List of flag bearers for the Philippines at the Olympics

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Philippines at the Olympic Games

Flag of the Philippines
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This is a list of flag bearers who have represented the Philippines at the Olympics.[1]

Flag bearers carry the national flag of their country at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

# Event Year Season Flag bearer Sport
16 2014 Winter Martinez, Michael ChristianMichael Christian Martinez Figure skating
15 2012 Summer Diaz, HidilynHidilyn Diaz Weightlifting
14 2008 Summer Pacquiao, MannyManny Pacquiao Boxing
13 2004 Summer Camat, ChristopherChristopher Camat[2] Boxing
12 2000 Summer Geisler, DonaldDonald Geisler Taekwondo
11 1996 Summer Galido, ReynaldoReynaldo Galido Boxing
10 1992 Summer Chavez, ArloArlo Chavez Boxing
9 1992 Winter Teruel, MichaelMichael Teruel Alpine skiing
8 1988 Summer Buhain, EricEric Buhain Swimming
7 1988 Winter Ocampo, RaymondRaymond Ocampo Luge
6 1984 Summer Prado, Isidro delIsidro del Prado Athletics
5 1972 Summer Mariano, JimmyJimmy Mariano Basketball
4 1964 Summer Alipala, ManfredoManfredo Alipala Boxing
3 1956 Summer Lozada, GertrudezGertrudez Lozada Swimming
2 1936 Summer Toribio, SimeonSimeon Toribio Athletics
1 1924 Summer Nepomuceno, DavidDavid Nepomuceno Athletics

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  2. ^ Replaced by fellow boxer and Romeo Brin, as Camat was to see action the day after the opening ceremonies