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This is a list of fictional countries supposedly located in North, Central, or South America.


  • Tropico: a tiny Caribbean Spanish-speaking island-nation of non-specified localisation on which is set the action of the Cold War themed eponymous series of city-building games; it can be either communist or capitalistic, democratic or dictatorial, depending on how the player manages the state of government.

Central America[edit]

  • Amerzone: Central American country, the setting of Amerzone video game.
  • Anchuria: Central American country based on Honduras in the novel Cabbages and Kings by O. Henry.
  • British Hidalgo: tiny Central American country in the novel Limekiller by Avram Davidson (See Hidalgo).
  • Chimerica: Central American country from the computer game Hidden Agenda.
  • Hidalgo: Central American country in the Doc Savage novels and film.
  • San Lorenzo: a republic in Central America in Hey Arnold.
  • San Pequeño: Country where nurse Gina Cuevas came from on 1990s sitcom "Nurses".
  • San Xavier: Central American Country from the book Middleworld.
  • Santa Cristal: Central American country in the film Santa Cristal.
  • Tecan: Central American country in the novel A Flag for Sunrise by Robert Stone.
  • Tijata: Central American dictatorship from the film The In-Laws.

"Latin America"[edit]

  • Baracas: Latin American country set in CSI:Miami TV show. Is considered more important for support the torture teams of the U.S. forces in the regional area.
  • Puerto Guavo: Latin American police state in the Joe 90 episode "Big Fish"
  • Republica de los Cocos: a Latin American state in Su Excelencia starring Mario Moreno (commonly known as Cantinflas).
  • San Cordova: a democracy in Latin America from the Mission: Impossible TV episode "The Elixir".
  • Sapogonia: imaginary country, located somewhere to the south of Mexico, where all mestizos come from, in the novel Sapogonia by Ana Castillo.

North America[edit]

  • The New California Republic is a post-apocalyptic nation based on values of the Pre-war United States, such as Democracy, liberty, and the rule of law. It was founded in 2186, and appears in Fallout 2 & Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The Enclave was a secretive part of the United States Government, until the Great War destroyed most of the world. It then became one of the only recognizable pre-war government organizations encountered in the series. It was first encountered on the West Coast (Fallout 2, then later on the East Coast in and around what was left of Washington, D.C. (Fallout 3), with Raven Rock Mountain Complex and the fictional Adams Air Force Base (likely based on Andrews Air Force Base) as its largest installations. After that only small remnants of it remained.
  • Shi (Fictional Nation) is a post-apocalyptic nation that is against post-war politics, and uses some of the Chinese culture, such as their ancestors' customs, clothing, language and demeanor. The younger generations, however, seem to rely more on the surviving popular culture interpretations of Chinese culture (such as kung-fu holovideos), rather than actual cultural traditions. It appears in Fallout 2.
  • The Commonwealth: Is a post-apocalyptic nation was what is left of the pre-War American state of Massachusetts in New England. It appears or is mentioned in Fallout 3 and in its add-ons as well.
  • Republic of Dave (also formerly called Kingdom of Tom, Kingdom of Larry, the Republic of Stevie-Ray, Billsylvania, and the New Republic of Stevie-Ray) is a small farming settlement in the far northeast corner of the Capital Wasteland (Fallout 3) that is considered by its close-knit inhabitants to be a sovereign nation-state. This nation is actually closer to a Micronation, because since on-off monarchies and republics with an only family control it, and they only had one citizen working as a teacher or merchant (optional) during the game. This "Nation" only appears in Fallout 3.
  • "City-state of New Vegas" is a self-described authoritarian-technocracy and oligarchic city-state rule technically by a lost last surviving pre-war survivor which have plans to revive civilization and founded in 2274, then discovered by NCR during first battle of hoover dam. It appears in Titular-video game.
  • Allied States of America: A country in the television series Jericho that forms after nuclear weapons are detonated in many of the United States' major cities. Its capital is Cheyenne, Wyoming, and it controls all of the states west of the Mississippi River, with the exception of Texas.
  • United States of America: A country in the television series Jericho. It is only a fictional country because it only rules over the states east of the Mississippi River. Its capital is Columbus, Ohio.
  • Republic of Texas: A country that was formerly the state of Texas, but has the same borders. Its capital is San Antonio because Dallas and Houston were destroyed.
  • Monroe Republic, were ruled by Sebastian Monroe and his government - was neo-feudal republic dictatorship controlling the former Northeastern United States, Michigan, Wisconsin, most of Virginia, New Jersey, as well as a small part of Canada. The Republic's military, the Monroe Militia, enforces strict laws against citizens owning firearms, which are often punished by death. Also, the Monroe Militia hunts down rebels, who uses the Flag of the United States. The capital of the Monroe Republic is Philadelphia with the Independence Hall serving as the capitol building, However in end of Season 1 the Monroe Republic's capital was destroyed by Nuclear Missile along with Georgia Federation's capital as well thus make the two ended their nations into anarchy until self-proclaimed 'Original American' government paramilitary group named 'The Patriots' take it over former nations into their territory.
  • The Patriots are semi-Paramiltiary/Political group that proclaimed they are the true American government and formerly long-live "capital" at Guantánamo Bay before returning to Washington D.C. as their "Capital" of once USA, They first appear in season 1 finale to destroy both Monroe Republic and Georgia Federation capitals to takeover for reclaiming land.
  • Republic of Texas
  • Georgia Federation
  • Plains Nation, is dominated by Native Americans-like tribes after blackout.
  • California Commonwealth
  • Deseret: a Mormon mini-state forming part of the political landscape in Stoney Compton's Russian Amerika alternative history of North America
  • Ecotopia: an ecological utopia appearing in the novels Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging by Ernest Callenbach. See also Cascadia, a secessionist idea based in part on Callenbach's Ecotopia.
  • Islamic States of America: an Islamic republic in the former United States (minus the old Confederate States, Nevada and Utah) in the novel Prayers for the Assassin by Robert Ferrigno.
  • Opium: from the novel The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. It is a future nation between Aztlan (formerly Mexico) and the United States. This nation is part of a deal made between the Mexican and American governments and a powerful drug lord named El Patrón, promising that the drugs he makes will be sold in Europe and Asia and will also take care of the illegal immigrant problem if he is allowed a strip of land.
  • New Korean Federation of Occupied America: A totalitarian puppet state formed as a result of an invasion by the Greater Korean Republic in the video game Homefront. Stretches from the West Coast to an irradiated Mississippi River, as well as Alaska and Hawaii, and borders the actual United States east of the Mississippi.
  • Panem: A post-apocalyptic country in the "The Hunger Games" Trilogy that exists in parts of what used to be the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It consists of a wealthy city known as The Capitol, as well as Districts 1 through 12, which each provide a certain material for the Capitol's residents. The Districts were forced to send challengers to compete in the Hunger Games, long contests with typically only one winner, the last contestant to remain alive.
  • "Republic" of Boulder City also called "Boulder Free Zone": It's a re-establish democratic city-state formed and founded by "Mother" Abagail in aftermath of World-ending flu; which actually closer of Theocratic-based democracy which formed in Stephen kings The Stand.
  • The alternate history novel, Russian Amerika, has 20th-century North America made up of several independent sovereign nations:[3] The point of divergence is that the United States lost the Civil War with the Confederacy; and as a post-war consequence, the Union loses all ground west of the Mississippi River as American-claimed western lands secede from the Union.

South America[edit]

  • Aquilea: South American country in the film Les Trottoirs de Saturne
  • Brazuela: industrialized South American nation between Venezuela and Brazil in Totally Spies! TV series.
  • Coronado: unstable South American state in a film of the same name, presumably named after Francisco Coronado.
  • Costa Gravas: former Communist state, whose dictator Alejandro Goya opens his country up to democratic elections in the TV show Chuck. The name is similar to Greek-born movie director Costa-Gavras.
  • Federation of the Americas: a united South America and Central America that invaded the United States in Call of Duty: Ghosts.
  • Las Acacias (Republica popular de): Country located inside Argentinian territory, as seen in the famous Argentinian series Telenoche.
  • Miranda / The Mirandan Republic: South American nation from Luis Buñuel's film The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, from which the character Don Rafael is an ambassador to France. It is referred to by several characters as an unpleasant place with a strict military, oppressive leadership, and high murder rate.
  • Montenegro: South American nation from Centurions TV series.
  • Olancho: The setting (described as "one of those little republics down there") of Richard Harding Davis' 1897 novel, Soldiers of Fortune.
  • Quisto: South American country from Centurions TV series.
  • República Popular del Tandil : Republic located inside Argentinian territory, with almost five person with passport, and one embassy in Spain.
  • San Monté (3): South American country at the break of civil war from Action Comics #1.
  • San Pasquale: South American country in Commander in Chief. Possibly based on Bolivia or Panama.
  • Thirteenth Federated Constitutional Republic of Greater San Miguel: Featured in the Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. episode "Wild Bull of the Pampas" with Larry Storch as its General, and commander of his country's Army, Navy and Air force. This country is located at the foot of a mountain somewhere near Brazil.
  • Vespugia: South American nation located in Patagonia, site of ancient step pyramids and a history of some Welsh settlement; in books by Madeleine L'Engle. In an alternate timeline it was ruled by a dictator who threatened nuclear warfare.


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