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This list of fossil sites is a worldwide list of localities known well for the presence of fossils. Fossils may be found either associated with a geological formation or at a single site. Geological formations consist of rock that was deposited during a specific period of time. They usually extend for large areas, and sometimes there are different important sites in which the same formation is exposed. In such cases, the sites should be listed under the appropriate formation. However, many formations are for all practical purposes only studied at a single site, usually the type locality.


Site Country/State Age
Afar Depression Ethiopia Pliocene
Buia Eritrea Pleistocene
Ahl al Oughlam Morocco Upper Pliocene
Ameki Formation Nigeria Middle Eocene
Awash River Ethiopia Pliocene
Bahariya Formation Egypt Upper Cretaceous
Clarens Formation South Africa Lower Jurassic
Cradle of Humankind South Africa PliocenePleistocene
Elliot Formation South Africa TriassicJurassic
Elrhaz Formation Niger Lower Cretaceous
Hadar Formation Ethiopia Pliocene
Bouri Formation Ethiopia Pleistocene
Hoedjiespunt South Africa Pleistocene
Alnif Morocco CambrianLate Permian
Jebel Irhoud Morocco Pleistocene
Jebel Qatrani Formation Egypt EoceneOligocene
Karoo Supergroup Southern Africa PermianLower Jurassic
Klasies River Caves South Africa Pleistocene
Koobi Fora Kenya PliocenePleistocene
Laetoli Tanzania PliocenePleistocene
Lothagam Kenya MiocenePliocene
Maevarano Formation Madagascar Upper Cretaceous
Molteno Formation South Africa Upper Triassic
Kem Kem Beds Morocco Upper Cretaceous
Olduvai Gorge Tanzania Pliocene
Omo Kibish Formation (= Kibish Formation) Ethiopia PliocenePleistocene
Orapa Botswana Upper Cretaceous
Qasr el Sagha Formation Egypt Eocene
Rusinga Island Kenya Miocene
Shungura Formation Ethiopia PlioceneLower Pleistocene
Taung South Africa Pliocene
Tegana Formation Morocco Lower Cretaceous
Tendaguru Formation Tanzania Upper Jurassic
Usno Formation Ethiopia Pliocene – Lower Pleistocene
West Coast Fossil Park South Africa Terminal Miocene/Early Pliocene


Site Country/State Age
Balabansai Formation Kazakhstan Upper Jurassic
Barun Goyot Formation Mongolia Upper Cretaceous
Bayan Shireh Formation Mongolia Upper Cretaceous
Baynunah Formation United Arab Emirates Upper Miocene
Bissekty Formation Uzbekistan Cretaceous
Bostobynskaya Formation (= Bostobe Formation) Kazakhstan Upper Cretaceous (TuronianCampanian)
Bugti Hills Pakistan Oligocene
Chaomidianzi Formation China Lower Cretaceous (Barremian-Aptian)
Dabeigou Formation China Cretaceous
Dainichi Formation Japan Upper Pliocene
Daohugou Beds China Jurassic or Cretaceous
Dashanpu Formation China Middle Jurassic
Dashuigou Formation China Lower Cretaceous
Djadochta Formation Mongolia Upper Cretaceous
Dumugol Formation Korea Lower Ordovician
Eijnhoro Formation China Lower Cretaceous
Es Skhul Israel: Mount Carmel Pliocene
Fangou Formation China Paleocene
Flaming Cliffs Mongolia Cretaceous
Hakel Lebanon Cretaceous
Huadian Formation China Eocene
Indricotherium Formation Kazakhstan Oligocene
Irdin Manha Formation Mongolia Eocene
Iren Dabasu Formation China Upper Cretaceous
Iwaki Formation Japan Lower Oligocene
Jindong Formation Korea Cretaceous
Jiufotang Formation China Lower Cretaceous
Khukhtek Formation Mongolia Lower Cretaceous
Kerman Iran Jurassic
Kishima Group
  • Daimyoji Formation
  • Funazu Formation
  • Itanoura Formation
  • Kakinoura Formation
  • Kishima Formation
  • Magome Formation
  • Matsushima Formation
  • Okinoshima Formation
  • Oshima Formation
Japan Upper Eocene/Lower Oligocene
Kitadani Formation
  • Kitadani Quarry
Japan Lower Cretaceous
Kızılırmak Formation Turkey: Evren, Ankara Tortonian [1]
Kota Formation India Lower Jurassic
Lake Nojiri
  • Tategahana
Japan Pleistocene
Lameta Formation India Upper Cretaceous
Lang Trang Caves Vietnam Pleistocene
Liang Bua Cave Indonesia: Flores Pleistocene
Lufeng Formation China Jurassic
Luoping[2] China Yunnan Middle Triassic
Maotianshan Shales China Cambrian
Minatogawa Man Japan Neogene
Nagura Formation Japan Middle Miocene
Maleri Formation India Upper Triassic
Minhe Formation China Cretaceous
Nemegt Formation Mongolia Upper Cretaceous
Ngandong Indonesia Pleistocene
Oi Formation Japan Lower Miocene
Qafzeh Israel: Nazareth Pliocene
Sambungmacan Indonesia Pleistocene
Sangiran Indonesia Pleistocene
Shivalik Fossil Park India Pleistocene
Sao Khua Formation Thailand Lower Cretaceous
Shishugou Formation China Upper Jurassic
Tabun Israel Pliocene
Tham Khuyen caves Vietnam Jurassic
Tiaojishan Formation China Middle Jurassic
Trinil Indonesia: Java Pleistocene
Tuchengzi Formation China Lower Cretaceous
Tugulu Group China Lower Cretaceous
Udurchukan Formation Russia Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian?)
Uhangri Formation Korea Late Cretaceous
China Lower Cretaceous
Wucaiwan Formation China Middle Jurassic
Xiagou Formation China Cretaceous
Xinminbao Group (Chijinbao, Digou and Zhonggou formations) China Lower Cretaceous
Xiushan Formation China: Guizhou Lower Silurian (Llandovery)
Yamaga Formation Japan Upper Oligocene
Yixian Formation China Lower Cretaceous
Yuliangze Formation China Upper Cretaceous
Yushima Formation (= Tatsunokuchi Formation) Japan Lower Pliocene
Zaza Formation Russia Lower Cretaceous
Zhongming Formation China Devonian
Zhoukoudian China Pleistocene


Site Country/State Age
Aetokremnos Cyprus Holocene (Mesolithic)
Monte San Giorgio Switzerland and Italy Triassic
Ana Spain Late Cretaceous
Atapuerca Spain Pleistocene
Aust Cliff England Triassic
Batallones Spain Miocene
Bembridge Marls England Oligocene
Borgloon Formation Belgium Oligocene
Buñol Spain Miocene
Calizas de La Huérguina Formation Spain Cretaceous (Barremian)
Ceprano Italy Pleistocene
Isernia La Pineta Italy Pleistocene
Baccinello Italy Miocene
Crevillente Spain Miocene
Crô-Magnon France Pleistocene
Cuevas de los Murciélagos Spain: La Palma, Canary Islands Pleistocene/Holocene
Dmanisi Georgia Pleistocene
Dob's Linn Scotland Ordovician-Silurian boundary
Dorkovo Bulgaria Lower Pliocene
Es Pouás Spain: Ibiza (Balearic Islands) Pleistocene/Holocene
Fossil Grove Scotland Carboniferous (Serpukhovian)
Fur Formation Denmark Lower Eocene
Gauja Formation Estonia and Latvia Middle Devonian
Geisel valley Germany Eocene
Gilwern Hill Wales Ordovician
Grès à Reptiles France Jurassic
Guimarota Portugal Late Jurassic
Hampstead Formation England Oligocene
Hunsrück Slates Germany: Bundenbach Devonian
Jurassic Coast England Jurassic
Kattendijk Sands Belgium Pliocene
Kostolac-Viminacium Serbia Pleistocene
Kozarnika Bulgaria Pleistocene
- Hušnjak hill
Croatia Pleistocene
La Chapelle-aux-Saints France Pleistocene
La Ferrassie France Pleistocene
La Roma Spain Miocene
Las Hoyas Spain Cretaceous
Liedena Sandstone Spain [Navarra] Upper Eocene (Priabonian)
Lo Hueco Spain Cretaceous
London Clay England Eocene
Löwenstein Formation Germany Upper Triassic
Lourinhã Formation
- Amoreira-Porto Novo Members
- Sobral Unit
Portugal Late Jurassic
Lyme Regis England: Dorset Jurassic
Maastricht Formation Benelux Cretaceous
Maltravieso Cave Spain Pleistocene
Mauer Germany Pleistocene
Messel Pit Germany Eocene
Monte Bolca Italy Eocene
Murero Spain Cambrian
- Kleine Feldhofer Grotte
Germany Pleistocene
Oxford Clay England Jurassic
Paris Basin
- Argile Plastique
France Lower Eocene
Pobiti Kamani Bulgaria Mesozoic
Pontnewydd Cave Wales Pleistocene
Quercy Phosphorites France Eocene/Oligocene
Rhynie Chert Scotland Devonian
Riodeva Spain Jurassic/Cretaceous
Sajóvölgyi Formation Hungary Miocene (Serravallian)
Sânpetru Formation Romania Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Sansan France Miocene
Santa Ana Cave Spain Pleistocene
Sieblos Dysodil Germany Oligocene
Solnhofen limestone Germany Jurassic
Turritellenplatte Germany: Baden-Württemberg Miocene (mid-Burdigalian)
Upper Valdarno Italy: Tuscany Pleistocene (Villafranchian)
Valkenburg Formation Belgium Cretaceous
Donetsk Ukraine Carboniferous
Razdolne Ukraine Devonian
Venta del Moro Spain Miocene
Venta Micena Spain Pliocene
Wessex Formation England Cretaceous


Site [3] State/Territory/region Age
Alcoota Australia: Northern Territory Miocene
Apex Chert Australia: Western Australia (Marble Bar) Archaean eon
Saint Bathans Fauna New Zealand: Otago Miocene
Bluff Downs Australia: Queensland Pliocene
Bullock Creek Australia: Northern Territory Miocene
Canowindra-Gooloogong Australia: New South Wales Devonian
Cape Range Australia: Western Australia Miocene
Cuddie Springs Australia: New South Wales Pleistocene
Curio Bay New Zealand: Southland Jurassic
Denmark Hill Insect Bed Australia: Ipswich, Queensland Upper Triassic
Dinosaur Cove Australia: Victoria Cretaceous
Dinosaur Dreaming Australia: Victoria Cretaceous
Ditjimanka LF Australia: South Australia Oligocene
Ediacara Hills Australia: South Australia (Flinders Ranges) Ediacaran
Emu Bay Shale Australia: South Australia (Kangaroo Island) Lower Cambrian
Etadunna Formation Australia: South Australia Oligocene/Miocene
Georgina Basin Australia: Northern Territory, Queensland Neoproterozoic – late Paleozoic
Gogo Formation Australia: Western Australia Devonian
Goldie Chert Australia: Victoria Middle-Late Cambrian
Great Otway National Park Australia: Victoria Cretaceous
Grenfell Australia: New South Wales Devonian
Greta Siltstone Formation New Zealand Upper Pliocene
Heathcote siltstone Australia: Victoria Lower Silurian- Upper Devonian
Horseshoe Bay Limestone Downs New Zealand: Waikato Cretaceous
Kangaroo Wells Australia: Northern Territory
Knocklofty Formation Australia: Tasmania Lower Triassic
Knowsley East Formation Australia: Victoria Middle-late Cambrian
Lake Callabonna Australia: South Australia Pleistocene
Lake Mungo Australia: New South Wales Pleistocene
Lake Ngapakaldi to Lake Palankarinna Fossil Area Australia: South Australia (Tirari Desert) Pliocene
Lancefield Swamp Australia: Victoria Pleistocene
Lightning Ridge Australia: New South Wales Cretaceous
Mammoth Cave Australia: Western Australia Pleistocene?
Mampuwordu Sands Formation Australia: South Australia Pliocene
Murgon Australia: Queensland Eocene
Naracoorte Caves Australia: South Australia Pleistocene
Otway Basin
  • Dutton Way - Early Pliocene
  • Arch site - Middle Miocene
  • Clifton Banks - Middle to late Miocene
  • Forsyth's Banks and Fossil rock stack - Early Pliocene
  • Spring Creek - Late Miocene to Early Pliocene
  • Kawarren - Late Oligocene
  • Leigh River - Early Miocene
  • Hopkins River - Middle to Late Miocene
  • Gibson's Steps - Bairnsdalian Middle Miocene
  • Curdie - Balcombian Middle Miocene
  • Princetown Beach - Late Oligocene
  • Castle Cove - Late Oligocene
Australia: Victoria Late Oligocene - Early Pliocene
Pindai Caves New Caledonia Holocene
Quanbun Australia: Western Australia Pliocene/Miocene
Riversleigh Australia: Queensland Oligocene/Miocene
Talbragar Australia: New South Wales (central west) Jurassic
Tangahoe Mudstone Formation New Zealand Upper Pliocene
Tingamarra Fauna Australia: Queensland (south-east) Early Eocene
Waipara Formation New Zealand: Canterbury Paleogene
Wianamatta Series Australia: New South Wales (Sydney) Upper Triassic

North America[edit]

Site Country/State Age
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument USA: Nebraska Miocene
Aquia Formation USA: Maryland and Virginia Paleocene
Arkona Shale Canada: Ontario Devonian
Ash Hollow Formation USA: Nebraska Miocene (Clarendonian)
Astoria Formation USA: Oregon Miocene
Aucilla River USA: Florida Pleistocene/Holocene
Austin Chalk USA: Texas Late Cretaceous
Aztec Sandstone USA: Nevada, California Early Jurassic
Bainbridge Formation USA: Missouri Silurian
Bakken Formation USA: Montana, North Dakota and Canada: Saskatchewan Upper Devonian – Lower Carboniferous (Early Mississippian)
Beecher's Trilobite Bed USA: New York Ordovician
Bighill Creek Formation Canada Upper Pleistocene
Big Sandy Formation USA: Arizona Miocene
Blanco Formation USA: Kansas, Texas Pliocene/Pleistocene
Bobcaygeon Formation Canada: Ontario Ordovician
Bone Cabin Quarry USA: Wyoming Jurassic
Bone Valley Formation USA: Florida  ?Miocene-Pliocene
Breathitt Group USA: Kentucky Pennsylvanian
Bridger Formation USA: Wyoming Eocene
Bromide Formation USA: Oklahoma early Upper Ordovician (Sandbian)
Brule Formation USA: South Dakota Oligocene
Burgess Shale Canada: British Columbia Cambrian (Albertan)
Calvert Formation USA: Maryland Miocene
Cannonball Formation USA: North Dakota Paleocene
Cañón del Tule Formation Mexico Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Cedar Mountain Formation USA: Colorado and Utah Cretaceous
Cerro del Pueblo Formation Mexico Cretaceous (Campanian)
Cerro Grande Formation Mexico Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Cerro Huerta Formation Mexico Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian)
Chandler Bridge Formation USA: South Carolina Upper Oligocene (Chattian)
Chazy Formation USA: Vermont Ordovician
Chugwater Formation USA: Wyoming, Montana, Colorado Upper Triassic
Chuckanut Formation USA: Washington Eocene
Cincinnatian Group USA: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky Late Ordovician
Clarita Formation USA: Oklahoma Silurian
Clarno Formation USA: Oregon Eocene
Clinton Group USA: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia Silurian
Cloverly Formation USA: Montana, Wyoming Lower Cretaceous
Cobourg Formation Canada: Ontario Ordovician
Coon Creek Formation USA: Tennessee and Mississippi Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Cooper Formation USA: South Carolina Upper Oligocene (Chattian)
Dakota Formation USA: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin Upper Cretaceous
Decorah Shale USA: Minnesota and Upper Midwest Ordovician
Delorme Formation Canada: Yukon Silurian-Devonian
Demopolis Chalk Formation USA: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee Cretaceous
Dinosaur Park Formation Canada: Alberta Cretaceous (Campanian)
Dinosaur State Park USA: Connecticut Jurassic
Driftwood Canyon Provincial Park Canada: British Columbia Eocene
Drumheller, Badlands Canada: Alberta Mesozoic
Edson Beds USA: Kansas Pliocene (Blancan)
Ellisdale Fossil Site USA: New Jersey Cretaceous (Campanian)
Eutaw Formation USA: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi Cretaceous
Falls of the Ohio USA: Indiana Devonian
Florissant Fossil Beds USA: Colorado Eocene (Priabonian)
Fossil Prairie Park USA: Iowa Devonian
Francis Creek Shale USA: Illinois Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian)
Ghost Ranch USA: New Mexico Triassic
Glenns Ferry Formation USA: Idaho Pliocene/Pleistocene
Glen Rose Formation USA: Texas Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian)
Gower Formation USA: Iowa Silurian
Gray Fossil Site USA: Tennessee Miocene
Green River Formation USA: Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming Eocene
Gunflint Chert Canada: western Ontario & USA: Minnesota (Gunflint Range) Upper Archaean – Lower Proterozoic
Hawthorne Formation USA: South Carolina[verification needed] to Florida Miocene
Hell Creek Formation USA: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Hilda archaeological site Canada: Alberta
Hornerstown Formation USA: New Jersey Cretaceous/Paleocene
Huerfano Formation USA: Colorado Eocene
Hungry Hollow Formation Canada: Ontario Devonian
Joggins Fossil Cliffs Canada: Nova Scotia Carboniferous
John Day Formation USA: Oregon Oligocene/Miocene
Judith River Formation USA: Montana Cretaceous (Campanian)
Kanawha Formation USA: West Virginia Pennsylvanian
Kayenta Formation USA: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah Jurassic
Keasey Formation USA: Oregon Upper Eocene/Lower Oligocene[verification needed]
Klondike Mountain Formation USA: Washington Eocene (Ypresian)
Krukowski Quarry USA: Wisconsin Cambrian
La Brea Tar Pits USA: California Pleistocene (Rancholabrean)
Lance Formation (= Lance Creek Fm.) USA: North Dakota and Wyoming Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Las Encinas Formation Mexico Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Las Imágenes Formation Mexico Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Hadrosaurus Foulkii Leidy Site USA: New Jersey Cretaceous
Lennep Formation USA: Montana Cretaceous
Lindsay Formation Canada: Ontario Ordovician
Linton Formation USA: Ohio Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian)
Lockatong Formation USA: New Jersey Triassic
Ludlow Formation (= Slope Fm.) USA: North Dakota[verification needed] Paleocene: Tiffanian
The Mammoth Site USA: South Dakota Pleistocene: Rancholabrean
Manchester Quarry USA: Connecticut Triassic
Manuels River Canada: Newfoundland Cambrian
Mascall Formation USA: Oregon Miocene
Mattoon Formation USA: Illinois Pennsylvanian
McAbee Fossil Beds Canada: British Columbia Eocene
McKenzie Formation USA: West Virginia Silurian
Medina Formation USA: New York and Canada: Ontario Silurian
Melbourne Bone Bed USA: Florida Pleistocene
Miguasha National Park Canada: Québec Devonian (Famennian)
Mooreville Chalk Formation USA: Alabama and Mississippi Cretaceous
Monterey Formation USA: California Miocene
Morrison Formation Canada/USA (Great Plains) Upper Jurassic
Naco Formation USA: Arizona Pennsylvanian, Desmoinesian
Nanjemoy Formation USA: Virginia Eocene
Navesink Formation USA: New Jersey Cretaceous
Niobrara Formation USA: Kansas, Nebraska Cretaceous
Nye Formation USA: Oregon Miocene
Ogalalla Formation USA: Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico Miocene/Pliocene
Oldman Formation Canada: Alberta Cretaceous (Campanian)
Pamelia Formation Canada: Quebec, Gatineau, Aylmer Upper Ordovician
Pikeville Formation USA: Kentucky Pennsylvanian
Pipe Creek Sinkhole USA: Indiana Pliocene
Pittsburg Bluff Formation USA: Oregon Upper Eocene/Lower Oligocene[verification needed]
Platteville Limestone USA: Minnesota Ordovician
Pocahontas Formation USA: West Virginia Pennsylvanian
Pocono Formation USA: Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Carboniferous (Mississippian)
Price West Formation USA: West Virginia Lower Mississippian
Puget Group USA: Washington Upper Eocene
Pungo River Formation USA: North Carolina Miocene
Purgatoire River track site USA: Colorado Late Jurassic
Quarry Mountain Formation USA: Oklahoma Silurian
Rancho Nuevo Formation Mexico Cretaceous – Paleocene (Maastrichtian-Danian)
Rattlesnake Formation USA: Oregon Miocene (Tortonian-Messinian)
Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite USA: Wyoming Middle Jurassic
Rexroad Formation USA: Kansas Pliocene
Rincón Colorado Mexico: Coahuila Cretaceous
Ripley Formation USA: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee Cretaceous
Rosebud Formation USA: South Dakota Miocene
Round Mountain Silt USA: California Middle Miocene (Barstovian)
Rust Formation USA: New York Upper Ordovician
San Diego Formation USA: California Middle-Upper Pliocene[verification needed]
Schoonmaker Reef and Soldiers' Home Reef USA: Wisconsin Silurian
Sentinel Butte Formation USA: North Dakota[verification needed] Paleocene[verification needed]
Sheep Creek Formation USA: Nebraska Miocene (Upper Hemingfordian?)
St. Clair Limestone USA: Arkansas Silurian
St. Peter Sandstone USA: Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota Ordovician
Syracuse Formation USA: New York Silurian
Sundance Formation USA: Wyoming Upper Jurassic
Temblor Formation USA: California Miocene
Tepetate Formation Mexico Cretaceous – Middle Eocene
Texas Red Beds USA: Texas Permian
Thomas Farm USA: Florida Miocene
Tongue River Formation (= Bullion Creek Fm.) USA: North Dakota[verification needed] Paleocene: Tiffanian
Traverse Group (Petoskey) USA: Michigan Devonian
Trenton Group Canada: Quebec Ordovician
Tuscarora Formation USA: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia Silurian
Two Medicine Formation USA: Montana Cretaceous (Campanian)
Washakie Formation USA: Wyoming Eocene
Wheeler Shale USA: Utah Cambrian
Whitby Formation Canada: Ontario Ordovician
White River Formation USA: Colorado Upper Eocene – mid-Oligocene
Widder Formation Canada: Ontario Devonian
Willwood Formation USA: Wyoming Paleocene/Eocene
Woodbine Formation USA: Texas Cretaceous (Cenomanian)
Woodbury Formation USA: Haddonfield, New Jersey Cretaceous (Cenomanian)
Ziegler Reservoir fossil site ('Snowmastodon') USA: Colorado Pleistocene (Illinoian)
Zion National Park USA: Utah Triassic – Jurassic
Zuni Basin USA: New Mexico Cretaceous

South America[edit]

Site Country/State Age
Abanico Formation Chile Oligocene (Rupelian)
Acre Conglomerate Brazil Upper Miocene (Huayquerian)
Allen Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (CampanianMaastrichtian)
Anacleto Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Campanian)
Andalgala Formation Argentina Miocene/Pliocene
Bajo de la Carpa Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Santonian)
Bahía Inglesa Formation Chile Middle Miocene-Upper Pliocene
Bauru Basin Brazil Cretaceous
Beauvoir Formation Argentina Upper Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous
Camacho Formation Uruguay Miocene
Candeleros Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian)
Capadare Formation Venezuela Middle Miocene
Caturrita Formation Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul Upper Triassic (CarnianNorian)
Cerrejón Formation Colombia Middle-Late Paleocene
Cerro Ballena Chile Pliocene – Pleistocene
Cerro Bandera Formation Argentina Miocene
Deseado Formation Argentina Oligocene
Ensenada Formation Argentina Pleistocene
Huincul Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian)
Irati Formation Brazil Lower Permian (Artinskian)[4]
Ischigualasto Formation Argentina Triassic
Ituzaingó Formation Argentina Upper Miocene (Huayquerian)
Jaguel Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous/Lower Paleocene (Maastrichtian – Danian)
La Matilde Formation Argentina Middle to Upper Jurassic (BathonianOxfordian)
Las Curtiembres Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Campanian)
Lecho Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Lemaire Formation Argentina Upper Jurassic
Leticia Formation Argentina Eocene (Bartonian)
Lisandro Formation (= Cerro Lisandro Fm.) Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian – Turonian)
Lohan Cura Formation Argentina Lower Cretaceous (AptianAlbian)
Mangrullo Formation Uruguay Lower Permian (Artinskian)[4]
Mylodon Cave Chile Pleistocene
Olmedo Formation Argentina Paleocene
Quinriquina Formation Chile Cretaceous
Paja Formation Colombia Mesozoic
Panguipulli Formation Chile Triassic
Patagonia Molasses Argentina Miocene
Pilauco Bajo Chile Late Pleistocene[5]
Pinturas Formation Argentina Miocene (BurdigalianLanghian)[verification needed]
Pisco Formation Peru Upper[verification needed] Miocene/Lower Pliocene
Plottier Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Coniacian – ?Santonian)
Portezuelo Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous (Turonian – Coniacian)
Puerto Madryn Formation Argentina Upper Miocene
Punta Cactus Formation Argentina Eocene
Rio Colorado Formation Argentina Cretaceous
Roca Formation Argentina Paleocene
San Julian Formation Argentina Eocene/Oligocene
Santa Cruz Formation Argentina Miocene
Santana Formation
  • Crato Member
Brazil Cretaceous
Santa Maria Formation Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul Middle – Upper Triassic (Ladinian-Carnian)
Santo Domingo Formation Chile Miocene
Sâo José de Itaboraí basin Brazil Upper Paleocene (Itaboraian)
Sloggett Formation (= Bahía Sloggett Formation) Argentina Upper Eocene/Lower Oligocene
Solimões Formation Brazil Upper Miocene/Lower Pliocene[verification needed]
Toca de Boa Vista Caves Brazil Pleistocene
Touro Passo Formation Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul Upper Pleistocene – Holocene
Tralcán Formation Chile Triassic
Tunal Formation Argentina Paleocene
Urumaco Formation Venezuela Miocene
Villavieja Formation Colombia Miocene
Yacoraite Formation Argentina Upper Cretaceous/Lower Paleocene (Maastrichtian – Danian)
Yahgan Formation Argentina Lower Cretaceous


Site Age
Cross Valley Formation Upper Paleocene
Falla Formation Triassic
Fremouw Formation Triassic
Hanson Formation Early Jurassic
La Meseta Formation Eocene
López de Bertodano Formation Upper Cretaceous – Lower Paleocene (MaastrichtianDanian)
Nordenskjöld Formation Jurassic
Prebble Formation Middle Jurassic
Santa Marta Formation Upper Cretaceous
Snow Hill Island Formation Upper Cretaceous
Sobral Formation Lower Paleocene (Danian)
Thrinaxodon Col Triassic

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