List of football clubs in East Timor

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This is the list of football clubs (teams) in East Timor. Currently there is no professional football club in East Timor.


Pro Liga de Timor Leste[edit]

Pro Liga de Timor Leste is a highest level professional football league in the Timor Leste. Sanctioned by the Federação de Futebol de Timor-Leste (FFTL) and Nacional Futebol Conselho de Timor-Leste (NFC), the league is composed of 24 teams (20 in the Timor Leste and 4 in West Timor & Sumba, Indonesia). Toyota is the sponsor of the football league.[1]

Current clubs[edit]


Superliga 1[edit]

Superliga 2[edit]

Group 1

Group 2

Expansion club[edit]

Teams not participating in this competition[edit]


Taça Digicel[edit]

First Division

  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C

Second Division

Other clubs[edit]


AC = Atlético Club; AD = Associação Desportiva; ADR = Associação Desportiva e Recréativa; AE = Associação Esportiva; CA = Clube Atlético; CD = Clube Desportivo; CF = Club de Futebol; FC = Futebol Clube; PS = Persatuan Sepakbola; SC = Sporting Clube; US = União Sportiva