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This list of fictional ungulates is a subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. The list is restricted to notable ungulate (hooved) characters from various works organized by medium. This list includes all fictional hooved characters except fictional horses, fictional pachyderms (elephants, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses), and fictional swine, as each has its own list.


"Baa, Baa, Black Sheep", from a 1901 illustration by William Wallace Denslow
Name Species Work Author Notes
Benjamin Donkey Animal Farm George Orwell
Candlewick Donkey The Adventures of Pinocchio Carlo Collodi Boy who turns into a donkey
Eeyore Donkey Winnie-the-Pooh A. A. Milne
Puzzle Donkey The Chronicles of Narnia C. S. Lewis
Rudolph Reindeer Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Robert L. May a reindeer originally from the 1939 story 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer', later adapted to a 1949 song, a 1964 television special, and various derivative works.
Bambi Roe deer Bambi, A Life in the Woods Felix Salten In the Disney films his species was changed to the white-tailed deer, which would be more familiar to American audiences. His image is a Disney icon, comparable to the recognition of Jiminy Cricket or Tinkerbell, and he is even shown on Disney stock certificates.[1]
Zigby Zebra Zigby Brian Paterson


Name Species Origin Notes
Goat Goat Pearls Before Swine
Mabo Goat Monster Soul
Rocket Llama Llama The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama Main character of the webcomic.
Derek Sheep Derek the Sheep
Brainyak Yak Just'a Lotta Animals An animal version of Brainiac.
Zebra Zebra Pearls Before Swine comic strips


Name Species Myth Notes
Ceryneian Hind Deer Greek Also called Cerynitis, was an enormous deer who lived in Keryneia, Greece. It was sacred to Artemis, the chaste goddess of the hunt, animals and unmarried women. It had golden antlers like a stag and hooves of bronze or brass, and it was said that it could outrun an arrow in flight. The capture of the hind was one of The Twelve Labors of Hercules.
Khnum Ram Ancient Egyptian
Ox Ox Chinese The second of the Chinese zodiac years.
Goat / Sheep Goat or Sheep Chinese The eighth of the Chinese zodiac years.



Name Species Work Notes
Stripe Zebra Racing Stripes A live action zebra.
Sven Reindeer Frozen Character from the 2013 Walt Disney Pictures animated film.
Jerome Giraffe The Friendly Giant A giraffe puppet and companion of the Friendly Giant. Only his head and neck were seen as he poked his head in through a window.
Marty Zebra Madagascar A zebra character voiced by Chris Rock.
Melman Giraffe Madagascar A clumsy giraffe character voiced by David Schwimmer.
Kazar Wildebeest The Wild The main antagonist of the film who claims to be at the top of the food chain
Mollie Giraffe Zookeeper (film) A reticulated giraffe in Franklin Park Zoo voiced by Maya Rudolph.


Name Species Program Notes
Nuzzle and Scratch Alpaca Nuzzle and Scratch A pair of puppet alpacas.
Dash Donkey Big Barn Farm A live-action donkey.
Ewenice Sheep Big Barn Farm A live-action sheep.
Gobo Goat Big Barn Farm A live-action goat.
Elliot Moose Elliot Moose A puppet ungulate.
Madam Cattle Big Barn Farm A live-action cow.
Mr. Moose Moose Captain Kangaroo A puppet moose.
Lamb Chop Sheep various A puppet ewe.


Video games[edit]

Name Species Origin Notes
Bambo Deer Deer Avenger the first-person protagonist of the Deer Avenger series of video games.
Dalai Llama Llama Brutal: Paws of Fury Llama Belt of Heaven
Lammy Sheep UmJammer Lammy

Advertising mascots[edit]

Name Species Brand Notes
Joe Camel Camel Camel cigarettes cartoon Camel mascot from 1987 to 1997
Fu Niu Lele Cattle 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing Official mascot
Geoffrey the Giraffe Giraffe Toys "R" Us Mascot
Yipes Zebra Fruit Stripe Mascot for Fruit Stripe gum.


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