian, Delaware (Leni-Lenape) and Iroquois peoples
Sherpa group in Nepal and the Himalaya
Shipibo An ethnic minority in Peru
Shoalwater Bay Tribe
Shona  Zimbabwe,
14,000,000 ethnic group from Zimbabwe and Mozambique
Shors Turkic  Russia ( Kemerovo Oblast) 12,888 Christianity
Shoshone Native Americans of the Great Basin (USA)
Si La
Sidamo southern Ethiopia
Silesians inhabitants of Silesia of either Polish- and German-speaking origins of Poland
Sindhis  Pakistan (mainly in Sindh),
 India (mainly in Gujarat and Rajasthan)
25,000,000 - 39,000,000 Found mainly in Sindh, Pakistan. Most Sindhi Hindus also moved to Gujarat and Rajasthan in India after partition
Sinhalese Indo-Aryan  Sri Lanka 15,000,000 Buddhism
Sinti one of the two main groups of Gypsies, who are of North Indian/Indo-Aryan descent
Sioux  United States (SD, MN, NE, MT, ND), Canada Canada (MB, SK, AB) 170,110 Northern Central USA
Skagit Native Americans
Slovaks Slavic  Slovakia 6,000,000 Christianity
Slovenes Slavic  Slovenia 2,000,000 - 2,500,000 Christianity
Somali  Somalia,
16,000,000 - 19,000,000 Islam
Songhai msinly in Mali (closely related to the Zarma and Dendi)
Soninke a group in Senegal, Mali, and Mauritainia (a Mande people)
Sorbs Slavic  Germany
Southern Tutchone
Spaniards Romance  Spain
134,000,000 - 141,000,000 Christianity
Spokane native tribe of the Pacific Northwest (USA)
Squaxin Island Tribe
Sri Lankan Moors People of mixed Arab descent in Sri Lanka
Sundanese  Indonesia 40,000,000+ western part of Java, Indonesia
Suri ethnic minority in Ethiopia
Surui An ethnic minority in Brazil
Susu group in coastal Guinea (a Mande people)
Suyá tribe of Brazil
Svans Kartvelian  Georgia 14,000 - 30,000 Christianity
Swahili people  Tanzania,
1,328,000 ethnic minority in Kenia and Tanzania
Swazi  Swaziland,
 South Africa
2,482,046 Largest ethnic group of Swaziland, also significant population in South Africa (a Nguni people)
Swedes Germanic  Sweden
13,250,000 Christianity
Syrian Christians or Saint Thomas Christians  India 6,000,000 one of the ancient Christian community from India. Syrian Christians or Saint Thomas Christians are a high caste in the Indian social order. There is a common belief that Saint Thomas Christians were Brahmins converted to Christianity by Saint Thomas in the 1st century
Swiss Romansh
Sylheti India (Barak Valley, Tripura), Bangladesh
T'boli people at Philippines in Mindanao
Ta Oi
Tabasarans Northeast Caucasian  Russia ( Dagestan) 200,000 Islam
Tagalogs Austronesian  Philippines 22,000,000 Christianity
Taíno natives of the Caribbean
Taiwanese aborigines
Tajiks Iranian  Afghanistan
20,000,000 - 23,000,000 Islam
Talysh Iranian  Iran
500,000 Islam
Tamang group in Nepal and the Himalaya
Tamil Dravidian  India
 Sri Lanka
77,000,000 Hinduism
Tanna An ethnic minority in Vanuatu
Taos Pueblo Indians of New Mexico
Tapajo An ethnic minority in Brazil
Tapirapé An ethnic minority in Brazil
Tarahumara Native Americans of the Mexican state of Chihuahua
Tasaday an ethnic minority in the Philippines
Tatars Turkic  Russia ( Tatarstan) 6,800,000 Islam
Tats Iranian  Azerbaijan
 Russia ( Dagestan)
10,900 - 22,041 Islam
Teda an ethnic minority group in Chad
Tehuelche An ethnic minority in Argentina
Teimani Jewish Jews of Yemenite extraction
Tejano Latino immigrants to Texas though they may be its' original Spanish/Amerindian inhabitants
Telefolmin an ethnic minority group in Papua
Telugu Dravidian  India 80,000,000 Hinduism
Tetons (Lakota people) Native Americans of the Rocky Mountains area
Thais Tai-Kadai  Thailand 50,000,000 Buddhism
Thakali minority ethnic group of Nepal
Tibetans Tibeto-Burman  China (Tibet Autonomous Region)
6,500,000 Buddhism
Tigray-Tigrinya  Ethiopia,