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The following is a list of fire stations of the Hong Kong Fire Service.

All but one of Hong Kong's fire stations are located in Hong Kong (Shenzhen Bay is located across the border in Shekou in China)

Hong Kong Command[edit]

West Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Kennedy Town Fire Station
Kennedy town fire station.jpg
6 Kennedy Town New Praya, Kennedy Town
Aberdeen Fire Station
HK AberdeenFireStation.JPG
47 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Chung Hom Kok Fire Station 37 Chung Hom Kok Road, Stanley
Ap Lei Chau Fire Station
HK ALC Ap Lei Chau Fire Station 300.JPG
300 Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
Pok Fu Lam Fire Station
HK Pok Fu Lam Divisional Fire Station.JPG
789 Victoria Road, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

22°15′12″N 114°08′21″E / 22.253222°N 114.139154°E / 22.253222; 114.139154 (Pok Fu Lam Fire Station)

Sandy Bay Fire Station
HK SandsBayFireStation.JPG
331 Victoria Road, Sandy Bay

Central Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Sheung Wan Fire Station
HK Sheung Wan Fire Station 2.jpg
2 Western Fire Services Street, Sheung Wan
Central Fire Station
Central Fire Station.jpg
15 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong
Kong Wan Fire Station
HK KongWanFireStation.JPG
14 Harbour Road, Kong Wan
Victoria Peak Fire Station
HK Peak Fire.jpg
No. 7, Gough Hill Path, Victoria Peak
Wan Chai Fire Station
HK WanchaiFireStation2.JPG
435 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Kotewall Fire Station
Kotewall Fire Station 2009.JPG
60 Kotewall Road

East Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
North Point Fire Station
HK NorthPointFireStation.jpg
323 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Shau Kei Wan Fire Station
HK Shau Kei Wan Fire Station bus309.JPG
34 Chai Wan Road, Shau Kei Wan
Chai Wan Fire Station
HKFD fire station CWN.JPG
80 Sheung On Street, Chai Wan
Sai Wan Ho Fire Station
HK SaiWanHoFireStation.JPG
20 Wai Hang Street, Sai Wan Ho
Tung Lo Wan Fire Station
HK TungLoWanFireStation.jpg
111 Victoria Park Road, Causeway Bay
Braemar Hill Fire Station 170 Tin Hau Temple Road, North Point

Marine and Offshore Islands Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Discovery Bay Fire Station
Discovery Bay Fire Station (Hong Kong).jpg
1 Discovery Bay Road, Discovery Bay
Tai O (Sub-Division) Fire Station
HK TaiOFireStation Sub-division.JPG
120 Tai O Road, Tai O
Tai O (Old) Fire Station
HK TaiOFireStation OldStation.JPG
102 Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O
Mui Wo Fire Station
Mui Wo Fire Station (Hong Kong).jpg
12 Ngan Kwong Wan Road, Mui Wo, Lantau Island
Cheung Sha Fire Station 33 South Lantau Road, Lantau Island
Lamma Fire Station 30 Yong Shu Long Old Village, Lamma Island
Cheung Chau Fire Station
Cheung Chau FS.JPG
1 Ping Chong Street, Cheung Chau
Peng Chau Fire Station
HK PengChauFireStation.JPG
16 Po Peng Street, Peng Chau

Kowloon Command[edit]

West Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Mong Kok Fire Station
HK MongKokFireStation.JPG
181 Tong Mei Road. Mongkok
Cheung Sha Wan Fire Station
429 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Cheung Sha Wan
Lai Chi Kok Fire Station
Lai Chi Kok FS.JPG
4 Po Lun Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
Shek Kip Mei Fire Station
380 Nam Cheong Street, Shek Kip Mei

South Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Tsim Sha Tsui Fire Station
HK TsimShatTsuiFireStation Front.JPG
333 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

22°18′05″N 114°10′04″E / 22.301269°N 114.167684°E / 22.301269; 114.167684 (Tsim Sha Tsui Fire Station)

Hung Hom Fire Station 30 Fat Kwong Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon
Tsim Tung Fire Station
HK TST East Fire Station fd.JPG
1 Hong Chong Road, Tsim Tung, Kowloon aka. Tsim Sha Tsui East Fire Station
Yau Ma Tei Fire Station
42 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei

East Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Kwun Tong Fire Station
Kwun Tong Fire Station.jpg
426 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Yau Tong Fire Station
HK YauTongFireStation.JPG
1 Ko Fai Road, Yau Tong, Kowloon
Kowloon Bay Fire Station
HK KowloonBayFireStation.jpg
5 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay
Lam Tin Fire Station
Lam Tin Fire Station.jpg
125 Kai Tin Road, Lam Tin
Po Lam Fire Station
HK Po Lam Fire Station.JPG
15 Po Lam Road North, Po Lam
Tai Chik Sha Fire Station 321 Wan Po Road, Kowloon

Central Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Ma Tau Chung Fire Station
HK Ma Tau Chung Fire Station n Fu Ning Street 真善美邨 Chun See Mei Chuen.JPG
109 Ma Tau Chung Road, Mau Tau Chung, Kowloon
Wong Tai Sin Fire Station
WTS fire station.JPG
28 Fung Tak Road, Wong Tai Sin
Ngau Chi Wan Fire Station
HK NgauChiWanFireStation.JPG
1 Clear Water Bay Road, Ngau Chi Wan
Shun Lee Fire Station
Shun Lee Fire Station.jpg
33 Lee On Road, Shun Lee, Kowloon
Kowloon Tong Fire Station
HK KowloonTongFirestation 2009.JPG
3 Baptist University Road, Kowloon Tong
Kai Tak Fire Station
Kai Tak Fire Station.JPG
5 Cheung Yip Street, Kowloon Bay

New Territories Command[edit]

South West Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Tsing Yi Fire Station
Tsing Yi Fire Station.jpg
11 Tsing Yi Heung Sze Wui Road, Tsing Yi

22°21′03″N 114°06′29″E / 22.350956°N 114.107933°E / 22.350956; 114.107933 (Tsing Yi Fire Station)

Tsing Yi South Fire Station
100 Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi

22°20′13″N 114°05′38″E / 22.336888°N 114.093787°E / 22.336888; 114.093787 (Tsing Yi South Fire Station)

The station is located near Nam Wan, in proximity to numerous oil depots, dockyards and other heavy industries.
Tung Chung Fire Station
Tungchung fire station.jpg
3 Shun Tung Road, Tung Chung
Chep Lap Kok Fire Station 10 Catering Road East, Chek Lap Kok
Ma Wan Fire Station
Ma Wan Fire Station.jpg
36 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan
Penny's Bay Fire Station Fantasy Road and Magic Road (Long Yan Road and Chak Yan Road), Penny's Bay, North Lantau Island

South Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Kwai Chung Fire Station
HK KwaiChungFireStation.JPG
77–79 Hing Shing Road, Kwai Chung
Tsuen Wan Fire Station
HK TsuenWanFireStation.JPG
453 Castle Peak Road-Tsuen Wan, Tsuen Wan
Lai King Fire Station 6 Wa Tai Road, Kwai Chung
Lei Muk Shue Fire Station
HK LeiMukShueFireStation.JPG
300 Wo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung
Sham Tseng Fire Station Cum Ambulance Depot
HK ShamTsengFireStationCumAmbulanceDepot.JPG
32 Castle Peak Road, Sham Tseng
Tai Lam Chung Fire Station
HK TaiLamChungFireStation.JPG
16 Tai Lam Chung Road, Tai Lam Chung

West Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Tuen Mun Fire Station
HK TuenMunDivisionalFireStation.JPG
102 Pui To Road, Tuen Mun
Castle Peak Bay Fire Station 6 Tuen Yee Street, Tuen Mun
Tin Shui Wai Fire Station
HK Tin Shui Wai Fire Station.jpg
1 Tin Ho Road, Tin Shui Wai
Pillar Point Fire Station 3 Ho Wan Street, Pillar Point, Tuen Mun
Yuen Long Fire Station
Yuen Long Fire Station.jpg
2 Fung Kam Street, Yuen Long
Fu Tei Fire Station
Fu Tei Fire Station 2009.JPG
21 Tuen Fu Road, Tuen Mun
Lau Fau Shan Fire Station
Lau Fau Shan Fire Station Cum Ambulance Depot.jpg
101 Tin Shui Road, Tin Shui Wai
Shenzhen Bay Fire Station Cargo Examination Area, Shenzhen Bay Port Only fire station not located within Hong Kong

East Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Sha Tin Fire Station
26–28 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin
Siu Lek Yuen Fire Station
HK SiuLekYuenFireStation.JPG
1 Yuen Shun Circuit, Sha Tin
Tin Sum Fire Station
HK TinSumFireStation.jpg
2 Fu Kin Street, Tai Wai, Sha Tin
Ma On Shan Fire Station
1 On Shan Lane, Ma On Shan
Sai Kung Fire Station
SaiKung FS front.JPG
1 Hong Kin Road, Sai Kung

North Division[edit]

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Sheung Shui Fire Station
8 Tin Ping Road, Sheung Shui
Fanling Fire Station
HK FanlingFireStation.JPG
2 Sha Tau Kok Road, Lung Yeuk Tau, Fanling
Pat Heung Fire Station
HK PatHengFireStation.JPG
4A Yau Uk Tsuen, Kam Tin Road
Tai Po Fire Station
3 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po
Tai Po East Fire Station
68 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po
Sha Tau Kok Fire Station
ShaTauKokFireStation 2011.JPG
60 Shun Hing Street, Sha Tau Kok
Ta Kwu Ling Fire Station on Lin Ma Hang Road north of Ping Che Road, Ta Kwu Ling
Mai Po Fire Station 31 Golden Bamboo Road North, Fairview Park

Former fire stations[edit]

Former fire stations include:

Name Photographs Location Notes/References
Former Central Fire Station
HK Central Fire Station 中環消防總局 history plaque sign at footbridge south side of HSBank HQ Nov-2012.JPG
No. 83 Des Voeux Road Central [1] Demolished. Now the location of the Hang Seng Bank Headquarters Building.
Ex-Western Fire Station
No. 12 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town [2] Grade II historic building. Converted into the Po Leung Kuk Chan Au Big Yan Home for the Elderly.
Old Kowloon Fire Station
Kowloon Fire Station 201007.jpg
33 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Part of the 1881 Heritage complex.

22°17′41″N 114°10′13″E / 22.29477°N 114.170369°E / 22.29477; 114.170369 (Old Kowloon Fire Station)

Listed as a Grade II historic building since 2009.[1]
Former Sha Tau Kok Fire Station
Former ShaTauKok Fire Station.JPG
Sha Tau Kok

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