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This list of fictional birds of prey is subsidiary to the list of fictional birds. It is restricted to notable bird of prey characters from the world of fiction.


Character Species Origin Author Notes
Archimedes Owl The Once and Future King T. H. White Merlyn's familiar. Remade by Disney as The Sword in the Stone.
Bess Boreal owl Guardians of Ga'Hoole Kathryn Lasky
Chil Kite The Jungle Book, The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling A male kite who helps rescue Mowgli from the Bandar-Logs.
The divine condor Condor The Return of the Condor Heroes Jin Yong
Farsight Eagle The Last Battle C. S. Lewis
Frightful Peregrine falcon My Side of the Mountain Jean Craighead George The avian companion of the story's main character, 12-year-old Sam Gribley.
Glimfeather, Master Owl The Silver Chair C. S. Lewis
Hedwig Snowy owl Harry Potter J. K. Rowling Harry's pet owl.
Kestrel and tawny owl Owls The Animals of Farthing Wood Colin Dann
Owl Owl Winnie-the-Pooh A. A. Milne's Knowledgeable yet spells things wrong like his name as 'Wol'.
Soren, Gylfie, Twilight, Digger Owl Guardians of Ga'Hoole Kathryn Lasky
Thorondor, Gwaihir, Landroval Eagles The Lord of the Rings J. R. R. Tolkien
Tobias Red-tailed hawk Animorphs K. A. Applegate A human who becomes trapped in that form.
Wise Owl Owl Little Grey Rabbit Alison Uttley A predatory owl who can be befriended with a hankie of truce. Gives information in return for items of value and hates being disturbed in daylight.
Vlad Vladikoff Vulture Horton Hears a Who! Dr. Seuss One of the main antagonists who tries to lose the Whoville planet from Horton.


Character Species Origin Notes
Cathryn Aura Vulture Kevin and Kell Has a son called Nigel
Condorito Andean condor Condorito Has a nephew called Coné
Gyoutenmaru Hawk Change 123
Hooty Owl Dr. Mid-nite Dr. Mid-nite's Pet
Howland Owl Owl Pogo
Loki Helios Owl Hoshi no Samidare
Professor Owl Princess Resurrection
Sarcophagus MacAbre Vulture Pogo
Simorgh Eagle Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu
Ossie Owl Owl Acorn Green A source of wisdom.
Wiz Merlin (bird) Shoe (comic strip)

Film & Television[edit]

Character Species Origin Notes
Buck Vulture Oscar's Oasis
Charlie Owl New Zoo Revue
Ollie Beak Owl Tuesday Rendezvous
Dr. Blinky Owl H.R. Pufnstuf
Falcon Peregrine falcon Stuart Little 2
Freedom Bald eagle G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero The avian companion of Spirit, a Native American tracker
Hoots the Owl Owl Sesame Street An owl that plays a saxophone. He debuted on Sesame Street for the 16th season (1985), but was retired from the show in the 32nd season (2001).
Orson Vulture H.R. Pufnstuf
Sam the Eagle Eagle The Muppet Show
X Owl Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Wiser Owl Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return A fat owl who is clumsy and is good friends with Dorothy.


Character Species Origin Notes
Ash Vulture El Americano: The Movie a vulture who is Martin's feared henchbird and never speaks.
Ajax Lammergeier Zambezia
Astarte Falcon The Missing Lynx
Aurora Red-tailed hawk Adventures from the Book of Virtues
Avenger Eagle Birdman and the Galaxy Trio
Big Mama Owl The Fox and the Hound
Beaky Buzzard Buzzard Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies A buzzard who bears a closer resemblance to a vulture and a condor. Not very smart and finds it hard to get his own dinner.
Buzz Buzzard Common Buzzard Woody Woodpecker Woody's nemesis.
Chip Bald eagle The Little Engine That Could
Cat Owl Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49
Chief Sekhuru African Fish Eagle Zambezia
Concord Condor Condor Tiny Toons Adventures A slight recreation of Beaky Buzzard.
Divino Owl El Americano: The Movie A wise elderly magician owl who works for Gayo's circus.
Grand Duke of Owls Owl Rock-A-Doodle An evil magical owl, who took over the farm, caused the storm, and humiliate Chanticleer
Eva Snowy owl Penguins of Madagascar A female snowy owl who is North Winds intelligence analyst.
Eagle Eagle Happy Tree Friends A female navy blue eagle who kills and uses Flaky for a new nest when she accidentally destroys it and killed the chick and cracked 3 eggs when tries to help one of her babies back into its nest in "Take a Hike".
Fagin Black vulture War of the Birds A sinister and sadistic male vulture who is responsible for killing other birds. In the last battle his dove slave betrayed him an he was incinerated.
Friend Owl Owl Bambi
Fenghuang Owl Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
Fukolota Owl La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia Felicità's companion owl.
Gondo Black Eagle Zambezia
Hayabusa the Falcon Peregrine falcon Mulan Hayabusa is Shan Yu`s pet falcon
Henery Hawk Chickenhawk Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies A young chickenhawk who tries to get himself a chicken, often pursuing Foghorn Leghorn, but sometimes catches someone who isn't a chicken since he's never actually seen one.
Kagero Owl Basara An owl kept by Ageha.
Kai Peregrine falcon Zambezia
Kojiro Falcon Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror
Lone Gunslinger Turkey vulture Ice Age: The Meltdown
Marahute Golden eagle The Rescuers Down Under A friend of Cody, who becomes captive to Percival C. McLeach until the rescuers save her and Cody.
O and X Owl Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Old Man Owl Sonic the Hedgehog
Olivia Owl Birdz Eddie's friend.
Owl Short-eared owl Little Bear Can be pompous, but he is very wise and sometimes quite serious. He lives in a treehouse, prefers to participate in sensible games and likes reading as his hobby.
Owl Brown owl T.U.F.F. Puppy Bird Brain's more recent henchmen upon being hired by Zippy.
Owl Owl Leafie, a Hen into the Wild An owl who helped Greenie how to fly.
Owlowiscious Horned owl My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Twilight Sparkle's pet owl.
Silver Wing Bald eagle Shaman King
Sitka Bald eagle Brother Bear A man who has the spiritual form of an eagle.
Takaoka Eagle Damekko Dōbutsu
Tawny Owl Tawny owl The Animals of Farthing Wood
The Great Owl Owl The Secret of NIMH A friendly owl antagonist
Toriri Owl Keroro Land
Walter Green owl War of the Birds
Zoe Black-shouldered kite Zambezia

Video games[edit]

Character Species Origin Notes
Bloodwing Borderlands
Clockwerk Eurasian eagle-owl Sly Cooper One of Sly's enemies
Coo Owl Kirby series
Crimson Loftwing[verification needed] The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Dyna Blade Enormous bird Kirby series
Dahila Great horned owl Angry Birds Stella
Falco Lombardi Pheasant (commonly mistaken for a falcon) Star Fox series
Jet the Hawk Hawk Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Sonic Free Riders
Kaepora Gaebora Owl The Legend of Zelda series
Mighty Eagle Bald eagle Angry Birds Mighty will destroy anything if a can of sardines is thrown from the slingshot.
Odus Owl Owlboy
Quintole Force[verification needed] Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Skowl The Startling Owl Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze The leader of a parliament owls.
Silver Peregrine Falcon Angry Birds Under Pigstruction

As mascots, toys, logos, and other[edit]

Character Species Notes
Big Jay and Baby Jay Hawks Mascots for the Kansas Jayhawks.
Blitz Hawk One of the mascots for the Seattle Seahawks.
Baldwin Bald eagle Mascot of the Boston College Eagles.
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle standing on the Chyron Mountains in Republic Pictures
Chaddy the Owl Owl Official mascot of Oldham Athletic.
Eddie Eagle Bald Eagle Represents an eponymous gun safety program for the National Rifle Association.
Freddie and Frieda Falcon Peregrine falcon The mascots of Bowling Green State University.
Freddie Falcon Falcon Mascot of the Atlanta Falcons.
Hudson 'Hawka' Knights Hawk Mascot of the Hawthorn Hawks.
Herky Tiger hawk Mascot of the Iowa Hawkeyes
Mr. Know It Owl Owl
Owlet Owl Writer for BYU's 100 Hour Board.
Ozzie the Owl Owl The matchday mascot of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.
Sammy the Owl Owl The mascot for Conference USA's Rice University Owls from Houston, Texas.
Sam the Olympic Eagle Eagle The mascot for 1984 Summer Olympics.
Skyhawk Hawk One of the mascots for the Atlanta Hawks.
Slapshot Eagle Mascot for the Washington Capitals.
Swoop Eagle Mascot for the Philadelphia Eagles, Eastern Michigan University, Eastern Washington University and Miami University.
Woodsy Owl Owl An icon for the United States Forest Service.