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The following is a list of notable female American football players that have either played for predominantly men's American football teams at the youth, high school, college, or semi-professional levels, played in the Legends Football League, or played in traditional women's tackle football leagues such as the Women's Football Alliance, Independent Women's Football League, and Women's Spring Football League. Notable women who presently play or have previously played American football are included on this list.


In predominantly men's leagues[edit]

Almost all of the women who have played on predominantly male college and professional football teams have done so by playing either the placekicker or holder positions.[1] Both positions are usually protected from the full contact present in American football.


  • Sam Gordon: youth football player who achieved global notoriety for her highly skilled play[2]
  • Sarah Crispin: Starting Middle Linebacker, Ridley Middle School, PA. Started playing tackle football at the age of 7. U15 U.S. National Football Team hopeful.[3]
  • Guinevere Servis: plays defensive end for Shenendahowa Middle School 8th grade in NY. Started playing in 7th grade. Plays on a all male team.

High school[edit]

  • Sami Grisafe: First female in California to play Quarterback on an all male Varsity Division I High School (Redlands High School) in the year 2001. She went on to start for the WFA's Chicago Force Women's Semi-Pro Tackle football and played for Team USA in the World Championships in 2010 and 2013 garnering Tournament MVP in the latter. She currently holds several world Championship Women's tackle football records.
  • Erin DiMeglio: first female quarterback to see play in Florida high school football history[4]
  • Holley Mangold: Played high school football as an offensive lineman; younger sister of NFL offensive lineman Nick Mangold. She also competed as a weightlifter in the 2012 Summer Olympics
  • Tami Maida: Junior varsity quarterback at Philomath High School in Philomath, Oregon. In 1981, she became the first known quarterback to also become homecoming princess, and her story was the basis of the CBS movie Quarterback Princess starring Helen Hunt as Maida
  • Tammy Kaye: She is the first female to play on the varsity football team at Rancocas Valley Regional High School, in Mt. Holly, NJ. Kaye played in seven games during the 1985 season, and was a teammate of the future NFL defensive lineman Alonzo Spellman.
  • Jessica Schultz: In 1998, became first female in the state of Tennessee to score a rushing touchdown in a male varsity football game.



In predominantly women's leagues[edit]

LFL players[edit]

Lingerie Bowl (2004–2006)
Legends Football League

Traditional tackle football league players[edit]

Other roles[edit]

As a supplement to the list, women involved in American football as prominent officials, sportscasters, and other significant roles are included after the list.



Front office staff[edit]


On a per capita basis, women have somewhat greater representation in professional football's ownership than in other fields; this is in part due to widows and daughters of deceased owners receiving NFL teams as part of an inheritance.

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