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This is a list of fictional universes in film and television, in which multiple works have occurred outside a single series or within a series across multiple media, either in an unnamed universe, a hypothetical future universe or in a fictional locale in our current present or past, while excluding any number of works that could reasonably be assumed to exist within the current understanding of our own universe or exist solely in a single series and medium.

Universe Origin Date Notes
Avatar universe Avatar 2009 James Cameron's fictional setting in which humans seek to mine unobtanium on the fictional exoplanetary moon, Pandora. The Earth-like moon is inhabited by a sapient indigenous humanoid species called the Na'vi, and varied fauna and flora.
Babylon 5 universe Babylon 5 1994 Future interstellar setting of the science fiction series Babylon 5, created by J. Michael Straczynski
Buffyverse Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1997 A place in which supernatural phenomena exist, and supernatural evil can be challenged by people willing to fight against such forces and the setting of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel series are set.
Carnivàle universe Carnivàle 2003 Mystically tinged world set in the United States during the Dust Bowl.
DC Cinematic Universe Man of Steel 2013 Films of Warner Bros. that include DC Comics superheroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.
Fringe universe Fringe 2008 Universe created for the television series Fringe by J. J. Abrams, in which events cross between parallel universes
Heroes universe Heroes 2006 Universe created for the television series Heroes by Tim Kring, in which certain people have superhuman powers
Lost universe Lost 2004 Universe revolving around an uncharted Pacific island with mystical powers. Created by J. J. Abrams.
Marvel Cinematic Universe Iron Man 2008 The setting of superhero films independently developed by Marvel Studios, based on characters published in Marvel Comics.
Matrix universe The Matrix 1999 Consisting of "our world in 2199" and a false reality created by machines.
"OUaT" universe (aka "Oncers") Once Upon a Time 2011 Universe that revolves around the fictional and non-existent town of Storybrooke, Maine, whose residents are actually characters from numerous fairy tales and other works that were bought into the present-day world by a powerful curse. In addition, the universe also covers the Enchanted Forest (where most of the characters originated from) and other worlds and realms that were affected by or after the events of the curse, including the events that took place in the spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.
Stargate universe Stargate 1994 Intergalactic setting of the Stargate film and television franchise, in which aliens play the role of ancient gods.
Star Trek universe Star Trek: The Original Series 1966 Setting for Star Trek: The Animated Series, twelve feature films and four more television series.
Star Wars Expanded Universe Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 1977 Encompasses all of the officially licensed, fictional background of the Star Wars universe.
Tommy Westphall Universe St. Elsewhere 1982 A hypothetical universe that encompasses St. Elsewhere and numerous other television shows (primarily those produced by US network NBC, such as Law & Order, Homicide: Life on the Street and various sitcoms) which are directly or indirectly connected through fictional crossovers and spin-offs.[1][2][3][4][5]
View Askewniverse Clerks 1994 Main setting of Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and other Kevin Smith films.
Whoniverse Doctor Who 1963 Main setting of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane and other spin-offs of the Doctor Who series.
X-Files universe The X-Files 1993 World in which aliens conspire with a human cabal to colonise Earth. Comprises The TV series The X-Files, its subsequent films and its two spinoffs, The Lone Gunmen and Millennium.
Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe Dracula 1931 Films of Universal Studios that include Universal Monsters Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man.
DC Comics Universe (CW) Arrow 1994 The Dc comics universe within the CW Network started with Arrow and expanded with The Flash.

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