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This is a list of fictional primates in comics. It is a subsidiary to the list of fictional primates.

Congorilla by Mauro Cascioli.
Ape Species Origin Notes
Ampersand Capuchin monkey Y: The Last Man A macaque monkey that Yorrick attempts to train to help the disabled.
An-Nin Monkey Tokyo Mew Mew
Ape-X Ape Squadron Supreme #5 A member of The Squadron Supreme; Also the name of a super hero who becomes a powerful gorilla after donning a magic Mexican wrestling mask.
Beppo Monkey Superboy v1 076 Superman's pet monkey.
Congorilla Gorilla Secret Origins #40 Featured in Secret Origins #40 - an 'all gorilla issue' that featured an editorial discussion of the Silver Age phenomenon and the issue sported a campy cover that featured a number of tricks formerly used to sell comics such as go checks, fires, motorcycles and questions.[1]
Detective Chimp Chimpanzee Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4 A superintelligent ape that first appeared in the silver age of DC. Has recently returned in the Infinite Crisis mini-series Day of Vengeance.
Djuba Showcase #66 B'wana Beast's friend.
Doctor Pogo Chimpanzee The Umbrella Academy A chimpanzee from the six-part comic book, written by My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way.
Don Uggie Apelino Gorilla Judge Dredd Head of the Ape Gang, a criminal mob of sentient gorillas in Judge Dredd.
Gorilla Boss Gorilla Batman Originally a Mobster by the name of George Dyke, he was set to be executed but had his brain removed from his body by his henchman and it ends up transplanted into the body of a towering gorilla by a disgraced surgeon named Doc Willard.
Gorilla Grodd Gorilla The Flash #106 A psychic gorilla supervillain that battles The Flash.
Gorilla-Man Gorilla Men’s Adventures #26 After operating his own team for a while, Ken Hale then "retired", and lived in a large treehouse near the Congo. He served as a guide for the original X-Men, and proved himself to be a formidable guide. He was given a special yearbook, and was acknowledged as an ally, or "X-Ape".
Lex Lemur Lemur Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! #14 (1983) A lemur version Lex Luthor in Just'a Lotta Animals.
Lichi Monkey Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!
McGimben Gimbensky Gorilla Grease Monkey A gorilla who happens to be Chief Mechanic for Barbarian Squadron. A self-styled artist who cares nothing at all for regulations. Robin becomes his assistant and close friend.
Mikhlo Fantastic Four Super-strong and super-durable; Killed by Red Hulk
Monsieur Mallah Gorilla Doom Patrol (vol. 1) #86 An intelligent homosexual gorilla created by an evil brain in a jar. He was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, enemies of the original Doom Patrol.
Nnamdi The Flash vol. 2 #194 Solovar's son and successor.
Sky Ape Gorilla A millionaire gorilla with a jetpack, written by Philip D. Amara & Tim McCarney.
Solovar Gorilla The Flash (vol. 1) #106 A heroic counterpart to Grodd, later the leader of Gorilla City.
Titano the Super-Ape Superman A villain
Ultra-Humanite Gorilla Action Comics #13 A mad scientist who took many forms, most famously that of an evil albino ape. While he first appeared in the Golden Age, his gorilla form first appeared in the Silver Age.

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