List of former IA-32 compatible processor manufacturers

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As the 32-bit Intel Architecture became the dominant computing platform during the 1980s and 1990s, multiple companies have tried to build microprocessors that are compatible with that Intel instruction set architecture. Most of these companies were not successful in the mainstream computing market. So far, only AMD has had any market presence in the computing market for more than a couple of product generations. Cyrix was successful during the 386 and 486 generations of products, but did not do well after the Pentium was introduced.

List of former IA-32 compatible microprocessor vendors:

Progression into surviving companies
IDT Cyrix  
Original funder of Centaur, later sold off that subsidiary to VIA, no longer in compatible market. Acquired by National Semiconductor, later acquired by VIA Technologies, eventually shut down
Centaur Technology National Semiconductor NexGen
Originally subsidiary of IDT, later acquired by VIA Technologies, still producing compatible low-end devices for Via Low-end 486 (designed in-house) never widely sold Bought by AMD to help develop the successful K6 device
First acquirer of Cyrix; Later keeping only low-end IA-32 devices targeted for consumer System-on-a-chips, finally selling them to AMD

Product discontinued/transformed[edit]

  • Harris Corporation - sold rad-hard versions of 8086 and 80286; product line discontinued.
  • NEC - sold early Intel architecture compatibles such as NEC V20 and NEC V30; product line transitioned to NEC internal architecture
  • Siemens - sold versions of 8086 and 80286; product line discontinued.

Left the market or closed[edit]

Incomplete/unsuccessful projects[edit]

Current manufacturers[edit]

As of 2005, only AMD and to a much lesser extent VIA Technologies compete with Intel in the desktop IA-32 market.