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The following is a list of forces involved in the Battle of Amiens of World War I fought from August 8 to August 11, 1918.


Allied forces at Amiens were under the supreme command of General Ferdinand Foch.

British Fourth Army[1][edit]

General Sir Henry Rawlinson

British III Corps - Lieutenant General Sir Richard Butler
47th (1/2nd London) Division
12th (Eastern) Division
18th (Eastern) Division
58th (2/1st London) Division
10th Tank Battalion - 36 Mark V tanks
Australian Corps - Lieutenant General Sir John Monash
1st Australian Division
2nd Australian Division
3rd Australian Division
4th Australian Division
5th Australian Division
33rd US Division
5th Tank Brigade - 2nd, 8th, 13th Bn Tank Corps with 108 Mark V tank; 15th Bn Tank Corps with 36 Mark V* Tank; 17th (Armoured Car) Bn (Austin Armoured Cars.[2]
Canadian Corps - Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Currie
1st Canadian Division
2nd Canadian Division
3rd Canadian Division
4th Canadian Division
4th Tank Brigade - 108 Mark V tank, 36 Mark V* Tank
British Cavalry Corps - Lieutenant General Sir Charles Kavanagh
1st Cavalry Division
2nd Cavalry Division
3rd Cavalry Division
3rd Tank Brigade - 72 Whippet tank of 3 Bn and 6 Bn Tank Corps
17th (Northern) Division
32nd Division
63rd (Royal Naval) Division
9th Tank Battalion - 36 Mark V tanks

Royal Air Force air support

(Major General John Salmond)

V Brigade
15th (Corps) Wing - 110 aircraft
22nd (Army) Wing - 222 aircraft
IX Brigade
9th Wing - 2 fighter sqns, 2 bomber sqns, 1 reconnaissance sqn. (99 aircraft)
51st Wing - 3 fighter sqns, 2 bomber sqns. (101 aircraft)
54th Wing - 2 night-fighter sqns, 4 night-bomber sqns (76 aircraft)
III Brigade (available in support)
13th (Army) Wing - 136 aircraft
I Brigade (available in support) - 19 aircraft
X Brigade (available in support) - 19 aircraft

French First Army[3][edit]

General Marie-Eugène Debeney

XXXI Corps - General Paul-Louis Toulorge
37th Division
42nd Division
66th Division
153rd Division
126th Division
IX Corps - General Noël Garnier-Duplessix
3rd Division
15th Colonial Division
X Corps - General Charles Vandenburg
60th Division
152nd Division
166th Division
XXXV Corps - General Charles Jacquot
46th Division
133rd Division
169th Division
II Cavalry Corps - General Felix Robillot
2nd Cavalry Division
4th Cavalry Division
6th Cavalry Division

French Third Army[edit]

The French Third Army played a peripheral role in the battle and was commanded by Georges Humbert

XV Corps - General Jacques de Riols de Fonclare
67th Division
74th Division
123rd Division
XXXIV Corps - General Alphonse Nudant
6th Division
121st Division
129th Division
165th Division
Division Aerienne
  • I Brigade - 3 fighter groups, 3 bomber groups
  • II Brigade - 3 fighter groups, 2 bomber groups
  • Groupe Lauren - 2 night-bomber groups
  • Groupe Weiller

Total: 1,104 aircraft


The German Second and Eighteenth armies were part of Army Group Rupprecht, commanded by Crown Prince Rupprecht

Second Army[edit]

General Georg von der Marwitz

Eighteenth Army[edit]

General Oskar von Hutier

III Corps - Generalleutnant Walther von Lüttwitz
24th Division
25th Reserve Division
1st Reserve Division
79th Reserve Division - (From Seventh Army, 9 August)
IX Corps - Generalleutnant Horst Ritter und Edler von Oetinger
2nd Division
11th Division
82nd Reserve Division
I Bavarian Corps - Generalleutnant Nikolaus Ritter von Endres (Corps was formed during the battle on 10 August)
Alpenkorps - (from Fourth Army, 10 August)
121st Division - (from Ninth Army, 10 August)

(The remaining corps of Eighteenth Army played only a peripheral role in the battle.)

I Reserve Corps - Generalleutnant Kurt von Morgen
75th Reserve Division
206th Division
119th Division - (Sent to 51st Corps, Second Army, 8 August)
XXVI Reserve Corps - Generalleutnant Oskar von Watter
17th Reserve Division
54th Division
204th Division - (Sent to I Bavarian Corps, 10 August)
XVIII Reserve Corps - Generalleutnant Ludwig Sieger
3rd Bavarian Division
105th Division
221st Division - (Sent to III Corps, 9 August)
Luftstreitkräfte (air support)
Jagdstaffel 24, 42, 44, 78
Bombengeschwader 4
Fliegerabteilung (Lichtbildgerät) 23
Fliegerabteilung (Artillerie) 2, 245, 14,212,238,203
Schlachtstaffel 36


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