List of first men or women in mythology and religion

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Various creation myths describe the legendary first human. In theology and literary studies, the word protoplasts is used as a technical term for the first people in this sense. In each case it can be either male, female, or a couple.

Abrahamic religions[edit]

Australian Aboriginal religion[edit]

Ayyavazhi religion[edit]


Cowichan religion[edit]

  • Quiltumtun

Germanic mythology[edit]

  • Tuiscon - first ancestor of Germans

Ancient Greek religion[edit]

Hotcâk religion[edit]

  • Kunu
  • An unnamed one-legged man
  • Turtle


Manu also known as Swyambhuvana Manu, in other words, the naturally evolved Man and his wife Shatarupa

Kikuyu religion[edit]

Lakota religion[edit]

  • Tokahe - first human emerged from the underworld

Navajo religion[edit]

Norse Paganism[edit]

Pachacamac religion & Late Inca religion[edit]

First man and woman were not named; see Pacha Camac for more information

Polynesian religion[edit]

Marikoriko and Tiki religion[edit]

Philippine religion[edit]


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